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Rockafella, Superb Feature Online Booking and Hotel Reservation WordPress Theme

Online Booking and Hotel Reservation WordPress Theme

This time we launch a new theme with our elegant design which will made your website looks more professional and of course it will looks more eye-catching to your customers.

This special theme named Rockafella, an online booking and hotel reservation WordPress theme with its marvelous features. With Rockafella, we sure if your hotel business will give a whole new level of experience to your loyal customers.

They can easily book the available rooms you have and they are the first who will know about which rooms are available to be booked. Besides of that, your loyal customers will be given a simplicity to pay with the payment gateway this theme have.

This theme also have a responsive design to make the booking process easier to be done, your customer can do the book on the go.

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Weekend Deals: March 28-30, 2014

Weekend Deals

March is almost over and as spring still stays so do our Weekend Deals. Yes, weekend is coming and let’s get rid of our busy days. If you’re confuse on how to spend a good time enjoying your weekend. Our Weekend Deals might be the choice, because I think it would be good for you to invest your money in one of our Premium WordPress Themes.

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6 Steps to Buy Domain that You Always Wanted

Domain - elizabeth

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Dowson, a  Business Analyst and Blogger at Hostralia.

Buying a domain name of choice is always a priority that everyone stumbles upon at the beginning of a website or web venture. There would hardly be a considerable number of people who won’t have any choice on the domain name.

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Meet Our New Theme Panel

dashboard-responsive New Theme Panel

WordPress dashboard responsive layout

As you know on this year (2014) many big things happened around us. The biggest one for you who are using WordPress as your CMS is the new layout that comes with WordPress v 3.8.1.

The new responsive design looks so classy and work perfectly on any device such as smartphone and tablet. This big update brings WordPress to a new level, you can do blogging on any device anywhere, everywhere.

For us, this big leap brings many flexibility to our activity that travels a lot. The question now: how is your theme option dashboard?

As you know many themes available on the store right now have its own theme dashboard. With the options on the dashboard you can manage many things such as label, category selection, menus and many more. If the WordPress dashboard already have a responsive layout and your theme dashboard doesn’t have that feature yet, how effective is your work?

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Soup The Essentials Ingredients of Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Web -designing

This is a guest post by Rick Brown, a  tech savvy content writer at iPhone Mobile Application Development.

Responsive HTML5 websites is gaining a huge popularity because of its perks offered not only to the users, but also to the developers. The emergence of the responsive websites is gaining such heights that have forced the professionals as well to get an expertise over developing responsive web designs. Those who are aware of this process can simply enjoy working on this platform and those who are still seeking the way to gain expertise can follow this tutorial.

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OmniGallery Pro – Premium Social Gallery


After several weeks working on improving one of our plugin OmniGallery, finally we offer you OmniGallery Pro version with an advanced options and some cool new features. Now, you can create galleries with just a few clicks, as many as you need, in any size you need and this together with it’s option panel and gallery submission panel you don’t need anything else anymore. Pro version support fetching images from social site such as instagram, flickr, picasa, facebook, 500px, smugmug, pinterest, dribbble.

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10 Most Demanded Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs


This is a guest post by Andrew Clarke, a  Mobile App Developer at EmailChopper.

Mobile apps are considered useful for everyone, whether you are using mobile app for business or day-to-day purpose. The prime motive behind using these applications is that people are able to stay connected even when they are on the go. In addition, they have succeeded to make their life quite simple by using these apps. Whether they need to stay in touch with their client overseas, team in the office or handle other tasks, an appropriate mobile app is enough to deal with all these things. Here are 10 most demanded apps that everyone must go for:

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Weekend Deals: March 21-23, 2014


Looking for a great way to spend your weekend? Our Weekend Deals would be hard to resist. It might be a tough week, so we hope it could be such a good news for your. Let’s hit your weekend by investing your money with our six selected Premium WordPress Themes that we offer in our Weekend Deals. Yes, the deals keep on coming for all of our loyal customers.

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10 Popular Online Marketing Trends Set To Prevail In 2014

Thumbnail of article

This is a guest post by David Meyer, a SEO expert at BetterGraph.

The World Wide Web is defined as a platform which comes with the endless options to earn online presence. For this, the first step a business owner is required to take is to create and maintain a wonderful website. These days, a number of companies choose to hire the best web development and designing firm for the sake of staying ahead of their competitors.

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Sneak Peek: OmniGallery Pro


We are very happy to announce that ColorLabs will release the Pro version of OmniGallery in the next few days, so cheers to all OmniGallery users and all of our fans and customers. You can get way more control than the Free version with a lot of features and improvements .

OmniGallery is a WordPress plugin to connect with your gallery or photos from several social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. We released OmniGallery last year and it is free, we had a lot of great feedback from users who wants more features and more supported social networks. Now with more features, more customization settings and a lot of improvements on user interface, we introduce you OmniGallery Pro and it will be released in the next few days.

We are excited to see how it turns out and how popular it may become! Please tell us what you think on the comment below.

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Tips and Tricks for WordPress Development


This is a guest post by Juned Ahmend, a Consultant at IndianAppDevelopers.

WordPress, the content management system, has turned the whole website development towards a different angle. It started out as a blog, a powerful blog medium and went on to become a content management system that hosts brilliant websites. It’s an easy to use medium to develop powerful websites and, the plugins present on this CMS helps devise beautiful and responsive websites for you. But, while using WordPress is pretty easy, there are many things that stay unknown in most cases, especially to new developers. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to use WordPress like a pro.

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Sneak Peek: Apps Theme

As our promise to give you the best, in several weeks from now we will launch a new apps theme to make our themes collection be more merrier.

This apps theme is a new one, we never made something like this before. The design is almost done and we already start the development right now. If you are curious about it, here we have a little sneak peek about the design.


Great isn’t it? Want more? Just stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter!

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