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Weekend Deals: March 21-23, 2014


Looking for a great way to spend your weekend? Our Weekend Deals would be hard to resist. It might be a tough week, so we hope it could be such a good news for your. Let’s hit your weekend by investing your money with our six selected Premium WordPress Themes that we offer in our Weekend Deals. Yes, the deals keep on coming for all of our loyal customers.

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10 Popular Online Marketing Trends Set To Prevail In 2014

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This is a guest post by David Meyer, a SEO expert at BetterGraph.

The World Wide Web is defined as a platform which comes with the endless options to earn online presence. For this, the first step a business owner is required to take is to create and maintain a wonderful website. These days, a number of companies choose to hire the best web development and designing firm for the sake of staying ahead of their competitors.

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Sneak Peek: OmniGallery Pro


We are very happy to announce that ColorLabs will release the Pro version of OmniGallery in the next few days, so cheers to all OmniGallery users and all of our fans and customers. You can get way more control than the Free version with a lot of features and improvements .

OmniGallery is a WordPress plugin to connect with your gallery or photos from several social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. We released OmniGallery last year and it is free, we had a lot of great feedback from users who wants more features and more supported social networks. Now with more features, more customization settings and a lot of improvements on user interface, we introduce you OmniGallery Pro and it will be released in the next few days.

We are excited to see how it turns out and how popular it may become! Please tell us what you think on the comment below.

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Tips and Tricks for WordPress Development


This is a guest post by Juned Ahmend, a Consultant at IndianAppDevelopers.

WordPress, the content management system, has turned the whole website development towards a different angle. It started out as a blog, a powerful blog medium and went on to become a content management system that hosts brilliant websites. It’s an easy to use medium to develop powerful websites and, the plugins present on this CMS helps devise beautiful and responsive websites for you. But, while using WordPress is pretty easy, there are many things that stay unknown in most cases, especially to new developers. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to use WordPress like a pro.

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Sneak Peek: Apps Theme

As our promise to give you the best, in several weeks from now we will launch a new apps theme to make our themes collection be more merrier.

This apps theme is a new one, we never made something like this before. The design is almost done and we already start the development right now. If you are curious about it, here we have a little sneak peek about the design.


Great isn’t it? Want more? Just stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter!

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Recent Additions to the Theme Showcase Gallery: February 2014

Good day everyone! Let’s take a flash back of our theme showcases on February 2014. For you, who just want to start your website may be you can check out Theme Showcase page. This March, we hope our theme showcases can inspire or give an example for your website. Check it out now and perhaps it will help you bring more options, because our theme showcases come in various themes with an awesome customization layout.

So, please take a good look of these three stunning theme showcase in February 2014:

Pretty Chic Bridal (Based on Wardrobe)


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Zayin, Photography MobileView Skin

WordPress is one of the more popular and most used blogging software these days. Its ease of use, highly customizable properties and flexibility have made it the favourite CMS of hardcore bloggers. On the other side of the fence, mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets are no longer meant for entertainment purposes only. One can get any information they desire through their mobile device, just by a few movements of their fingers. Users are growing more dependent on their mobile devices to get their daily information.

It is quite evident that our blogs and websites need to provide a dedicated mobile version. Due to the small screen sizes and limited features of these mobile devices, the WordPress themes used must be optimized for the mobile devices.

Ensure that your readers can get a cutting edge experience while browsing and reading your blog or website from their mobile devices with one of our MobileView Skin Zayin.


Ever wonder how your photos and images would be showcased from your home page? With this clean and professional design through MobileView plugin, you do not have to worry about it, this MobileView Skin will take care all of the layout, so it will  be displayed in a minimalist style to allow your amazing photos to take the center stage.zayin-iphone2

It also gives the clean look on your articles, visitors will feel comfortable and easy navigating through your posts.

Each articles you have will looks interesting, with its premium design, your eye will feel comfortable to read each words.

