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Legato – Professional Music and Video WordPress Theme

iphone 5s mockup legato

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since we launched our premium WordPress themes, maybe one of you have been waiting so long for the next big thing we made. You’re very lucky, the time you spent is not useless!

Today we would like to introduce you with our latest theme which is dedicated for you who are music lovers, musicians, arrangers or song writers. We call this theme by Legato, a premium WordPress application theme which has lots of unique music flavors.

For you who are a band member or an event organizer perhaps you want to sell your works online such as songs, video clips and band merchandises. As from now on, you don’t need to worry anymore how to present and sell your valuable works! With Legato you can showcase all of those things and many more to your fans with a professional-look website.

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5 Things You Need to Know to Be a Better Web Developer


This is a guest post by Yacine Merzouk, a CEO at Zendy Labs.

In case you have been living under a rock, the Internet is a pretty important part of our society these days. It is estimated that the Internet contains 1.2 Zettabytes of information, which is the equivalent of 75 billion fully loaded 16 gigabyte Ipads. Consumers spend billions of dollars on the Internet in any given week. The ability to design websites to help spread information and generate income is becoming a hot commodity. Certain skills are essential to developing websites. However, sites like Zendy Labs can help handle all the technical aspects of building a website. From providing domain names, to programming, designing, running and hosting a website, Zendy Labs is an industry leader.

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Main Reasons to Become a Hosting Reseller


This is a guest post by James Manner, a Community and PR Manager at PremiumReseller.

Reseller hosting is one of the easiest ways to start your own online business venture. Mainly, as you don’t have to purchase costly equipment, rent a space for office, hire professional staff, etc. Today, almost everyone needs a website, and that creates a constantly growing hosting market. It is especially true if you are a web designer or developer, since this allows your clients to receive everything in one reliable place. If you have connections in this field, it will be much easier to attract prospective clients as well. For those who still hesitate, I highlighted the reasons, why becoming a hosting reseller may be a great business idea.

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5 Tools to Help You Run a Better Blog


This is a guest post by Will Stevens, a Blogger at 123-reg.

Running a blog is a great way to polish your writing skills and even earn a bit of extra cash; in fact some people even a living out of it. But running a successful blog takes a lot of work. Here are five tools you can use to help streamline the blogging process and help keep you on track.

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Best Plugins for Localizing WordPress Site


This is a guest post by Alex Bulat, a Writer at TemplateMonster.

We are living in a multilingual world. Even though there are just a few most spoken languages in the world, people talk in hundreds of others. To make sure that visitors who don’t speak in your native language, or the language of your website, will be able to read info at your website, you need to localize your site.

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7 Important Tips on Domain Management


This is a guest post by Emma-Julie Fox, a writer at Pitstop Media.

So, you’ve decided to try making money from domaining the way other people have successfully done. The problem is that you don’t really know much about domain management. Should you hire a webmaster and let him do all the work? Should you outsource your domaining activities and let a third-party company manage your domains and websites for you? The answer: You should do neither of these options!

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Recent Additions to the Theme Showcase Gallery: December 2013

Happy New Year everyone! So many great moments that we have passed in 2013. We hope you have such an amazing time to end 2013. It would be good to start 2014 by reviewing what we have done in 2013. In this beginning of January, we will review all of the Theme Showcases on December 2013 that has been published on our Theme Showcase page. We’re glad that we have several websites built with our theme and we hope it can inspire you.

So, please embrace this fantastic and awesome theme showcases on December 2013:

Videodesign (Based on Bordeaux)


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Weekend Deals: Dec 27-29, 2013


What is your plan for this Christmas holiday? Have nothing to do in this weekend? You’d better go check our deals page, enjoy the Weekend Deals and get 30% OFF for Max Bundle. There will be a discounted price from $239 to $167.3 for 48+ Premium WordPress Themes which is included in Max Bundle. You can get this amazing 30% discount price by simply using this special coupon code “WED2729MAX30″ that you need to enter on checkout page.

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15 Most Popular E-commerce Shopping Carts

This is a guest post by Richard Myers, an app developer.

When you are building a website in which you plan to sell products or services on, having the most ideal E-commerce shopping cart for your users is the goal. The shopping cart must be functional for your specific product and must be easy for clients to use. One item that is often forgotten about is the need to include SEO specialists in the creation. Their services are needed to ensure that page links are optimized and that product names are also optimized. Keywords should be included in the descriptions so that the link to your website is present when a web search is performed.

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How to Code a WordPress Theme Perfectly?


This is a guest post by Joseph Herb, a WordPress Consultant at PreceptionSystem.

WordPress is one of the most excellent applications that used as a blogging platform as well as for developing websites. Developing themes for WordPress site is simple as it is one of the most flexible platform and easy-to-use. In this post, we are going to take through the process of developing excellent WordPress theme that enhances your site’s looks.

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All ColorLabs Themes are Compatible with WordPress 3.8


Few days ago, WordPress 3.8 was released and is downloaded well over 1.500.000 times already. If you haven’t experience this new version, you can download it right now from or upgrade your existing WordPress site directly from the dashboard. This new version of WordPress introduces a completely new look and feel. Farewell to the skeuomorphic, low contrast rounded corner UI of old. Hello to a responsive, modern, touch-friendly, typographically-rich user interface.

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Weekend Deals: Dec 20-22, 2013. EXTENDED!


Hey, Christmas day is coming soon. What about counting down the Christmas day with our Weekend Deals? Perhaps some of you got your Christmas holiday and we hope it can be a good offer to spend your holiday time. This week, it’s our App Bundle that turned to be line up on our deals page. It doesn’t require a hard attempt, you just need to use this special coupon code “WED2022APP30″. Don’t forget to put the coupon code at the checkout page. By simply doing that, you can get our App Bundle at an amazing price. Look how simple that is!

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