Job Board Design Contest

We love seeing how awesome our users to customizing and implement our themes. In an effort by inspired by that’s and add more a variety of new Job Board themes to the collections, it would be a good idea to launch a Job Board design contest where everyone can be involved and gain some exposure. Designing a Job Board theme concept for us and make a change to win some big money!

Well, we guess this is your time to decide. Show yourself off, gain some recognition, and not to mention, there is a total prize of US$ 500 available for you, talented designers.

Design a Job Board WordPress Themes mockup   Freelancer

Why Being a Simple Blogger Has Never Been Enough To Own Successful Blog – Part 1

blogger life

This is a guest post written by Sushant Srivastava, A Delivery Manager at Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Trillions of web pages and millions of websites prevalent over the internet, somehow represent one common thing that data can be presented in multiple ways. You can count on them for business, personal or social reasons, availing the flexibility of showcasing your message via the internet in order to achieve the website goals. One of the most intriguing ideas that caught everybody’s attention was “weblogs”. As the name suggests, these are the simple blogs available over the web, based on different subjects.

Say Hi To Our New Storefront!

Several days ago we already made a big improvements into our storefront. We are very sorry if some of you got a problem when opening our site.

These improvements should give a whole new experience to you all, our customers and also anyone out there who want to check our product collections.

Why it is Important To Have HTTPS For a Website

https for a website

This is a guest post written by Cindy Boesel, Work at BizStats.

Ever since Google announced that they’re now starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, secure and encrypted connections have become about much more than just security. The possibility of prioritizing encrypted websites in search rankings is definitely a serious reason to consider setting up a secure connection for your website. Even if passing to HTTPS isn’t a piece of cake, the benefits might be worth it.

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