10 Favorite Places in Massachusetts
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Traveling is irresistible to some people especially, like me! They are continuously seeking for the dreamiest destinations across the world. Well, the United States of America is amidst that daintiest place in the world that every traveler wishes to visit at least once in a lifetime. The landscapes of the continent are breathtaking. The cityscapes of the continent are jaw-dropping. The atmosphere is surreal, and the whole vibe is impeccable. You will find everything, Historical sites, fascinating places, beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, fantastic food, and fabulous fields. Anything you have had dreamt of, you will find in this incredible country such as different places in Massachusetts! 

Massachusetts, in the northeastern region, a US state in New England, is solely competent to give you all the glimpses of majestic USA. Being one of the smallest states in the country, Massachusetts is the ‘Bay State’ of America! The place packs awestruck sites, and remarkable colonial history altogether. The Massachusetts spots you visit will leave you spellbound for your entire life. To extend thanks to Massachusetts’ charm, we have compiled a list of top ten favorite places of Massachusetts’ experts for a delightful trip! I’m sure whoever reads this will surely decide to fly over to these places immediately. 

1. Boston 

Starting in Boston, Massachusetts’ capital, start trailing on the Freedom Trail and get to know the details of the American revolution. Bunk a few hours at the Bunker Hill Monument. The city has a museum of Fine Arts. Harvard Square will fulfill all your travel hopes. Fenway Park is a great place to take children who love sports! Wherever you go in Boston, you will be in the flashback of America’s story. 

Boston  Places in Massachusetts
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2. Magnificent Martha’s Vineyard

Distanced sweetly seven miles off Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard had attracted tourists for ages! Even celebrities love to visit for the charisma of the island. A few of them also have their homes on the island. Numerous ferries from Cape Cod and Nantucket can take you to Martha’s Vineyard. The azure sea on all sides, blissful beaches, bike rides, sun-kissed shores, and lighthouses are the sponsors of heaven on the island! 

3. The Island of Nantucket

Believed wealthiest for real-estate in the states, Nantucket is a former refugee land for Native Americans wanting to escape European establishments in Massachusetts. The sizzling summer attraction, Nantucket, has everything you demand. From beaches to bays, from shores to cliffs, harbors to hikes, pastel-colored mansions to gardens, Nantucket never settles for less! The annual summer music festival is an attention seeker for writers, musicians, and artists from across the globe. 

The Island of Nantucket
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4. The Blessed Berkshires

Not only the snow-covered mountains, which indeed it is but nature’s retreat, Berkshires are exclusively blessed! The lands of Berkshires are perfect for the summer festivals, spring celebrations, and winter snow. If you are seeking an all-year favorable spot in Massachusetts, you have Berkshires waiting to welcome you. The cliffs greet the sky at mostly 1,200 feet high, and mountains are home to Massachusetts’ highest Bish Bash Waterfall! 

5. Cape Cod Peninsula

Why shouldn’t Cape Cod get the credit for one of the excellent places in Massachusetts? After all, it has been serving beauty to all the tourists for centuries now! Cape Cod is a peninsula in the shape of a hook or an arm that involves all the captivating marine activities. Name fishing or surfing, try 40 miles beach-side pleasures, or sail the peninsular waters, you won’t be disappointed. 

Cape Cod
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6. Spectacular City of Salem

Fuel up your car, haul up your universal roof rack, and strike the city of Salem. To experience a happy haunting, you should visit Salem. All Halloween lovers love the city culture. Inspired from the 1692’s witch day trails, Salem is famous worldwide for its haunting happenings. The House of the Seven Gables is a worth-visiting historical house. Oysterfest takes place in September. Salem is astonishing in the autumn! 

7. P Town

Dazzling the northern Cape Cod end, Provincetown in Massachusetts is a seaside city. The town has a world-famous monument and a museum with equal dignity. Shortly known as the P Town, it has always favored the lesbian and gay and the overall LGBTQ community. There are commercial streets plus captivating sites. The relishing restaurants, never-ending parties in night clubs, galleries and cafes, are sure synonyms to Provincetown! 

P Town
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8. New Bedford 

The most significant whaling city in the entire United States, New Bedford, is the sixth-largest city in the mainland. New Bedford is also named ‘The Whaling City’ because of its whaling importance since the 19th century. The New Bedford Whaling Museum is a tourist place exhibiting whale skeletons. The Seamen Bethel’s chapel and other historical monuments are the most valuable pieces in the city.

9. Plum Island

Plum Island bridges northeast Massachusetts’s mainland with Newburyport and creates an ultimate beauty for all globetrotters. The island is perfect for sky bird watching activities and feeding the shorebirds. The beach plums grow on the island dunes. Therefore, the island got its name! You can enjoy fishing from the shores as well as from boats. Whether you stay in resorts, cottages, hotels, home-stays, or lodges -you will sense the same feeling all year! 

Plum Island
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10. The Plymouth Village

Plymouth, also spelled Plimoth is a colonial village that recalls the Plymouth plantation. Its history dates back to 1620. The village depicts how the early pilgrims used to live with fragrances of flora and fauna, and used to cook authentic meals in their kitchens. Visit its historic homes and holy places! Also, the Mayflower ship’s replica is something you should never skip while you are visiting places in Massachusetts. 

Wrapping it up

Massachusetts has an overabundance of places that are alluring and outstanding for vacations. I’m sure you will want to stay a little longer than you have planned. These places are simply splendid, eye-catchy, and ideal for life! 

Author’s Bio: Crystal Willson is a full-time content writing specialist. She has been closely monitoring the travel industry trends for quite some time. Crystal has worked in various domains before the travel industry. She has also worked with various roof racks production companies. On her off days, she likes to spend her time with her family, lift weights, and reading novels.