How to Get 1000+ Shares to Your Next Blog Post
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Writing blogs is a blogger’s passion, but when their creations don’t get the positive results in terms of a high rate of shares and xenical likes, they feel a little disappointed. Yes, it is a matter that undoubtedly needs your attention. When your blog doesn’t attract shares, it seems like you are wasting your time creating content that cannot reach more and more audience. If you are a blogger or running a blogging business, then a few people, including your mom and relatives, are not enough to take your content to a new reach. Here you need a better approach to follow that can hike up the exponential reach increasing the shares to your next blog post. 

If you are one of them who are looking for effective tactics or strategies that can help you to reach the goal of 1K shares for your next blog post, then this piece of content is perfect for you. Here we have covered every possible way that you can follow to reach your goal. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about it-

Ways to Get 1000+ Shares to Your Next Blog Post

1. Catchy Blog Title

A compelling title has the order ca zovirax online power to attract your readers that further allows them to share with their close ones. Your blog title can make a big difference in increasing its reach. It is undoubtedly the best way to trick that, of course, get you a 97 percent increase in the number of social shares. On the other hand, a bad title will not gain readers’ attention at all, and you will be unable to achieve your goals. Such a huge impact of titles gives the blogger another reason to work on it. While creating a title, keep the below-listed points in mind-

  • Blog titles should appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  • User number and facts to get more traffic & increase the number of shares. 
  • Use psychological triggers in your title to leverage the buy propecia shares. 
  • Focus on remarkableness
  • Use catchy words to attract readers.
  • Use blog title tools to take your creativity and practice of increasing the social media shares to a new level. 

2. Make it Easy to Share

Your blog should be easy to share. In simple words, the readers should get the sharing access to the blog with no trouble. In some cases, readers arrive in a post, and there are no obvious social media icons that decline their interest and don’t result in the shares. Therefore, you should use an ideal plugin that can allow you to position the icons across the blogs you have just written. Don’t forget to make social media icons visible. It’s another essential thing to consider. You must check whether your social sharing options are visible or not. Not only this, but you should also go for further check if they are working on your mobile devices or not. Because nowadays, a lot of searches are usually carried out on smartphones as users find it easy and comfortable. If your blogging site works well on different devices, you are now one step ahead in earning potential shares. 

3. Social Media Optimization

Social media shares
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The next point on our list is social media optimization, which is undoubtedly the best way to increase your blog shares. Optimizing the content on your blog for social media sites has become necessary as it helps in its promotion. While sharing the blog post, the thought that always makes a home in a blogger’s head is to make it attractive enough to encourage more and more people to visit your website where your piece of content is published. It will let them share it, too. 

While conducting social media optimization, you may consider adding some code to describe it very well. For instance, on Facebook or other social media channels, you can give the information regarding Open Graph data that helps in describing your post. On the other hand, you can provide information on Twitter, known as Twitter Card Information. It will help you to boost your blog promotion on Twitter. 

You can also check or verify the information mentioned in your posts with social media optimization testing tools. It will show the generic diflucan 1500mg percentage score and sale glucophage 400mg help you take further necessary actions if you are unable to perform best in getting 1000+ shares to your next blog. 

4. Optimize for Google

Google search optimization
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When you optimize your content for Google, you easily fall under the radar of the audience. Such practice increases the visibility on search engines and brings more traffic to your website. And when the high number of visitors come to your website, they will check out your content and further increase the chances of getting more shares (if the content is high-quality & informative). All you have to do is to optimize a few things on your site –

  • Title
  • Description
  • Headings
  • Page Name
  • Content.

By optimizing your website’s elements, you can rank your website on a good position of the search engine in a few days. Good quality content with a few optimizations in Google, you can easily drive the desired results. There are several blogs on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) published on different websites that you can read to learn more about ranking your website. 

5. Share Your Content on Social Media Channels

Share your content as much as possible on different social media platforms to gain the audience’s attention easily. Self-promotion is the best practice that one should always prioritize, just after finalizing your blog post. You can also automatically share the content by using several specially designed tools to fulfill this purpose. Twitterfeed is the best tool for automatically sharing our content Twitter. Isn’t this great? 

6. Track Your Sharing

Get shares to your next blog
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Increasing the number of shares to more than 1K is your goal, so it is essential to keep a check on your performance. It will help you to know if you are near your success point or not. In such a case, you can follow several ways to track the blog post you share. Not only this, but it will also help you to how much traffic comes to your site via that link. When you know the strong point of your strategy, you can further work to bring improvement and satisfied results. You can even use this tactic for your next article or blog and score more than 1K shares on different platforms. 


Because you are a blogger or an individual who takes out the time from his or her busy schedule to write, so it is essential to display your work on web platforms to let others know your ideas or thoughts that you want to share. But reaching more and more audiences is not an easy task, especially when you want more than 1K shares as soon as possible. Therefore, we bring you this blog, where we have included the essentials points that will help you get 1000+ shares to your current and next blog post. Few changes from your side will surely bring you the desired results. Put all the above-listed ways into practice today! 

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