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When you’re travelling to a new and exciting destination, one of the most important parts of the experience is the food. If you want to have the best possible travel experience, you can’t go home before you’ve experienced the absolute best of what your chosen destination has to offer.

A lot can be said about travelling and food – and there are thousands of books filled with information on what to eat where. But for this piece, we’re going to be a bit more specific: We’ve chosen four of the greatest food destinations you can choose this year – and included a little bit of information on why each of them is the best.

Here are tips for your next food tour, and why you should consider going to Prague, Athens, Lisbon and Rome.

Tips & Tricks for Your Trip

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When you’re planning a trip for the first (or second) time, there are plenty of things that more experienced travellers can tell you about how to make your travel experience easier, more efficient and overall better. Here are the top tips for travelling like a pro:

  • Book Through a (Reputable) Agent:
    Want to have a relaxed, casual trip where you actually get to enjoy it instead of running around like a headless chicken trying to wrap your mind around travel arrangements? Book your stay (and sometimes most of your travelling needs, too) through a reputable and recommended travel agent if you’d like to save yourself most of the fuss associated with travelling – and find a cheaper package, too.
  • Travel Like a Local:
    Travel like a local if you want to have the full experience; this means that you should always find out how the locals travel and use this to get around – often, it’s a lot cheaper than going with what most of the tourists are doing. The same is true for finding out how locals eat: Ideally, find the places the locals love to frequent, not the many places where they’re likely overcharging tourists just because they’re tourists. There are platforms that can help you connecting with the locals and arranging some cool activity together even before you reach your destination. An example? Withlocals, where locals offer activities around what they are passionate about, in a private setting and with the option of personalize the tour if you have any special needs or request. It is a good way to connect with some locals, and get the most out of their suggestions! Check out their food tours in Prague, Athens, Lisbon, and Rome to get a hint of what they offer!
  • Pack Everything:
    Don’t know what to pack for? Make yourself a list of essentials for every possible situation – everyone has a list of things that they absolutely need to feel comfortable in a foreign country – and make sure that you’ve checked everything on this list before you go anywhere. Make sure to leave enough room in your baggage for anything that you might buy during your travels and want to bring back home – charges on excess baggage can often be expensive.
  • Learn Local Customs:
    You should always put in some effort to learn at least the basics about local customs no matter where in the world you’re going. This can help that you never offend anyone, especially when you don’t really mean to do it.
  • Careful of Seafood:
    While many places in the world are known for their seafood, don’t gorge yourself if you aren’t used to seafood – or have a suspicion that you might have an allergy; a foreign country isn’t the greatest place to go into shock because you didn’t know that you were allergic to shellfish – trust us on this!



Czech cuisine is unmistakably unique, and if you make a visit to Prague you can expect to see a variety of different foods and desserts – with the food often being served accompanied by traditional sides such as freshly baked bread or dumplings. Food can be as simple as Chlebíčky (open sandwiches) or Česnečka (garlic soup) – or more elaborate, like an entire roast accompanied by great-blending sides.

Prague delicacies often include meat and sides, though of course, if you’re a vegetarian there are many options available for you.


Your Athens tasting tour starts with foods that you might know already, but in ways that you’ve definitely never tasted them before. Traditional foods that you’re bound to encounter making your way through Athens includes Souvlaki pita, feta cheese, tzatziki and a traditional dish of meat on a spit known as Gyros.

Remember that traditional Greek breads are often served without using butter – instead, olive oil is preferred, and only use real, traditional olive oil!


Traditional foods that you’ll encounter in Lisbon includes cod, which is called Bacalhau instead when you’re over there – and you’ll also happen to see many other dishes like pastéis de nata and bifana. You’ll also encounter some of the best cheese selection you’ve ever seen – and there are some fantastic wines produced in Portugal that make for an incredible pairing to go with any food you choose. If you need more Lisbon tour ideas, the museums of Lisbon are unforgettable!


Going to Rome? You can’t head back home until you get to experience Rome food heaven by trying the best of what Italy has to offer. When it comes to traditional Italian dishes, it can be argued that you’ll find the best traditional cuisine in Rome. Their traditional dishes include artichokes, carbonara – and, of course, gelato when it’s time for dessert.


Visiting Rome, Lisbon, Athens or Prague?

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something a little different, prepare to have your taste buds thrilled by the greatest travel experience ever – and remember to take some of each locale home with you so you can recreate the same tastes at home in your own kitchen using ingredients that are locally bought, but with a great international flavor.

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