The 9 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

Nowadays you can find many property listing platform you can use to build your own online property listing site. Whether it is free or paid, both of them have its own benefits and disadvantages from its feature, design, and price.

From all points mentioned above, WordPress is the best and the first choice for many people around the world since it is free and easy to use. You can find many good looking themes with stunning features out there with amazing price compared to another platforms.

Content vs Web design : What affects purchasing?


What is the best design scheme for getting maximum conversion? How to get maximum business conversion? Success of your online business is contingent upon which factors?

The answer is – there is no technique which guarantees sure as eggs are eggs success, but there are certain conventions formed after a reading a lot of success and failure curves of so many organizations which works as a learning curve for new market entrants. Some believe that the content is the king and rest other things are complimentary, some opine that colors affect purchasing , wherein some believe it is the design which brings a lot of conversion.

6 Unmistakable Signs of Website Design with Negative Business Impact


This is a guest post written by Keval Padia, Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps.

There are plenty of instances where website design in spite of being pretty does not have any positive impact in business conversion of the site. Appearance in web design just has a little more than surface value. The design must play a prominent role in fetching you more traffic and in business conversion rather just serving aesthetic value.

Color Combination Of A Small Piece Contained In Pocket Matters A Lot


This is a guest post written by Morna Collins, A Content Marketing Expert.

Do you still believe that spending time in selecting the color combination is a sheer waste? The rules have changed. Let’s change our principles. This post will help you understand a new aspect. If your card is most innovative in the stack of many you are likely to have the strongest public response. So let’s boost your business by this simple but effective idea.

aMAYzing Great Deals 2015

aMAYzing DEAL 2015
It just like yesterday that we were celebrating the new year 2015; right now we already at the end of May 2015.

If you look back into several days ago, at May 27th, WordPress just celebrate its birth day and turn into a ’12 years old teenager’. It is a very successful achievement for a community to stay that long, congratulations for that!

And not only that, several days ahead we will celebrate our 7th birthday. Because of that, May is a very special month for us and also all WordPress users around the world.

Let’s celebrate it!

To celebrate this special month, we will have an aMAYzing deals as we always have in the previous years.

Mobile Ad Spending – Expected Future Trends In 2016


This is a guest post written by Tom Hardy, Researcher of Mobile Ad Spending Trends at  Sparx IT Solutions.

As more and more people are turning away from their PCs and laptops, and switching towards smartphones and tables for their daily dose of online stuff, the market for mobile ad continues to shift too. Researches show that mobile ad spending is expected to grow $100 billion worldwide by the end of this year. As mobile is becoming a single medium to connect to the world in no time, marketing professionals are making every bit of it to generate profit.

How To Use Social Media To Do SEO


This is a guest post written by Felix Tarcomnicu, Head of Marketing at MonitorBacklinks.

Social media and SEO are the most powerful and important online marketing channels. Doing both the right way can bring immense advantages to any business. In the last years, social media has taken off, and for some websites, it has become the main traffic source.

But does this mean SEO has no future? No, SEO is and will remain to be one of the best ways to drive relevant traffic to a website. You’ve probably heard many debates about the death of SEO, but all those are nonsense.

Why Most E-commerce Startups Shutdown in their Initial Years?


This is a guest post written by Chirag Patel, Digital Marketer at ZealousWeb.

E-commerce Startups Come with a Smile

Everyday, a number of businesses and individual websites are launched and many businesses enter to the doorway of their destined markets. All of them are established with great enthusiasm, interest and seeing a shining future ahead. But hardly few of them last longer.

Is Your Site Already Google Mobile Friendly?


Many website developers has been failed to sell their project or website just because of it was not responsive yet. As you know, the smartphone and tablet growth has started to grow pretty fast since 2010 and still growing till now.

It is predicted that in 2016, the number of smartphone/tablet owners will tripled the number on 2010.

Based on that prediction, at April 21st Zineb Ait Bahajji from Google Webmaster Trends Team launch a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that will have more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did.

WP Plugins That Optimize Site For Agile Loading


This is a guest post written by Juana Steves, Web App Developer at Xicom.

The loading speed of a website plays a great role in its success. If a website is taking a lot of time to load, it is most likely to impact its bounce rate. This is because users are not patient enough to wait for a web page to load for more than 4 seconds (in most of the cases); in fact, mobile users are found to be more impatient than other visitors, and today, the Internet is experiencing dominating mobile traffic.

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