Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

We all assume that honeymoons are automatically going to be amazing. However, the reality is that pre-planning is what actually makes the experience so great! Sure, being spontaneous can be fun, but you can make your honeymoon even more romantic and unforgettable by planning what you want to do before you go. While your honeymoon destination may be utterly captivating, that doesn’t mean your efforts should end right there. To make this once in a lifetime experience exceptional, consider putting some extra thought into your itinerary. To learn how you can do that, be sure to read this article till the end! 

Make a Honeymoon List

First things first, you need to make a list of possibly everything you would like to do as a couple. You should do this before you reach the destination. For example, if you are heading to Paris, you first need to know about what the Parisian scene has to offer for couples who are honeymooning, apart from tourist attractions such as the iconic Eiffel Tower. What is an ideal place to stay that lies within your budget? What are the best places to visit? From where you can eat the best food? What are the best places to shop? Do some research on these questions and base your list on what you may find out!

Book a Special Suite 

When you are going on your honeymoon, you should not just settle with any ordinary room. Luckily, most hotels offer their guests to choose from different categories of rooms. For example, hotels often have exclusive honeymoon suites. If you really want to make the most out of your trip, then upgrading to these suites is worth considering. Plus, it’s an added bonus if your space has a claw foot bathtub, plunge pool, or jacuzzi. Imagine sipping on your favorite champagne with your partner in a bathtub full of rose petals. Sounds divine if you ask us!

Plan a Private Picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than a private picnic just for two. Whether you choose a secluded beach, vineyard, rolling hillside, or any other site, make sure you’ve done extensive research on the location. Some hotels offer the best picnic experiences, but if yours does not, then why not plan your own? You can pick out a few delicious food items to eat along with a bottle of champagne or wine to celebrate your new life together. Be sure to take a lot of pictures so that you can look back at these moments. What’s even better is if you take all of your photos and create a photo book or a physical print of all these moments. You can get your photo book made from any printing companies that print photography postcards, canvas prints, photo plaques, framed prints, and more. 

Dinner with a Beautiful View

Nothing can beat an amazing dinner featuring a jaw-dropping vantage point. A romantic dinner seems like an obvious pick for a couple on their honeymoon. Your partner will love to have a meal with you at a location with the most stunning view. Enjoy cocktails over appetizers, entrees, desserts, and a view to set the mood. We recommend you to choose a restaurant that allows you to catch the mesmerizing sunset while you enjoy your meal.