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3 Treatments for a Perfect Wedding Smile

Here comes the bride… or groom! Summer always seems like “wedding season,” but there’s never a right or wrong time to get married. While you might not care whether flowers are blooming or leaves are falling from trees, there’s probably one thing you definitely want to be in good condition – your smile. Getting married is one of the most memorable times in someone’s life and you can bet that you’ll have hundreds of pictures and videos from that day. But who wants to look back on them and see a less than perfect smile?

There are numerous treatments you can have done to perfect your smile, but first, that starts with finding the right cosmetic dentist. But how do you know which one you need? If you’re trying to show off your bright whites on your wedding day, here are three treatments for a picture-perfect smile.

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When you were younger, all of your classmates might’ve been getting metal wire braces. You might’ve even been someone with braces as well. While they’re still around, cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have found a way to create a more sophisticated and visually pleasing form of braces – Invisalign or invisible braces. The hard, clear plastic is molded to the contours of your teeth and outside of a small shine and slight lisp at the beginning; no one would be the wiser. If you’re tired of gaps ruining your smile, Invisalign is one treatment to consider before your wedding day.


Let’s face it. Even if your teeth are straight, there are still a lot of us who don’t like the shape of our teeth or even the size. If you want to do a facelift to your teeth, you might consider getting veneers. If you’re dealing with any other dental problems like a chipped or stained tooth, veneers can help as well. Veneers are thin coverings that are placed over the front of the teeth. And if you’re nervous that they might be detectable, veneers are made to look like natural teeth so you can rest easy that your smile will look exactly the way you want it to on your wedding day.

Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for a very low-key treatment for your wedding day smile, teeth whitening is always an option! While we would all love to have a perfectly white smile, that’s not going to happen for all of us without some work. Sometimes we need more help than extra whitening toothpaste and charcoal powder can do. One foolproof treatment for your wedding is teeth whitening. If your teeth are anything less than white, that’ll come up in photos. If you have a professional photographer, you can guarantee that they’ll add a few extra edits to whiten your teeth, but what about your guests? Instead of needing some post-wedding edits, make sure you go into the day with your whitest smile.

When it comes to planning a wedding, most people are focused on the dresses or tux. You can add the venue to that list plus flowers, food, and a guest list. When it comes to the way you look, most people stop thinking about it after their hair and makeup are settled. Don’t forget about your smile! Your wedding day will probably be one of the happiest days of your life, so you can expect that you’ll probably spend most of the day smiling. From the photographer snapping pictures to your guests posting to social media, you’ll be the star of hundreds of photos. Make sure your smile is picture ready!

Cosmetic dentists could easily help you with Invisalign, veneers, and teeth whitening. That’s not all they could do either! While these three treatments are perfect for your wedding day, there are an endless number of other treatments and procedures they could do to help you smile big after the “I do.” And now it’s up to you to get that smile! Say cheese!

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