JobsHub: Submit Resume Then Apply The Job

By default JobsHub allow anyone who already logged in as a job seeker to apply for a job listed on your site.

When applying on it, they can choose to use the resume submitted into your site or use an external files (attachment) as the resume.

At this tutorial, i will share a little trick to make people have to submit a resume first in order to apply for a job.

FoodMagz: Add Custom URL

foodmagz custom URL

If you are checking the demo page of FoodMagz, you will have no links or anything after the latest posts section. Some people, maybe you also want to have some link like the image above.

At this tutorial, i will share some tricks to make it happened. By this modification you can use a custom URL, it can be your category, archive, page or any links you want.

Lensa: Create Custom Gallery Page

lensa custom gallery

If you are using Lensa theme, you should have know about the feature to create a gallery based from your photograph post type or the post.

Unfortunately that feature only allowing you to create a gallery that displaying all photograph post types and/or posts. And there is no option to choose a specific category to be displayed on the gallery.

Lensa Modification: Custom URL

Maybe a lot of you out there wondering about how to add a custom URL for your Lensa theme’s slider.

By default, the slider will redirect you to the single page of the photograph post type. At this tutorial, i will share a little trick about how to allow you to put a custom URL for your photograph slider.

Classifier Full Width Slider


Do you already use Classifier, the ads listing WordPress theme? For some people, Classifier already perfect. But, for another it can be  developed further.

At this tutorial i will share a little trick about how to make the slider displayed in a full width. Follow these steps to make it work.

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