Goodbye Aleph, Hi Rivista!

bp introducing rivista

Maybe some of you already knew about this matter, several days ago we already change the name of our product. It is Aleph, one of the various MobileView skins. Now it is known as Rivista.

This name change process also has the reason that we have thought it well. Previously if you might want to buy MobileView’s skin Aleph , you will find a problem where the purchasing process via PayPal is invalid and so on.

Job Board Showcase Contest 2015


Since there was a lot of peoples who joined our last showcase event, this time we want to create another showcase event. With this, more people will be able to join in our job board showcase event and of course win the prize.

We will make sure that this event will be more interesting and come with a bigger prize.

Surfing Through Your Smartphone, Is It Safe?

Surfing Through Your Smartphone - Is It Safe

This is a guest post written by Cassie Phillips, A Writer and Technology Enthusiast .

These days, not many people use PCs to surf the internet anymore. Tablets and smartphones can be a more convenient option and now offer enough speed to enjoyably visit your favorite websites. Manufacturers are starting to increase the overall size of their smartphones as well, coining a new term for their phones known as “phablet.”

Phablets typically have a screen size between 5.3 and 6.99 inches. It’s large enough to comfortably view the details (such as the text, but also photos) of websites without having to zoom in. Because of its size, it’s also great for watching videos and movies.

Even with smartphones offering an internet experience similar to that of your tablet and PC, is it actually safe to use them to surf the web?

Get 40% OFF with Our Twitter Special Discount 2015


Seeing the enthusiasm to our products from many peoples who visit our Twitter account, this time we have a new event that can be participated by anyone and all of you have a 100% chance to win the prize. Please enjoy our Twitter special discount 2015 and get 40% OFF for all of our single pack.

There will be no terms nor conditions in order to join this event, what you need to have is just a Twitter account.

Latest SEO Strategies Which Every Company Must Be Aware of

Latest SEO Strategies Which Every Company Must Be Aware of

This is a guest post written by Scott Walsh, A Tech Blogger.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization  and is defined as the set of methods that combine strategies, tactics and techniques that would be used in order to maximize the number of visitors to a particular website.

This is done by obtaining a top or high ranking placement in the results page of any search engine. SEO is done solely for the purpose of getting traffic to any website, it is a common practice that users would surf through the first few links that are shown on the first page on the search engine, thus, in order to remain on the first page, SEO is done.

Why CRO is important for your WordPress website?


This is a guest post written by Rasika, Work at SurveyFunnel.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

A structured and systematic way to improve your website’s performance is CRO. It can be informed with specific observations from analytics and user feedback. For CRO, you should be knowing your website’s objectives and needs. The final and the most important point is getting information (feedback) from the traffic you have.

To gather data for starting the CRO of your website, you need to conduct surveys and get feedback from the customers.

Colorlabs Deal: Celebrate Indonesia’s 70th Independence Day

indonesia independence day

Indonesia will be celebrate the Independence Day on August 17th 2015. At the same date we want to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day with all of you. To make it merrier we will have a big sale for all products we have: Premium WordPress themes, Catalyst bundle, MobileView Skins and also our Premium WordPress plugins.

You can get 50% OFF for all of them during August 17th, 2015. So make sure if you don’t miss this chance to get your favorite products with start from USD $9!

Actionable Website Design Tips for Unparalleled Success


This is a guest post written by Keval Padia, Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps.

A website is the gateway to success. It can either entice a user to contribute to the sales of the company or repel him to a competitor’s website. It is largely said that the first impression is very important to create a good perception about a particular brand or service. Enterprises today invest considerable amount of time and money into setting up a website that is not only good to look at, but also creates an enriching user experience.

Techniques To Follow When Creating Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

mobile friendly

This is a guest post written by Williams Heilmann,  An Experienced WordPress Website Developer

Developing mobile friendly websites is the need of the hour as people have shifted their interest from desktops to mobiles when it comes to checking their mails. More to it, the usage of mobile for operating mails is increasing every day with no signs of dropping in the near future. This compels us to design WordPress websites that can easily be loaded over phones. Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones, wearable as well as tablets are used mostly to access the internet, which offers a reason for your website to be responsive in nature.

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