Specializing in authentic wedding photography! THE COLOR LAB SPECIALIZES IN PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES IN PALM SPRINGS! Our shooting style can be referred to as “in the moment” because we thrive on capturing naturally occurring moments as they play out during a day. No repeats! We land the kind of stuff that cant be repeated. Tears and authentic moments laced with energy and emotion, captured through artistic eyes. When looking back over photos from the big day, those are the moments that mean everything.


Raging laughter and that ear to ear grin! The kind that can’t be held back. Tears of joy that suddenly come on and won’t stop even when you try looking up and away.. Its photographing moments like this above that make wedding photography truly awesome! I dunno what you do for work but we’ve got the best “job” in the world.  New people, new party, every weekend! We know there are sooooo many amazing moments that will play out over the course of the day… we just dont know when. It keeps us connected to the moment and walking away from a day with moments like these means everything.

When you hire us, you are hiring a couple of friends who are going to be rockin the day by your side. The best part is these friends have a kick ass artistic eye!! We tell the story of your day through our perspective. When ya look back at the whole thing years later, the only thing you are going to say is “Thank god we hired them!”


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