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Today’s business trend is about working from home, it can be sell something online, selling stock and many more. From all of them, only sell something online (E-commerce) is the easiest thing you can do because it doesn’t require any specific ability or education. To do it, you only need to have a website, internet connection, social media account(s), gadget(s) and definitely a will to do it.

Strengthen your Coupon Business by Adopting Various Coupon Trends

discount coupon

This is a guest post written by Christopher Meloni, Marketing manager at Dealslands UK.

It has now become very common to get some offers and coupons when we buy something online. Things have now changed, we start looking for the coupons first before buying the product. So when it comes to coupons, there is a great debate going on to decide whether it should be offered on the online stores or not. Many believe that coupons helps to increase traffic and thereby sales while others believe that it will affect the markets at the base level.

Real Estate Themes Deal

Almost everyone these days already connected to the internet. Whatever you thought was impossible to do, as right now all of it can be done easily by anyone and everywhere.

Previously before internet became so popular, selling a property for yourself or act as a broker, it is quite hard to do. And sometime you need to spent a lot of money to make it sold.

Right now, to sell your property online is super easy depends on how much money you want to spend. But, how if you can do it with less than $50?

Did You Read The Fine Print of Your Web Hosting Plan?

Did You Read The Fine Print of Your Web Hosting Plan

Getting your small company ready to hit the ground running? You’ve probably got a web hosting plan to pick. Internet is the lifeblood of just about any new business these days, and it’s possible to live or die on the strength of your provider.

Evaluating your provider can be a tricky prospect. Web hosting companies have popped up like mushrooms over the past few years. Competition is fierce, and it’s a sure bet that just about any company you consider will have some extremely alluring plans available.

Stripe Payment Gateway Extension for Colorlabs Real Estate Themes

Real Estate Stripe Payment Gateway – This Plugin work with checkout for payment in Colorlabs Real Estate WordPress Themes. It allows users to select Stipe as their preferred payment method in EstateExpert, RoyaleRoom, GoodLiving, and FoxEstate.

Making online payment quickly and easily, and accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club cards directly on your store with Stripe as payment gateway at your Real Estate WordPress Theme is possible right now with this extension. Stripe currently supports businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and many European countries. You can instantly accept payments from around the world.

Real Estate Stripe Payment Gateway is fully compatible with all of our Real Estate themes; FoxEstate (1.0.11+), GoodLiving (1.2.0+), GoodLiving (1.5.0+) and EstateExpert (1.9.0+).

It’s easy to setup and using this payment gateway extension to your theme:

  1. Install Real Estate Stripe Payment Gateway Extension as a plugin
  2. Enable the stripe payment module
  3. Enter the Secret key and Publishable key in stripe Options

Stripe Settings Real Estate

Learn More

  • The Real Estate Stripe Payment Gateway overview page outlines all the features with the screenshots.
  • Try the extension in our demo.
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3 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer & Developer about Your Website

3 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer & Developer about Your Website

This is a guest post written by 3magine, web design Toronto.

Your website does a lot for your business.  If you want your website to perform to its maximum potential, you should have with flexibility in mind from the start.

No matter what device your customers are using, no matter what type of content you want to put on your website, and no matter what the future holds for your business, you can plan now to be ready.  Talk to your web designer or developer today, and your future could be more productive and more profitable tomorrow.

Ask yourself, “What does your website do for your business?”

7 Indisputable Stats in favor of Mobile Marketing as the New Leader

7 Indisputable Stats in favor of Mobile Marketing as the New Leader

This is a guest post written by Chirag Leuva, a CEO of Yudiz Solutions.

Most of the businesses are looking for the ways to reach potential customers. Mobile marketing is one of the most advanced ways to acquire new customers. It has been one of the most advanced innovations till now and there is no slowing down.

Mobile marketing is the communication with the consumer via cellular devices. The communication can be simple marketing campaigns or they can be related to other promotions. Businesses are implementing various mobile marketing strategies for better results.

Top 6 trends in Website Photography


This is a guest post written by Keval Padia, Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps.

For achieving great design with visuals you hardly can do without photography. More than the actual photography what deserves our attention is the way they are used and incorporated to flourish website design. A photograph in itself may have little value but manipulative design application may render it as a significant element of the website design.

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