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Trolley – A Professional E-commerce Theme


Recently, many people create a website for their blogging activity and also an online store, what about you?

Online shopping is just a way of life these days, the opportunity is limitless which means who have the best products and also the best display of their online store will get the biggest slice of the opportunity. Today, we are proud to introduce to you our newest e-commerce theme Trolley.

Trolley was made by a precision detail to give you the best design and also the best online store experience with WordPress. It is easy to use and the layout is easy to navigate. Those two key are mixed-well on this theme with its categorized product layout, shop template, section for your ads and brands.


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Sneak Peek: E-commerce WordPress Theme

This month, we can’t be more excited to know that we will release a new e-commerce WordPress theme in a couple of days. This theme will be best suited for you who about to start your online business or for you who just want to give a new look to your business site. With a clean and white design this theme comes to make your online site look more professional and improve your profit-generating from your site.

The theme created with all the required features of WordPress that we utilize with all the latest trends to make your visitors feel comfortable and at ease. We called this theme Trolley, where we put our focus on its features to provide you a good-quality theme. We are currently developing the theme and we can’t wait to launch it. And, here is a quick sneak peek of the theme design.


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8 Best and Free E-commerce WordPress Plugins


This is a guest post by Jack Synder, a successful blogger.

With the advanced technology and enhanced security features people are relying on the World Wide Web to buy and sell the products. There is a significant increase in e-commerce ventures in yester years. Amazon and eBay has proved themselves as an ideal platform to get the best amount of exposure for business around the globe. If you are on the same road to start an online venture, you can start with WordPress. With WordPress and free plugins available, it is quite easy to build an e-commerce website.

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How to Use a Domain Auction to Get the Perfect Domain Name


This is a guest post by Lucky Gallano, an Online Marketing Consultant.

These days, it seems that finding the right domain name is almost as important as the business idea itself, and it is often irritating to find that your chosen domain name has already been snapped up by someone else and might not even be using it actively either.

Finding the perfect domain name should in theory be about to get slightly less challenging in the future, with a roll-out of top-level domains coming to the market throughout 2014, which you can be kept informed about when by registering your details with a number of auctions sites and avoid missing out on a domain name that you would definitely be interested in.

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Theme Update: Integrate Authorized.Net (AIM) with Classifier

As we want to keep evolving and bring all our customers to the next level with more professional WordPress themes. That’s why we keep updating our themes with all the latest trends. All of the feedback from for our customers was really helpful for us. So, thank you for all your feedback.

Our clean and beautiful design theme, Classifier is now updated with a new feature. For you who have been waiting for this, it will be a good news. Our developer team has added a new payment gateway on Classifier theme. Now, you can have more options for your payment applications and enlarge your online businesses.

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Plugging Google Awesomeness into WordPress!


This is a guest post by Sharon Michaels, a Design Specialist at IX Web Hosting.

Want to know what’s so great about that camera everyone’s been raving about? It is simple, just “Google” it! Want to see how well your website is doing in terms of SEO? Google Analytics do the rescue! Need to create a backup of your files? Welcome Google Drive! For every need, Google offers you a solution, a solution that’s reliable and simply awesome.

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8 Ways to Increase User Downloads of Your Mobile Apps


This is a guest post by Chirag Leuva, a CEO at Yudiz.

Mobile apps are ruling the IT scenario but for an app to be popular, one needs a clear strategy to boost download from the App Store. Here are some of the best ways to increase user downloads of mobile apps.

The smartphone industry has managed to boost technological limits to the heights. Comprising of millions of apps for several app platforms, the app industry is now demands a number of app developers for each of the platforms.

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Magnivate – A Premium Magazine Theme


One of the most popular uses for WordPress is for breaking news and news magazine websites. The ease of updating, the number of themes and the ability to feature multiple types of content make WordPress a great choice for bloggers with news websites.

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aMAYzing Deal: May 26-28, 2014


As this is the final week of May, so it’s the last opportunity to get our aMAYzing Deal. We also know that you’re preparing your plans to welcome June. If you’re looking for a great way to start your online business plan, our aMAYzing Deal might be a good choice!

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Sneak Peek: Magazine WordPress Theme

As we’re back in the lab to continue providing you with a high-quality themes, today we’re pleased to give a quick sneak peek at what’s going at ColorLabs this May. We’re excited on working this new magazine theme that will add more selections to our themes collection. This theme called Magnivate.

This is not the first time we made a magazine theme, but with all the latest updates from WordPress this new theme will appear more professional. Besides, we put our focus too on the design that will engage your visitors with all the outstanding functionalities. Currently, our team has started the development. Now, take a quick sneak peek about the design.


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This Week Theme Update: RoyaleRoom

This week we updated our Real Estate theme, RoyaleRoom. We have made lots of improvements and bug fixes in this update. There are long lists of changelog, so we won’t post it here, we will only highlight the major improvements in this update. So here they are.

Validation on Edit Property Page

In a previous version of RoyaleRoom, validation only works on Property Submission Page, but not on Edit Property Page. We have fixed this bug in this version, so users will be notified if there are required fields that need to fill.

Save options on Gateway Options Page asynchronously

In simple word, “asynchronously” means save the options without reloading the page. You don’t have to wait for a page to reload.

Install required page after theme activation

RoyaleRoom needs some page to be created, such as Dashboard, Edit Property and Submit Property page. In a previous version of RoyaleRoom you need to create this page manually, but now you only need to click install button, and all pages will be created automatically.

Remove options to show Google Maps StreetView

We decided to remove this option as Google Maps already have this function to switch from Maps and StreetView. Just drag the Pegman icon on the upper left of the map above the zoom level button, and the map will be switched into StreetView mode.

And many more, we can’t write them all. You can check the changelog here.

To update RoyaleRoom, you can easily update the theme from its theme panel, it will automatically download the latest theme package to your site or you may download the latest theme version from ColorLabs Member Page, use your premium account and then replace the content through FTP to your theme folder.

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Rockafella Theme Update


Rockafella, an Online Booking and Hotel Reservation WordPress Themes was updated on this weekend with some improvements and updated features such as fix the Contact Form problem.

Below is the complete list of the updates:

Rockafella – Version 1.0.2

- Update: Framework
  Folder Affected: functions/
- Add: Capability to export Reservation as CSV
  File Added: includes/theme-reservation-exports.php
  File Affected: functions.php
- Fix: Custom Contact Form can't send email
  File Added: images/ajax-loader.gif
  Files Affected: style.css, includes/contact-form/classes.php, includes/contact-form/functions.php, includes/contact-form/js/admin-scripts.js, includes/contact-form/js/colabs-contact-scripts.js
- Fix: Text Domain problems, so it can be translated properly
  Files Affected: includes/theme-reservations.php, includes/reservations/admin_payment.php, includes/reservations/room_price_filters_meta.php
- Fix: Make Theme Screenshot larger to support HiDPI Displays
  File Affected: screenshot.png

Rockafella – Version

- Add: Capability to export all Reservations as CSV
  File Affected: includes/theme-reservation-exports.php

Reservations export csv  Rockafella — WordPress

One of the most featured on Rockafella is the reservation system which allows users to make a booking. The booking will be recorded on the database so then users can check it on the Dashboard > Reservations.

We have also received a lot of requests from our customers to implement reservation information to .csv file export, which is now available on this latest version of Rockafella. You can export one, several even all reservation(s) to .csv file by a click.

To update Rockafella, you can easily update the theme from its theme panel, it will automatically download the latest theme package to your site or you may download the latest theme version from ColorLabs Member Page, use your premium account and then replace the content through FTP to your theme folder.

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