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SlideWizard – Easy to Use WordPress Slider Plugin


Let’s say you want to create a showcase of your photo from your Instagram account, timeline from your Twitter account or you are a designer who want to show your work from Dribble. Here comes SlideWizard to fill your need. SlideWizard is a WordPress plugin for create a slider from many sources. SlideWizard is able to fetch photo or data from various sources, in this version, it can fetch data from Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, Instagram, RSS Feed and WordPress posts. In the future, we will add another sources, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The SlideWizard creation page is very simple, the interface is very easy to use. The preview section at the top and options section at the bottom. Every change you made in options, the preview section will automatically refresh and reflect the change you made in options.


Checkout out the plugin page for more details.

You can make this plugin better, join us on GitHub. Pull requests, issues and plugin recommendations are more than welcome!


  • Andreas Bina

    Nice plugin :)

  • Hot Probate Leads

    I’m more interested in the about author plugin.