4 ways to make yourself look and feel more attractive
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No matter how much we’d like to deny it, attractiveness is one of the key factors that make us like someone. Attractive and beautiful people are usually so because of the beauty radiating from within. When someone takes care of themselves and the way they look, it usually means they care greatly for their mind and body. Such people have a warmth you can’t resist and are more confident than you’d ever hope to be.

It’s easy to say that someone has it easy in the world just because they’re beautiful. What we don’t see are the essential self-care rituals and wellness routines that beautiful people have worked into their lives with a lot of effort.

You aren’t made beautiful and confident- you become it by continually working on yourself. So no matter how bad you might feel about your body now, it’s not too late. With a little dedication to yourself, you too can blossom into the most beautiful version of yourself; inside and out.

Every caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

1. Look at yourself!

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The most common sentence you say when you catch your reflection is “Look at yourself!” Instead of this being an utter of amazement, it is one of disgust. All you can see are the things that make you hate your body. You have to realize that it’s only that way because you make it that way.

“Look at yourself!” can be that utter of amazement you need. It may take some work and convincing, but eventually, you will say it with a smile. Stand in front of the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are. That dimple you have, the line down your tummy, and the freckles travelling down your neck- they’re what makes you unique. They’re what makes you beautiful.

You can also make a fashion show for yourself. This is a great way to see which clothes flatter your body most and what your closet should focus on. What better way to feel sexy and confident than by dolling yourself up and appreciating your own body? If you like it, you can bet that other people will love it in the same way when you walk outside.

2.  Say cheese

You can’t fully feel beautiful and attractive unless you can freely show off your smile. When you always have to think about how your teeth look when you smile, or when you’re making an active effort to hide your smile and stop smiling, you know it’s time to change something. Focusing on your teeth and fixing them up should be a priority in your path to beauty.

It’s very easy to let our teeth fall apart when we’re so scared of the dentist. Out of all the doctors, this one makes us squirm the most and is the most uncomfortable to visit. So we put the appointment off until we absolutely need to, under the excuse that we’re fine. By the time you go, it’s already too late. The dentist has to take out a whole tooth, or it hurts too much, or the procedure is complicated, and you’re left feeling worse than when you came in.

Invest in your smile by opting for the procedures you need and don’t feel bad that it’s going to take some time and money. Then, when everything’s done, make sure to take care of your smile properly. Listen to your dentist, take their advice, and don’t skip on any future appointments.

Ta-dah! You’ll no longer have to put your hand over your teeth when you smile or worry that they’re anything less than perfect.

If your biggest problem is that your teeth are discoloured or yellowed, you can even tackle the issue yourself. There are a lot of teeth whitening products you can try out, and even some DIY methods for more natural results. Those pearly whites will be clearly visible in every new photo- and your confidence will be, too.

3. Ask your fairy godmother for help

When you think you’ve done everything you can to make yourself feel more attractive, but still feel like the same old flabby you, it’s time to ask a higher power for help. Each fairytale has a magical being that gives the girl a makeover and transforms her into the most beautiful princess in the kingdom. If you don’t have a fairy godmother, your higher power can be plastic surgery.

Though it used to have a lot of stigma around it, plastic surgery is accepted as one way to reach the highest aesthetic potential of your body. The magic wand in plastic surgery doesn’t just give you the body of your dreams, though. It also seeds the confidence that will continue to grow over the next months and years.

Plastic surgery is very safe and affordable today, all thanks to the numerous technological advancements that have improved every area of life. With this method, you’ll be able to change the parts of yourself that you simply can’t change with proper diet and exercise.

Whether it’s removing that mole on your face, getting a breast lift and implants, or finally getting rid of stretch marks and scars which have marked you all your life- you don’t have to deal with it any longer. Finally, you have a solution to the things that have hindered your confidence all this time.

4. You’re royalty

Even if you don’t have royal lineage, you’re still royalty. Treat yourself that way. Nothing can make you feel more attractive than a bubble bath with all natural ingredients which exfoliates your skin and makes you feel completely rejuvenated. Try that face mask you always secretly wanted to, finally, book that manicure appointment, and don’t be afraid to go to the hairdresser more than once in a couple of months. Also, there are many DIY beauty recepies to make yourself look stunning and shine bright like a diamond.

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Another thing you can try is to take a hot towel and dab your body with it each morning and night. It has the power to relax your muscles, hydrate your skin, get rid of cellulite, and make you feel like you’re on the top of the world.

The royal treatment can make anyone feel ten times more attractive. This is because you simply give yourself the care you obviously need. When we don’t like ourselves, we neglect the way we look and tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it. No matter what you do, you’re not going to be pretty. You don’t deserve to get your hair done, it’s ugly anyway. Stop throwing money away on yourself, you’re not worth it. These thoughts may sound familiar but they’re extremely toxic. You need to recognize them as such and work on eliminating them entirely.

You are worth it. Even though it may feel weird to get pampered the first time you do it, soon enough you’ll add it to your weekly schedule. Being clean, soft, and smelling nice is half the attractiveness you’re looking for. It’s never a waste, simply because you are royalty.


The media today tells us that being beautiful is all about showing skin and wearing provocative clothing. Women especially are affected by this propaganda, but it’s time we rose above it. You are the only one that can determine your self-worth and see yourself for the stunning soul that you are. No longer will you have to succumb to the way media sees you, as you’ll know it has absolutely nothing to do with who you are.

Spread your wings little butterfly, it’s time to fly.

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