Zayin can work perfectly with a smartphone or a tablets. And it is also prepared with  a retina display support to make your site amazing if accessed using an Apple devices.

If you want to start using Zayin, you can go to this URL.

Don’t forget to follow our feeds and our Twitter to make sure if you are not losing the opportunity to get the deals for our products.

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Gimel, Casual MobileView Skin

With the rapid advancement of mobile internet technology, more and more people are reaching for their phones and tablets to carry out their everyday internet browsing. According to research carried out by International Data Corporation, mobile internet users are set to surpass wired internet uses by 2015, growing at an average annual rate of 16.6%.

If you have adopted the WordPress CMS, there are a range of ways to inject mobile friendly capabilities into your website, the primary one being responsive themes. This allows you to serve a simpler version of your website if someone is visiting from their smartphone or tablet, stripping back unnecessary functions and assets to reduce load times and display important information.

Meet Gimel, one of our Premium MobileView Skin that gives you simple and clean look to your site.


Easily reading through all of your articles with the load more button on the bottom of every page, quickly load a new set of articles without waiting to much time for the page to reload.


Visitors will feel comfortable reading through all of your article or single post.


Each articles you have will looks interesting, with its simple and clean design, your eye will feel comfortable to read each words.

Gimel can work perfectly with a smartphone or a tablets. And it is also prepared with  a retina display support to make your site amazing if accessed using an Apple devices.

If you want to start using Gimel, you can go to this URL.

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Sieben, A Stunning MobileView Skin

On this year, 2014, me and maybe you also believe that the time already change and go forward very fast from the past years. There are a lot of improvement we can feel, especially about internet and website.

With all ease offered  by the internet these day, what more you are looking for? Start from a phone that always be on your side wherever you go, the television that make you able to interact with each other through internet with a big screen, to your smart vehicle. Take a look for that things, from right now you will always be given by an ease and also a flexibility to do everything you want.

But, a thing that always in my mind is, how about the my website? Is it already able to give the ease and also the flexibility to anyone who visit it?

As today, it is almost impossible if someone doesn’t have any website or a blog. With it you can share your life experience, your travelling stories, your tips and also to sell your products (E-Commerce).


The mobile phones these days already contribute about 17% of Global Internet Consumption

Maybe you already trying hard to make a beautiful words to be read by your website visitors, but everything you made return nothing. Your website still infamous and less people want to visit it. Why?

Yes, that is the common question from us. You can easily talk the reason of all is your SEO engine that not strong enough or maybe you are not to intense to let people knows about your site via social networking. But, do you know about the research done in 2013 that says if almost 17% of Global Internet Consumption made by a mobile device (a smartphones and tablets)?

Right now, i believe if almost everyone already have a smartphone that can be used to surf the internet. How if i say that the main reason of why your website still infamous with everything you have done is because of your site is not responsive yet.

It is the fact that me and maybe you also feels comfort too access a website that have a good design and also have an easy navigation option. Then, how about my website that is not yet responsive? How many Dollars i have to spent to rent a programmer to make my website layout become responsive? I may have to pay about hundreds or less Dollars just for it!

If you say that in previous years, i would agree with it. But, today i could disagree with it. Right now ColorLabs already launch a revolutionary WordPress plugin named MobileView. Just by installing the plugin, your website layout will become responsive in seconds.

Interesting isn’t it? Not only that, ColorLabs also already made several skin that can be installed and used to make over your responsive layout. One of them is Sieben.


With a feed looking layout like that, who will be bored to read every articles you have? Everyone can easily read article to article just like they were reading your feeds from a Facebook apps. Maybe for the first time they visit your website using a mobile device, they will be amazed with the layout of your website. It looks like an apps that displaying your articles.


About the navigation, don’t be worry for that. With Sieben we promise if we will give you all the best we have. Just by pressing the button that available on the bottom-left of your responsive layout, you can displaying a navigation panel to help you to navigate to each pages easily. And the most important thing is, you can do all of that just by one hand to operate Sieben.


