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9 Result Oriented SEO Techniques for WordPress Blogs


This is a guest post by Jack Synder, a successful blogger.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most sought after platforms to have SEO friendly blogs and websites. The best part is that it is free and its features are highly customized. This gives users adequate power and flexibility to get the desired look of their websites- yet they are SEO friendly. This is the reason that bloggers are opting for this platform from around the world. But the bloggers who are new to this industry may fall into the WordPress pitfalls resulting in inefficient SEO. To stay ahead and achieve good ranking, here are a few tips.

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Salvatore, Premium Business Directory Theme

salvatore-blog- Business Directory Theme

This time we launch a new Business Directory theme with our elegant design which will made your website looks more professional and of course it will looks more eye-catching to your customers.

Salvatore is our premium Business Directory theme for WordPress. It is powerful, robust, easy to use and is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices. You will have yourself a fully professional website that actually looks great and you will be able to show it off to anyone who may want to advertise with you. There are plenty of options integrated with the theme still it will not take more than a couple of minutes to setup your online directory website.

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How the Cloud Has Changed the Business Operations


This is a guest post by Richard Myers, an app developer.

The Cloud has changed the Internet irrevocably. At least 90% of us have already used the Cloud in some way, and it has had a massive impact on how companies do business.

Here we take a look at how business has changed and what some of these things could mean for the future.

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ColorLabs Framework Update; Now Support WordPress 3.9

Great news to all of our loyal customers who have been using our theme. We appreciated your feedback for all this time since WordPress has announced their new version 3.9. We understand that there has been a lot of improvements in this new version, and here at ColorLabs, we are keeping our framework updated and improved to make sure that WordPress core upgrades run as smoothly as possible.

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Weekend Deals: May 2-4, 2014


Welcome to May! Did you have a wonderful time in April? Or maybe got a new idea to start a business site that is capable to present your brand and of course professional as well?

If you do, then we have a very good news for you. This weekend is a great time to start a new business site or just to give it a new look, we have a good deal for several themes which present a very high quality design and demanding terminologies with the attractive and very useful components. A 30% discount for selected themes is really a good choice for you.

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Renew Your Theme Bundles and Get 30% OFF

For you who have been our loyal member, for the next couple of months we have a special running offering 30% off discount on ALL ColorLabs Theme Bundles RENEWAL. With ColorLabs Theme Bundles you can get multiple WordPress themes for a very low price. Visit our Pricing Page to find out what other pricing plan available for ColorLabs’ customers.

This special offer will be running until June 30, 2014 ET

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All ColorLabs Themes are Compatible with WordPress 3.9



Few days ago, WordPress 3.9 was released and is downloaded well over 3.000.000 times already. If you haven’t experience this new version, you can download it right now from or upgrade your existing WordPress site directly from the dashboard. This new version of WordPress features a number of refinements that you’ll love. There are several main new features such as Improved Visual Editing, Easier Image Editing, Gallery Previews, Media Playlists, Live Widget and Header Previews and New Theme Browser.

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We Substitute the Shareaholic Integration

This news would be something that you have been have been waiting for. But first of all, we would like to cheer our loyal customers that have given us suggestions and feedback to help us make all of our WordPress products better and even better. We couldn’t be more excited to keep creating awesome WordPress applications, themes and plugins with all the latest updates and trends that we utilize to them.

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Weekend Deals: Apr 25-27, 2014


For you who about to start your online businesses, our Weekend Deals might be the perfect choice. Yes, summer is coming and it might be a good plan to start to invest your money for your business where you can also save 30% OFF with our Weekend Deals. Isn’t that a great offer? We have selected six of our awesome premium WordPress themes to be lined up for this weekend.

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Top 7 Things to Know before Opening an E-commerce Site


This is a guest post by Sandeep Sharma, a Head Creative at India Designers.

The online business market has been growing steadily over the last few years. More and more opportunities rise and specialized little online stores seem to sprout everywhere on the net. This does not mean that starting your own online business is a simple matter. On the contrary, most businessmen that try end up wishing they had known a couple of things beforehand.

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SlideWizard – New Plugin Panel

It has been a while since we launch SlideWizard, one of our free plugin. With this latest versions of SlideWizard (version 1.1.2) the plugin theme panel was updated to match our theme framework. We focused on a cleaner aesthetic by bringing in some new color, removing some of the clutter and previous bug, tweaking whitespacing and make an improvement on the features. This means SlideWizard has new great color layout in the plugin options and have a lot more supported slider.

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Sneak Peek: Business Directory Theme

Since some of you have been asking what’s going on behind the scenes at ColorLabs, here’s a quick sneak peek business directory theme. Currently, we are working on a new theme to add to the lineup named Salvatore, it is a WordPress business directory theme. This theme not only deals with the appearance of the site, but also adds all the required features and functionalities in order for the theme to be used to increase interaction on your website, improve customer retention and add revenue-generating section to your site.

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