Announcement: Technical Support will be Closed for May Long Weekend 2016

Announcement: Technical Support will be Closed for May Long Weekend 2016

We would like to inform you of the following long weekend at May 2016, Colorlabs & Company Technical Support department will be closed Thursday, May 5, through Sunday, May  8, 2016, for the Ascension Day of Jesus Christ public holidays & Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad public Holiday so that our team may enjoy time with family and friends. The support system will resume normal operations on Monday, May 09, 2016.

How to Works With WP REST API


Since WordPress becoming outstanding on full fledged content management system and coming with REST API. That’s make all of us more easy to get site’s data in simple JSON format, including posts, taxonomies, and more.

In this article, We’ll show you how to get started with the REST API and how to use it.

Getting Started With the WP REST API

Right now, you’ll need the REST API Plugin to get started and the latest version of WordPress. You’ll also need some knowledge of the WordPress HTTP API to make calls, because The REST API works using of the most common HTTP methods.

After you install and activate the plugin, you will be able to access the list of posts on your site simply by typing http://YOUR-SITE/wp-json/wp/v2/posts into your browser bar.

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Stand Out

S. Loxton Article Pic

If you want to build and maintain an audience on your WordPress blog, you need to set yourself apart from other people who write in the same niche. You’ll never be the only person blogging about your chosen topic, and there will always be someone who is more popular than you. Readers probably gravitate to that blog because it’s memorable. It’s offering them an experience they aren’t getting anywhere else. You could be a top-tier expert on your subject, but no one would know if you aren’t presenting yourself in the right way.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

It’s better to make one long, well researched, informative post that incorporates several types of media than it is to post ten short blurbs about a subject that your readers will have to piece together if they want the full picture. Treat each post like you intend for it to be a comprehensive resource. If your post contains answers to all the questions your reader may have, they’re more likely to share your content and help your audience grow. They’ll look to you as an authority on the matter.

WooCommerce Cost and Product Report 1.3.2


We’ve developed and improved WooCommerce Cost and Product Report extension for a year. Many of its users enable to easily monitor inventory movement, periodically calculate product costs and product sales, as well as the profit generated per product and/or product category on WooCommerce plugin.

Today, we are happy to release the 1.3.2 version of WooCommerce Cost and Product Report extension. We merged the Inventory Valuation at Retail, Cost, and Goods. Also, added a Pagination bar and Total sections on the left side of the Inventory Valuation report. By using this new version, it will be easier for you to manage the Inventory Valuation although you have a lot of product items. And now, you are able to export the Inventory Valuation report to CSV file. Please take a look at this screenshot for more details.

Rabat 1.1.5, Now with Admin Restrictions and Custom New Registration Email


When a user registers an account on a WordPress site using Rabat theme, he is possible to get an access to the WordPress admin area which is also known as the Dashboard. But, we’ve recently added a new feature on the latest version of Rabat theme that you can limit the dashboard access in WordPress. This feature is very easy to use, simply go to > the Rabat Dashboard > Security Settings and select the Access on Back Office Access theme options.

We’ve also added the Google reCAPTCHA to make the registration process more secure than before. And, the Custom New Registration Email feature, so you will be able to add a link, customize some of the copies, or create an HTML email with images. That should be it! Now when a user is created on your site, the email sent will contain a new HTML markup, including the site logo that you can add.

Job Alerts Based on a Specific Criteria at Job Board Colorlabs Themes


We’ve recently updated the Job Alerts Based on a Specific Criteria feature of all our Job Board themes. Jobifier, JobsHub and JobJockey 2.7.1 are ready for download on Member Area. You may also check the update notification on your theme dashboard and use the Auto Theme Update feature to get and install these new versions.

In this article, we will explain to you how to use the Job Alerts Based on a Specific Criteria feature.

Job Alerts Based on a Specific Criteria

This feature helps your members (job seekers) to get the latest matched-jobs in their inbox and to set Job Alert sends jobs to their inbox based on the criteria defined on the dashboard page.

Introduce New Pricing Plans & Close Our Affiliate Program

In the past few weeks, we’ve begun rolling out several new features in our WordPress products and put an end to several themes. With this progress, we are making some changes to our pricing plans and affiliate program.

Colorlabs’ New Pricing

The new pricing plans will be affected on April 1st, 2016 ET. Single Pack is now starting from $49 per year and $188 per year for Catalyst Bundle. By doing so, we ensure high-quality products and technical support for you. Hopefully, this our new pricing plans can be fitter for all of you.

Affiliate Program Are Closed

It has been 7 years to the day since we released our affiliate program and we were growing together with all of our affiliate community. And now, we give big thanks to all of the affiliate members for promoting our products.

We’re sorry to say that we are closing our affiliate program on April 1st, 2016 ET because the costs to maintain the affiliate program have exceeded the benefit. It’s a hard decision for us to make and some of you might be disappointed about this, but we need it to be done.

By the next Friday, all referral links will stop tracking completely and you will not be able to access your affiliate dashboard anymore.

Our Next Products Cleaning Announcement


As much as we love all of our themes, especially the one that started all of these, we had to let some of them go, yet we knew it was a hard decision. We have to put an end to several themes we have because of these considerations:

  1. The design is no longer relevant with current design trends
  2. Theme’s popularity

Retired themes are themes we no longer see any major updates, such as new features, functionality, etc. The only updates will include potential fixes for incompatibilities with future versions of WordPress. We do this when we feel we’ve managed to replace aging products with newer ones that have better design and more functionalities and features, but also because only a bit of value remains in older products.

WooCommerce Cost and Product Report 1.3.0 Has Arrived


As our commitment to give you high quality and innovative WordPress products, we’re proud to release the new version of WooCommerce Cost and Product Report. If you’ve been using our WooCommerce Cost and Product Report plugin, you will see the updates notification in your dashboard. And you can use the auto plugin update feature on the admin update page to get the update. Member account sign-in is required.

8 Things Should be Covered While Designing Event WordPress Theme


A website says a lot about your company. It is the ultimate representation of who you are and what you serve to your target audience. Worldwide, more than 25% of the people are using WordPress as the platform to develop their websites.

Moreover, for any type of events, say, conference meetings, seminars or concerts – websites are the most followed practical approach to promote your plans. It is an eminent way to generate interest amongst the people and publicize the details to your attendees. But, before creating a website, here are the 8 points you should consider for must.

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