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Statistic Report on JobsHub Theme

Now you can monitor on how many new registration as a Job Lister or a Job Seeker, how much revenue you’ve got for the last 7 days and also how much live jobs and live resumes for all the time. That is possible now with the new feature which we already implemented on JobsHub. With Statistic feature at Jobshub, you can analyze your visitors behaviour, optimize your website and then increase the sales. With graphic views which can make your task much easier to calculate data from the new job listings, new resume subscriptions, and the total sales for the last 30 days.

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Weekend Deals: Dec 13-15, 2013


Feeling lazy to hang out and want to spend this weekend with your site? We have a good offer here and maybe it would be good for your site. Please take a look on our deals page and enjoy our Regular Bundle only for $69.3 from the normal price $99. Yes, it’s awesome price with 30% discount by simply using this special coupon code “WED1315REG30″ that you need to put on at checkout page.

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New Updates for SlideWizard

Good news for you! This week we are pushing big updates for SlideWizard. We heard your wishes, in these updates we added 2 new themes, 3 new slider sources and fixed some issues.

There are 2 new themes in this update, Rounded Theme and Thumbnail Theme. Rounded Theme is a rounded slider with an animated thumbnail navigation. Thumbnail Theme is a slider with thumbnail navigation. If you wonder, these are screenshots of each new themes.

Rounded Theme

Rounded Theme

Thumbnail Theme

Thumbnail Theme

Additionally, we added 3 new sources for the slider, from YouTube, Vimeo and 500px. We are planning to add more themes and sources in the future. If you have any suggestions, you can write them below on the comment form.


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5 Inevitable Cost Cutting Tips on Dedicated Servers

Servers-guest post

This is a guest post by Alice Manson, a head of network administrator at ProlimeHost.

There are times when your business website needs to be configured accordingly to the increasing demand of your potential clients. The clear sense is that, you get a new height in your online business. Meeting up with customer satisfaction becomes a prime requirement for you. Hence, you would never risk making your brand value down. As a matter of fact, apart from other necessities you would surely like to work upon the enhancement of your website. Isn’t it?

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How to Add Thumbnails to Mega Menu in Opulence

Opulence comes with user-friendly and highly customizable Mega Menu for WordPress menu system. Adding HTML into WordPress menu it’s possible with this feature. And right now we already improve this feature and make you more easiest to adding feature image of your post or page into WordPress menu. By checking the option and set the size for every item menu as you like, and the thumbnail will appear automatically on your main menu section. it is an easy way to get started but powerful enough to create a creative and customized menu on your e-commerce site. Update your Opulence with new version (Version 1.2.9) to get this feature.

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Weekend Deals: Dec 06-08, 2013


Last week, we celebrated our Thanksgiving day by offered you the Black Friday Deal. This week, you don’t have to worry. We’re back to hit your weekend by giving our Weekend Deals! As we roll into the 2013 holiday season, we do a different thing which we hope can satisfy you. A little surprise from us, we offer our Theme Bundles to be on our Weekend Deals. This selected Theme Bundle is already lineup with 30% OFF. Is it complicated? No, by simply using this special coupon code “WED0608FRA30″ that you need to put on at checkout page, you can get our  framework themes at an amazing price. Now, lets enjoy December by checking out these top Premium WordPress Themes on our deals page.

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Usability – Mother of All Lazybones


This is a guest post by John Walker, a SEO at TemplateMonster.

While making assumptions about your users is usually not the best course of action, one thing should be unconditionally accepted by any developer and site owner: do not waste their time! As clear and seemingly unobjectionable as this principle is, a lot of people struggle with its implementation and end up raising artificial barriers between users and coveted information.Why? Some do it in a misguided attempt to stand out from the myriad of competitors, others – by carelessly believing that the content they provide would be valuable enough for people to willingly jump through any hoops (quick hint: that’s not going to happen).

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Recent Additions to the Theme Showcase Gallery: November 2013

By the end of this month of November, as usual we will review all theme showcases that have been published on our Theme Showcase page. All of these theme showcases have been customized with an awesome layouts and good colors composition. We hope the theme showcases on December will be more fantastic and competitive.

So, please welcome those fantastic five theme showcases in October 2013:

Empleox (Based on JobJockey)


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11 Killer Tips to Improve WordPress Site Speed for Better UX


This is a guest post by Arvy Srour, an individual designer, programmer and skilled writer.

When you have checked your website’s speed? Do you have an idea that your website’s speed affects your UX(User Experience) and search engine ranking too? Your website shouldn’t only engage your visitors, but also ranks high in the Google SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). The bottom line is you can’t afford to have low speed site, so here are some killers tips provided after research that improve your WordPress website UX through it’s speed.

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Black Friday: Nov 29 – Dec 02, 2013


While the rest of the US is out handling the crowds, fighting for their holiday gifts, some of us like to stay in, shop online, or just ignore Black Friday all to together. This month, join us in our Black Friday deals! It’s an honor for us to add four of our Premium WordPress Themes collection to be on our Black Friday deals lineup. With a special discounted prices until 70%, you will get an awesome theme from us. It doesn’t require hard attempt, you just need to use special coupon code that you can find on our deals page. Do not forget to put the coupon code at the checkout page.

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Weekend Deals: Nov 22-24, 2013


Good day everyone, what’s your plan so far for this weekend? Let’s rock your weekend by getting this awesome offer. It’s been a pleasure for us to add four of our Premium WordPress Themes collection to be on our Weekend Deals lineup. Save up to 70%? Why not, our Weekend Deals gives you four stunning Premium WordPress Themes at an amazing price. It doesn’t require hard attempt, you just need to use special coupon code that you can find on our deals page. Do not forget to put the coupon code at the checkout page. Now, you can get our selected premium themes with unbelievable price. See how easy that is?

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Blogging Tips


This is a guest post by Chance Philips, an editor at Oatboat.

How to be a better blogger? Blogging, like many things in life, requires a certain amount of skill, and a lot of time. If you don’t spend a lot of time on your blog, it’s probably not that great. In this post, I’ll talk about some ways that you can make your blog better.

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