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10 Things To Keep In Mind While Opening A Salon

Let’s face facts, how many businesses, startups, companies open up and make it to the top? If you research properly then the answer would be “a very few”. Setting up a business in this competitive environment is a lot more difficult than you think.

Even opening a salon (and running it successfully) is a difficult task today as you find a salon at every other corner of the road. However not all of them are very successful, in fact, most of them are just small scale business, attracting only the locals. So to have a good chance in the industry you have to plan, think carefully about your goals and execute them with great efficiency.

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However, as we said opening a salon is not an easy task and succeeding in the first try is a tough nut to crack. But, you don’t have to worry as we are going to discuss the top 10 Things To keep in mind while opening a salon. Carefully read all the 10 tips and we assure you that you would have a good idea about what to do and more importantly what not to do.

1. Market Analysis

Market Analysis
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If you are confused where to start from then market analysis is the best way of getting started. This will give and brief information about what’s going on in the market right now. Like what are the latest trends, which services are in the demand, etc. Also, you will have a fair idea about your competition and where you stand as a new competitor in the market. So, briefly analyze the market before you start investing and establishing your business.

2. Location

When we talk about the location we are always looking for a better place. The location of any salon whether it is a beauty salon, hair salon, etc. Now your location depends on the type f demographic, the client type you are looking for, the prices you wanna charge, etc all of this depend upon the area you want to open up your salon. I mean a man earning millions would never visit your shop if you open up in a rusty, clumsy, area of the town. His first choice would be to visit somewhere luxurious. So choose accordingly as you might be too high end for the low-end area you want to open your salon in or vice versa. So make sure to choose the right location for business as it can highly influence your business.

3. Bring A Culture To The Salon

Now they’re a lot of other salons in the market that are using every trick up there sleeves trying to outshine you. When you open up a saloon just having a luxurious shop, equipment, etc is not enough you need to bring in a little culture to the salon. Now by the culture we mean what do you believe in as an individual and a professional, how you want to treat your clients, how do you want your staff to interact with your clients and the most important what is your vision. Apart from all of this you need to establish a structure to hire or else your business is going to be a big hot mess. If you want to bring in a little a culture to the salon, then you can not hire just anyone. Set specified criteria and procedure for hiring.

You have to think carefully about all these if you want to be different, if not then you are just another salon in the city. Remember this is very beneficial not only for your short term goals but also if you are in for a long run in the salon industry.

4. Hiring Staff

Like we said before you can not just hire anyone, it is not a healthy practice. You need to look for specific skills and traits in every staff member.

So let’s start with the front desk. The front desk coordinator must be really good with communication, mannered, hardworking and a good work ethic. All these things are important as the desk coordinator is the front line of communication between the client and the rest of your staff and even the owner. It always starts with that phone call the coordinator. So need to lay out all the things you want from the coordinator from the very start.

The other very and core member of any salon is a stylist. It can be a hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. This is an important job as the work of this member will decide if the client is coming back again or not. So make sure that your stylist is skilled and good with the clients. So you get the idea, hire someone who fit’s you salon culture, who passes you standard bar as you are just not looking to fill in empty positions.

5. Customer Experience

You want to make a great pleasant experience for the client from getting to when they sit down, offering them something to drink, open the door for them, etc. Well, these small things count and if you have the budget to do it then why not just do it. Try building a solid foundation for good customer experience. You can even hire someone just to structure the way you and your staff will interact and treat your customers. Well, it all depends on the type of a saloon you want to be, and if you want to be great then this is your ticket because no one dislikes being treated nicely.

6. Technical Side

Today every business has to maintain his presence on the internet, that is why every other business has a website. We highly advise you to get one if you are aiming to reach the top. Make sure that your website is interactive, smooth running and properly defines who you are. Also, make sure to update the website content on a daily basis.

7. Management System

Days of manual coordination billing and other management task are long gone. Well unless you are not aiming to open an old fashioned salon, then you have to get a management system for your business. This will reduce a burden from your shoulder and you can even manage the profile of your daily clients or clients who have a membership.

8. Client Base

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There are ways you can create a solid client base and one that is in fashion in the salon industry is the membership option. Here you sell membership to your clients for a month, a year, 3 years, etc. In return, your clients pay on the regular basis (for membership of a month, half-year, a full year, etc.) for the membership and in return get unlimited services based on the pack they choose.

9. Get The Distributors

You will need a regular supply of products and we believe if pain to get into the paperwork every time you get supplies. So get in touch with the distributor and cut a deal for regular supply without any disturbances.

10. Know Your Worth

If you invested a lot into your business then charge according to the service you are providing. Charging less to attract customers is not the best way to do business. If your services are good then you receive customers regardless of the charges.

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