Our Job Board Themes Update Issue and Solution

JobBoard Theme Update

Since Version 4.3 of WordPress, named “Billie” is release, our member give us the feedback about founding the problem when resetting the password. They can’t resetting their password on reset page and profile page. That happen on the new version of WordPress 4.3, they change the reset password with automatically generate a secure password.

Who is Affected

Any member using Jobifier less than 1.2.7, JobJockey less than 2.6.8, and Jobshub less than 1.2.7 with WordPress 4.3+

Retired Themes Announcement November 2015


Every beginning definitely has an end that we don’t know when it will be happened. Those words for us have a positive meaning that we need to keep innovating and moving forward.

We knew it was a hard decision, but we need to announce it to all of you if we have to put an end (retirement) to several themes we have with several considerations such as:

  1. The design is no longer relevant with current design trends
  2. Theme’s popularity

Plugin Update: WooCommerce Cost and Product Report 1.2.7 is available now


Since WooCommerce getting update and make some change specially for variation_id for the transaction data, you will see on the previous version of our WooCommerce Cost and Product Report Plugin, the product will get separately on the product report because on the old version of WooCommerce the value is null and on the new version the value is zero, so it will make the variation will be different.

Theme Update: Classifier 1.7.9 is available now


We are very happy to announce that the Classifier 1.7.9 is available now. When you already using our Classifier Theme theme, you should see the update notification in your dashboard. And you can using auto theme update feature on the admin update page.

In this new version, we doing some improvements for several bug fixes like fixing the Google reCaptcha doesn’t work for some users and hiding the category list and location on the first time, you doesn’t have any category ads and ads locations

And here it’s what we have doing with the new version

2015.10.30 - Version 1.7.9
- Fix: Hide Select Category and Location if empty on Header
  File Affected: header.php
- Fix: Google reCaptcha
  File Affected: theme-functions.php
- Fix: Several Bugs
  File Affected: theme-options.php  

We’re very interested in having lots of feedback during this version, so if you notice anything during your use of the version, please shoot us a comment.

Customize Our WordPress Theme Using a Child Theme


Since many of our member need to modify their theme, to adding their brand identity or make the theme as everything they like and they need want to be show on their website. Based on that, we show you to customize our WordPress theme using a child theme, child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme. (A special note for Colorlabs & Company customers only: If you are only looking to perform simple CSS changes to your theme, then you can use the Custom CSS box in theme option instead of creating a child theme. For more in-depth changes that require editing php files, a child theme must be used.)

Halloween WordPress Themes Sale 2015


Trick or Treat? We’ve got a treat for ya.

Ready for Halloween Parrrrrrty? Our treat for you is Ready! We’ve got some surprising that will give you goosebumps during this Halloween. Most Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins, and MobileView Skins now comes with 50% Off. Huuuuuuury before it ends on 1st November!

Introducing Our New Commission for All of Affiliate Member


Colorlabs & Company Affiliate Community is about growing together with all member.  With that vision, we’re happy to launch the New Our Affiliate Commission Program. The affiliate program is a great way for us to incentivise and reward the community for promoting our products. It also helps us extend our reach, which should drive additional sales for our community of Service Providers.

Goodbye Aleph, Hi Rivista!

bp introducing rivista

Maybe some of you already knew about this matter, several days ago we already change the name of our product. It is Aleph, one of the various MobileView skins. Now it is known as Rivista.

This name change process also has the reason that we have thought it well. Previously if you might want to buy MobileView’s skin Aleph , you will find a problem where the purchasing process via PayPal is invalid and so on.

Job Board Showcase Contest 2015


Since there was a lot of peoples who joined our last showcase event, this time we want to create another showcase event. With this, more people will be able to join in our job board showcase event and of course win the prize.

We will make sure that this event will be more interesting and come with a bigger prize.

Surfing Through Your Smartphone, Is It Safe?

Surfing Through Your Smartphone - Is It Safe

This is a guest post written by Cassie Phillips, A Writer and Technology Enthusiast .

These days, not many people use PCs to surf the internet anymore. Tablets and smartphones can be a more convenient option and now offer enough speed to enjoyably visit your favorite websites. Manufacturers are starting to increase the overall size of their smartphones as well, coining a new term for their phones known as “phablet.”

Phablets typically have a screen size between 5.3 and 6.99 inches. It’s large enough to comfortably view the details (such as the text, but also photos) of websites without having to zoom in. Because of its size, it’s also great for watching videos and movies.

Even with smartphones offering an internet experience similar to that of your tablet and PC, is it actually safe to use them to surf the web?

Get 40% OFF with Our Twitter Special Discount 2015


Seeing the enthusiasm to our products from many peoples who visit our Twitter account, this time we have a new event that can be participated by anyone and all of you have a 100% chance to win the prize. Please enjoy our Twitter special discount 2015 and get 40% OFF for all of our single pack.

There will be no terms nor conditions in order to join this event, what you need to have is just a Twitter account.

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