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Rabat – A Minimalist Coupon Warehouse


We could say if today is a wonderful day. As you know, today we have released a new theme named Rabat. This theme is a WordPress coupon theme, which means by using this theme you can monetize your website.


There are a lot of features we add to this theme, let us introduce you to several main points that will make this theme greater than the others.

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3 Steps for Creating Awesome Contact Pages with Forms that Convert


This is a guest post by Erica Campbell, a Marketing Coordinator at CallRail.

I had a communications professor once that warned against using ‘allness’ words, words like ‘everyone’ and ‘always’ that are all-inclusive and don’t leave room for outliers and variables that pretty much always exist. Because of his constant reiteration of the invalid nature of such words, I hesitate to use those words and sayings in everyday conversation and even in post like this one, but I have zero hesitation in writing the following:

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Bugged by WordPress Errors? Here are 3 Fixes for Your Consideration


This is a guest post by Claudia Jhonson, an enthusiast blogger at Magentax Ltd.

WordPress is the unquestionable buzzword that rings the loudest in the web development realm today. The scalability and the sheer power it equips the webmasters with helps them build website that boasts of unbridled versatility, a capability to be extended beyond defaults and the wherewithal to inject something truly unique that let the site have its own distinctive character.

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Recent Additions to the Theme Showcase Gallery: June 2014

A quick theme showcases roundup in this July for your inspiration. This summer, we have two awesome-yet-professional theme showcases that based on our Premium WordPress Themes. If you want more inspirations or more references, you can go to our showcase page. Thank you for all of our customers who are using our themes and modified them beautifully.

So, please check out our featured showcase for this June 2014:

Internationaleshow (Based on Classifier)

internationaleshow Theme Showcase

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ColorLabs Mid-Year Sale 2014

This July is time for ColorLabs Mid-Year Sale 2014.This July is time for ColorLabs Mid-Year Sale 2014. It has been a while since we offer you our best deal. In this mid-year, we have a fascinating offer for all of our loyal customers, it’s 25% off all our WordPress Theme Bundles. This amazing deal will be available starting from July 1 and will be ended on July 14, 2014 ET.

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Cloud Hosting Services: 5 Big Benefits for Businesses

Cloud Hosting Services

This is a guest post by Helen Weather, an Entrepreneur.

Cloud hosting is basically hosting that uses a system of servers to deliver your hosting service. Ordinary “non-cloud” servers use a single server or a virtual server to deliver service and thus have a single point of failure. Before you sign up with another hosting provider, consider five important benefits of going with a cloud service.

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10 Inevitable Factor Need to Consider while Designing Website Homepage


This is a guest post by Tejas Jasani, a Founder and CEO at THE APP GURUZ.

Generating business leads from your website requires a few critical elements in your design and that obviously begins with the homepage. Homepage should always offer the optimum visual ease and address the elements of visual hierarchy as a priority. Moreover, as soon as audience lands on your homepage there should be a clear call to action. Letting audience stay on the homepage and quickly get access to what he was looking for, that is precisely the objective a homepage design should primarily gear at. Here we introduce 10 inevitable factors need to consider while designing homepage.

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Sneak Peek: A Feature Rich Coupon Management Theme

We’re really glad to announce that we will release our latest theme which is a WordPress coupon management theme in the following week. We understand that it is more important to produce a high quality theme and we have been preparing this many weeks of development to release this handful of nifty new WordPress coupon management theme.

Sneak Peek - Coupon

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Trolley – A Professional E-commerce Theme


Recently, many people create a website for their blogging activity and also an online store, what about you?

Online shopping is just a way of life these days, the opportunity is limitless which means who have the best products and also the best display of their online store will get the biggest slice of the opportunity. Today, we are proud to introduce to you our newest e-commerce theme Trolley.

Trolley was made by a precision detail to give you the best design and also the best online store experience with WordPress. It is easy to use and the layout is easy to navigate. Those two key are mixed-well on this theme with its categorized product layout, shop template, section for your ads and brands.


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Sneak Peek: E-commerce WordPress Theme

This month, we can’t be more excited to know that we will release a new e-commerce WordPress theme in a couple of days. This theme will be best suited for you who about to start your online business or for you who just want to give a new look to your business site. With a clean and white design this theme comes to make your online site look more professional and improve your profit-generating from your site.

The theme created with all the required features of WordPress that we utilize with all the latest trends to make your visitors feel comfortable and at ease. We called this theme Trolley, where we put our focus on its features to provide you a good-quality theme. We are currently developing the theme and we can’t wait to launch it. And, here is a quick sneak peek of the theme design.


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8 Best and Free E-commerce WordPress Plugins


This is a guest post by Jack Synder, a successful blogger.

With the advanced technology and enhanced security features people are relying on the World Wide Web to buy and sell the products. There is a significant increase in e-commerce ventures in yester years. Amazon and eBay has proved themselves as an ideal platform to get the best amount of exposure for business around the globe. If you are on the same road to start an online venture, you can start with WordPress. With WordPress and free plugins available, it is quite easy to build an e-commerce website.

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How to Use a Domain Auction to Get the Perfect Domain Name


This is a guest post by Lucky Gallano, an Online Marketing Consultant.

These days, it seems that finding the right domain name is almost as important as the business idea itself, and it is often irritating to find that your chosen domain name has already been snapped up by someone else and might not even be using it actively either.

Finding the perfect domain name should in theory be about to get slightly less challenging in the future, with a roll-out of top-level domains coming to the market throughout 2014, which you can be kept informed about when by registering your details with a number of auctions sites and avoid missing out on a domain name that you would definitely be interested in.

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