Bachelor Party Ideas

Whether you know them as stag party dos, bachelor parties or buck’s weekends, as you grow older the chances are you will have been to more than your fair share of these occasions as friends get married off. These pre-marital blow-outs can actually become somewhat tiresome if you steer too close to the traditional stereotypes. If you’re tasked with planning a bachelor party and you want to keep things fresh and exciting between the groom and his pals, check out this quintet of alternative ideas to whet your appetite.

Plan a boys-only fishing trip

As we grow older, spending quality time with friends becomes ever more important. Whether it’s the barriers of work or parenthood, seeing your pals becomes more of a treat than a regular occurrence. That’s why a boys-only fishing trip makes for the ideal alternative bachelor party. It’s a chance to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, chill with a beer and a fishing rod and chew the fat. If you live anywhere near the south coast of England, you can charter fishing boats in Brighton and compete with your stags for the best catch of the day.

Host your own Vegas night-in

If you and your pals don’t quite have the budget to make the Vegas dream a reality, why not bring Vegas to home? If you are one of the groomsmen, why not host a Vegas-themed night at your house? Encourage all of the guys to dress up in their finery – tuxedos and all – and set up various casino games to be played throughout the night, as well as some plush food and drinks. You could even hire a professional card dealer to host your own poker cash game. You could also set up a computer or tablet for people to play Gonzo’s Quest and some of the other leading slot titles often found on land-based casino floors. The hunting-for-treasure theme of the slot could make it an exhilarating night, without the fuss of having to go out anywhere.

Take a road trip in the groom’s dream car

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Before the lucky groom drives off into the sunset with his bride-to-be, why not take him for a little road trip of his own? If he’s sportscar mad, all of his friends could chip in to hire the groom’s dream car and head out for a weekend away to a random destination. All you need is a great music playlist, some decent snacks and plenty of banter and you’ll soon eat through the mileage. He’s guaranteed to have a smile on his face all weekend, with not a stripper in sight!

Laser tag

This epic game is basically paintball for those that don’t like getting messy! If the groom’s not usually a fan of getting down and dirty, but the idea of a gun-related activity appeals, consider the burgeoning game of laser tag. You can still play it in the woods or even inside a massive warehouse arena, but without the mess (and pain!) of paintballs. StagWeb offers a Call of Duty-esque Laser Combat party for stags with heaps of game scenarios and all equipment included.

Go camping

In all the manic wedding planning, the groom could probably do with some downtime and a chance to de-stress. Instead of whipping him up into a frenzy in a party town or city, you could pack your tents, a crate of beer and some kindling and head for a weekend of camping away from it all. It’s a chance to have a bit of inexpensive man time and an opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

It’s time to get more creative with bachelor party ideas. Think beyond the pole dancing and booze and put together an unconventional stag do that creates memories the groom will cherish forever.

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