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All ColorLabs Themes are Compatible with WordPress 4.0


Few days ago, WordPress 4.0 was released and downloaded well over 3.000.000 times already. If you haven’t experience this new version, you can download it right now from or upgrade your existing WordPress site directly from the dashboard.

This new version of WordPress features number of refinements that you’ll love. There are several main new features such as Improved Visual Editing, Easier Image Editing, Gallery Previews, Media Playlists, Live Widget and Header Previews and New Theme Browser.

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Giveaway: Get a Jobifier WordPress Theme for Free!


The last couple weeks we just released a new stunning WordPress theme, called Jobifier.

We never expected the 30% off offer that was available for two weeks after the theme released has got great responses in days. And after, many people asked when the next great offer will be available. Thank you for that!

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What Programming Languages Will Be The Future Of Blogging?


This is a guest post written by Matthew Davis, a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

The Internet is one of the fastest-changing technologies in the world, along with the languages that create it. The blogging world must anticipate these changes, to better adapt.

The Internet may well be one of the fastest-growing technologies in the history of humankind. The degree to which it’s changed even in the past five years is positively staggering, let alone how much it’s evolved since its inception back in the 1980s. The Internet of today is a vastly different beast from that of yesterday, and it stands to reason that tomorrow’s web will look equally foreign to the users of today.

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How to Keep Your Readers Reading


This is a guest post written by Adrienne Erin, a freelance writer and designer.

There’s no better way to build your reader base than to keep the ones you already have.

Once readers have reached your blog, they’re much more likely to read related or upcoming posts. It’s important to focus on two kinds of reader retention: short term and long term. You want to make it easy for your readers to navigate to other posts right away, and to return to your blog later.

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Top 5 iOS8 Features for Game and App Developers


This is a guest post written by Chirag Leuva, a CEO of Yudiz Solutions.

iOS 8, the latest OS update from Apple which is supposed to be released end of this year already came up with 3 Beta versions and is being perceived as truly overwhelming by iOS developers worldwide. As Apple describes it ‘huge for developers, massive for everyone else’, seems to justify the tremendous potential. This new OS is going to offer a lot of new elements to the benefit of app and game developers. Besides, unprecedented ease and a lot of new features for the users iOS 8 is going to offer some unprecedented advantages for developing feature rich, fluid games and other apps. Let us have a quick look at the top 5 iOS features for game and app developers.

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5 Signs You Have Outgrown Shared Web Hosting


This article is a guest post written by Matt Ahlgren, a blogger and internet marketer. 

Shared web hosting is ideal when you’re starting small. It does an excellent job at getting new businesses off the ground, especially for those with budget constraints and entry-level requirements. But as your blog or business starts attracting more traffic, or when your email list starts climbing into the tens of thousands, you might start feeling the limitations of a shared hosting plan.

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How to Successfully Negotiate Lower Prices Online?


This article is a guest post written by Harshal Shah, a Ceo & Founder of Xhtmljunkies.

As per the human tendency we generally want to buy things that will be at lowest price or we will bargain or negotiate to the extent that price will fall under our expectation and satisfy our need.

We are always negotiating for time, money, and convenience in our daily lives … so why not now take it to the next level and negotiate online?

Surprised?  Well, you have heard me right.

Magento E-commerce Community is always devising ways to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual world that is designed to make your shopping experience as hassle free as possible. Customers like to negotiate while purchasing any product or service and derive a unique satisfaction that they purchased a product or service at its best value. It is the best way to attract and retain customers. Suppose an online buyer likes your product but he is uncomfortable with the price then he can suggest a price. The customer can request a bulk offer as well.

Make Your Client Happy

Many online stores do not make adequate online sales as visitors find the displayed price to be too high and there is no way to inform the business owner about it. With a plethora of websites selling the same or similar products, there is little doubt that the online visitor will return to your website for the same product again. Just add an extension that will let the customers tell you how much they are willing to pay for your product. This extension will convert your random online visitors to dedicated customers as they know if they like a product but not its price, they can negotiate it. You may accordingly vary the actual selling price and see your products flying off the (virtual) shelf. You need just this extension for your store? XJ Price Negotiation is your friend.

You Selected a Product that You do not Want … Just Cancel It.

This happens to all of us at times while we are shopping online. We have our shopping cart full and we have just clicked to check out of the web store when we realize we have purchased a product that we already have or we do not need at the moment. With no solution in sight, we end up paying for something that we did not need. Not any more…

No More Disappointed Customers

Let us describe how works. An online customer realizes that he has chosen a product that he does not need. The customer can send a request to cancel the order to the Site Admin. All such requests will be visible to the Site Admin via email and the Admin panel. The Admin will then process each request and the customers will be accordingly informed via mail that the cancellation request has been processed. Try XJ Cancel Order extension and let it work wonders for your web store.

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Theme Updates: JobJockey, Travelous & Wardrobe


We have been updating some themes, this past couple of weeks. The change is a major update. This change is made so that we can keep developing our theme and deliver it in a good quality. In all this time, we learn that changes are needed in order for something different to happen. This is what we are struggling with to keep our product in well balance code and updated features.

This quick post will give you the information on what themes have been updated and also a short description on what was added, modified or removed. 

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How You Know the Future Web Design Trends?


This article is a guest post written by Tejas Jasani, a founder & CEO of The App Guruz.

When you get hold of the future trend that is imminent you are better positioned than your competitors and that is truer in the past paced evolving scenario of web design than others. In web design there is no better way to take the lead than grasping what is coming and showing potential as a game changer and then executing it to your best ability. But what is really in making in the horizon often seem hard to predict and that is precisely the reason we are going to offer here some insights. Let us introduce here a few ways as how you can know the future web design trends.

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Congratulation to the Winners of Merdeka Giveaway!


Several days ago, we made a giveaway contest for you to get 8 WordPress Application Themes of our collection and MobileView Skins for free.

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Jobifier – A New Level Of Job Listing WordPress Theme


The economic book said if there is a people that categorized as a frictional unemployment when he have the skill and ability to doing something but he can’t find any opportunity to work related to his ability.

Based on this fact, several people think about an opportunity to serve an information about where to find a job. This opportunity already taken by several people years ago, as you can see if there are several well-known job listing websites out there.

A website can be categorized as a good website if it have 2 main selling points, the design and the features. Without one of them, that isn’t a professional website. Jobifier made based on that 2 facts, the design of this theme are about the typography, layout, color combination and several magic tricks by our designer to make it looks good and beautiful as a job listing WordPress theme.

The features available on this theme crafted by our experiences on the previous job listing WordPress themes and also several improvements to make it be a new level Job Listing WordPress theme that ever made.

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Picking The Right Brand Colors


This article is a guest post written by Sue Ratcliffe, Head of Client Services at alldayPA.

From acid green to barbie pink, blizzard blue to bitter lemon and burnt orange to cadet grey, companies and designers have an almost endless selection of colors and shades to choose from when it comes to selecting an image for their company or organisation.

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