Each articles you have will looks interesting, with its flat and white design, your eye will feel comfortable to read each words.

Sieben can work perfectly with a smartphone or a tablets. And it is also prepared with  a retina display support to make your site amazing if accessed using an Apple devices.

If you want to start using Sieben, you can go to this URL.

Don’t forget to follow our feeds and our Twitter to make sure if you are not losing the opportunity to get the deals for our products.

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Bosphorus – MobileView Skin

Blog themes still favored by many people until now, especially for many people who are used to share information or news each other. Starting from bloggers, writers and so on. One of the purpose of using this blog-style kind of theme is so that their readers or visitors can focus on the articles presented on the website.

But it would be better if the site designed with more beautiful and neat layout so that it can give an interesting feeling to the website. One of the benefit is that when visitors are comfortable with a website and enjoy reading and visiting every page of it, they usually will be loyal readers and then some will even subscribe to their website.

Please welcome to one of our mobileview skin Bosphorus.

Come with a smart casual design and beautiful combination of color, Bosphorus is the one of mobileview skins which use multi-column layout. That is specially designed and developed for bloggers with a simple design that can catch your visitors attention. Bosphorus will give your readers a pleasure when they explore through your site on responsive layout. On top of your site, you can put your social media buttons like twitter, facebook, googleplus, pinterest and linkedin. So your readers can easily find you.

If you want to start using Bosphorus, you can go to this URL.

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Weekend Deals: March 14-16, 2014

Weekend Deals 14-16 March

Cheers to the weekend! Say goodbye to the work week and jet off into the sunset. It’s time to spend lots of money on all kinds of useless stuff on sale at the mall. Or you could be a bit smarter with your money, and invest in one of these awesome Premium MobileView Skins and save up to 30% by using this special coupon code “WEDMAR1416” at the checkout

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Aleph, A Beautiful MobileView Skin

As you know, the new innovation these day always go forward faster than the past years.

Almost all things around us offering an ease to be used, for example is your mobile device. The newest mobile devices give everything you need to be more productive. A new innovation and improvement also happened on programming language.

With the current web programming language, you can have a website that lighter to be accessed, a more beautiful website looks and also a tons of feature you can imagine. From all of those interesting features, only one that can be categorized as important and required featured today, it was a responsive layout.


With the responsive layout, you will be able to make your website more friendly with a mobile device. You can make it looks good and also lighter when accessed using a mobile device.

As today, you can say that a responsive layout is a must for every website to make the site easier to be accessed by a mobile device. The most important thing is, you have to be able to use only one hand to operate all things available on the website interface. You shouldn’t have to pinch in/out the website display to read the content, that is the point.

If a website doesn’t have a responsive layout and you have to pinch it in/out, what an annoying website it is. I have to use my both hands to operate the website.

If you already have a website and you are worried about your website looks that doesn’t have a responsive layout yet, ColorLabs already launched a revolutionary plugin that can make over your website layout become responsive when accessed by a mobile device (smartphone and tablet) just in seconds.

We also have several skins that can be used to change your responsive layout become more beautiful and easier to be used. One of those skins is Aleph.


With the flat and white design, will make everyone who access your site become amazed after you use Aleph. The inspiration when we made Aleph  is coming from a populer social network website Pinterest.


With only one hand, all features that Aleph have can be operated. Just by tapping on a button that available on the top-left of your site, you can open an option panel that will help you to navigate to each pages you have.

We also made a different layout when Aleph accessed using a smartphone and also tabletWhen your site accessed using a smartphone, your site visitor will have a post feeds layout. It is very easy to read each articles you have by scrolling down the page.


And for the tablet layout, we have a layout that looks like Pinterest. A layout that looks kind of disorganized but nice.

We also have a retina display support with Aleph, this feature will make your site looks better when accessed by an Apple device.

If you want to start using Aleph, you can go to this URL.

Don’t forget to follow our feeds and our Twitter to make sure if you are not losing the opportunity to get the deals for our products.

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