Harnessing The Power Of Social Proof On Your WordPress Site


This is a guest post written by Graeme Caldwell, Inbound Marketer at Nexcess

Social proof is a technique every WordPress business site owner should use. It’s a powerful tool for increasing buyer confidence and increasing conversions.

Human beings are a social species. We’re programmed by evolution and culture to value the opinions of other people, especially people who are similar to ourselves. Site owners can leverage that inherent sociability to provide leads with evidence that their products and services are valued by other people.

15 Best Free WordPress Themes 2015


There are a lot of people who want to have their own website for many purposes. For example they want to have their own blog, online shopping, magazine and many more.

On this year, you can find a lot of options available to help you to build your own website for free or paid based on your needs. Some service even provide a free domain and hosting without have to spend a penny.

The Simplest Process for Writing Great Short Blog Content

The Simplest Process for Writing Great Short Blog Content

This is a guest post written by Marco Mijatovic, A Professional Blogger.

If you have a blog, your primary goal should be creating great content which stands out in your niche, not lots and lots of content. Sometimes, though, creating volume is important. In this case, you might choose to create short-form articles, between 500 and 1000 words.

Responsive Web Typography – Key Pointers To Get It Right

responsive typography

This is a guest post written by Rick Brown, IPhone App Developer at Mobiers

The ever-growing surge of responsive web design isn’t hidden from anyone. Considered as one of the finest means of providing a brilliant user experience, responsive web design capabilities can’t be ignored in today’s web world. Yet another vital parameter that has received a tremendous amount of attention from global web developers is the scale in web typography.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing about the key pointers which must be considered for achieving a truly commendable responsive web typography.

The Best 6 WordPress Hotel Reservation Themes


Have you check your calendar? Yes it is right, we already at the middle of June and the holiday is really close. For you who run an accommodation business, today is the right time to prepare everything for the next holiday season.

Each of you may have a different ways to prepare your hotel/motel for the next holiday season, but to create a website for online reservation is the main requirement to survive on this business today.

The Future of Web Design in 20 Years from Now: Trends to Follow

web design

Obviously predicting the trends for as long as two whole decades and that too for a rapidly transforming tech area like web design seems to be a weird undertaking at any rate. There are few design and development aspects that are already well established and the outline of their transformation can be grasped down the line in few years.

Secondly, some famous research organizations like DAPRA or MIT Media Labs or even Google X or IBM are working on an array of futuristic tech projects which are often branded with a term called ‘Next Big Thing’ and they are likely to create huge impact in the way we envisage and incorporate web in different facets of life.

The Best WordPress Travel Reservation Themes


Most people these day spent they holiday time by trying something new, for example they will go to some place they never visit, going outdoors and many other activities they can do.

Guess what? Those words seems like an easy task to do, but the fact is it is really hard. To make a perfect holiday plan, you will need at least a couple weeks or even a month. From choosing what kind of place you want to go, where is the location, where are you going to sleep, and many other details.

E-commerce One of the Most Effective and Useful Ways of Conducting Businesses through Online

This is a guest post written by Arpan Shah, Co-founder of Indabaa.com

E-commerce is one of the most popular and common ways for growing an online business. By means of a virtual E-commerce solution, it is possible to safely accept and transact business from all over the world all the time. Most successful online web stores and sites enjoy the effectiveness and usefulness of conducting business online.

E-commerce can simply be defined as buying and selling various products as well as services over the internet. Actually, no material paper is involved in whichever part of transaction, the process is entirely digital. For this reason, any successful electronic transaction of a business can be referred to as E-commerce.

Tips to Use Mobile Marketing Effectively For Capturing More Leads


This is a guest post written by Jyoti Wadhwa, Award winning blogger and social media consultant.

In the past few years, the use of mobile phones and tablets has skyrocketed to significantly higher levels, which has completely transformed the ways users use the information on the website. The growing popularity of mobile devices has completely shifted the focus of digital marketers towards mobile marketing.

Best Job Board Themes For WordPress

These days to find a job is quite hard for some people. The theory said that number of human population is the way too big compared to the available job vacancy. Is it true?

Luckily that theory isn’t quite right since you can still find a lot of job board websites. This thing indicates that there are still a lot of job vacancies available out there but people can’t find it. Based on that, the job board business looks promising.

Several years ago, to build a simple job board was pretty expensive. Nowadays, it is super cheap since it is based on WordPress and a lot of developers create their own version.

The 9 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

Nowadays you can find many property listing platform you can use to build your own online property listing site. Whether it is free or paid, both of them have its own benefits and disadvantages from its feature, design, and price.

From all points mentioned above, WordPress is the best and the first choice for many people around the world since it is free and easy to use. You can find many good looking themes with stunning features out there with amazing price compared to another platforms.

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