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Sneak Peek: Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Courtier

With the ever-growing popularity of e-commerce, affiliate marketing is becoming a popular way to earn money online. Help merchants sell their stuff by driving traffic to their sites and earn traffic along the way. However, we understand that finding a professional-looking template is not an easy task. Many affiliate sites look so much alike and in so many cases even degrade the true quality of the products being advertised. This is the reason we believe a premium WordPress theme has to help out.

Courtier is a responsive premium affiliate WordPress theme with a modern design. It attempts to fill the high demand of a high-quality template that affiliates can use to start their marketing businesses. Several product page templates are ready for use, each having different listing styles. You will also have the liberty of choosing the way you want to market the products, i.e. by posting product reviews, by classifying them into categories, or by showcasing product images to give a social e-commerce experience.

All Amazon affiliates out there are in luck as the theme can be integrated with Amazon Affiliate (Amazon Web Service) in a few clicks.

We’re still giving some finishing touch on the design but we promise it will be ready to download this FRIDAY. Stay tuned!


  • edy

    Apa mendukung plugin wp robot atau sejenisnya

  • amit

    Good post! Thank you for the post….