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InstaFX – Beautiful Photo Filters for Your WordPress Images

With InstaFX, self-hosted WordPress users can now enjoy the ease of applying retro-style photo filters on their image uploads, an experience that used to belong exclusively to smartphone owners. Our team thinks that the WordPress community deserves what avid users of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have had in months and even years.

Photo filters aren’t something new on the web. Hipstamatic started the hype on the iPhone and Instagram made it extremely popular all over the world, but long before that, bloggers and photography enthusiasts had accustomed to having Photoshop and the likes help them add dramatic touch and vintage look on their shots. The primary difference, though, is that desktop-based applications have so many parameters to set and require skills and experience and most importantly, time. With InstaFX, those all are now history. We’ve brought photo filters to WordPress and you can now transform your new and existing image uploads in a few simple clicks. Select an image, select a filter, and you’re done.

Geeks and nerds out there, you might be interested in how we’ve made this possible. We utilize some magic scripting and the HTML5 Canvas to manipulate images. There, we’ve spilled the beans.

For this initial release, there are 11 different photo filters available and they are all equally beautiful. More filters are coming your way as we’ll be continuously adding more features and improving the overall user interface.

Check out the plugin page and download the plugin now! Yes, it’s FREE.