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Theme Update: RoyaleRoom v1.1

We always strive to satisfy our customers by listening to their feedback and do our best to make our themes perfect. So here we are today, giving you a full recap of what we’ve done to the RoyaleRoom theme. All these new features are available on RoyaleRoom version 1.1 which is now ready to download.

1. Property Order List: The Property Order page displays a list of entries submitted by all registered users.

2. Payment Gateway: RoyaleRoom now features payment gateway. At the moment, it supports PayPal and bank transfer.

3. Edit Profile: The Edit Profile page lets users update their account information.

4. Submit Property: The Submit Property page contains a form that should be filled in by users to describe a property.

5. Edit Property: The Edit Property page lets users edit property details after it’s been submitted. It also displays information on payment and approval status.

6. User Dashboard: User Dashboard lists all property entries submitted by a user as well as links to edit those entries.