Apps for Your Wedding

When it comes to planning and having a wedding, most people don’t think about their smartphone. But like everything else, there’s an app for that, and we have listed five here that are must-haves for your big day. Let’s take a look at each of them.


The first app is iWedPlanner, and it is one of the best wedding planning apps currently on the market. Wedding planner apps make up the majority of apps in the wedding category, so there are a lot of them out there. However, we have only included one planning app on this list for good reason – this is the best one out there when it comes to planning your wedding. This it covers everything that you need to do in order to make sure that your big day is a special as possible. There is a to-do list feature that lets you keep track of all of the steps that you need to take in order to get everything done in time, a vendor organization tool, an RSVP tracker, a seating arrangement tool and much more. No matter what kind of wedding you are planning on having, this is the perfect app to take you through every step and make sure you are fully prepared.

Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown is a really useful app for a couple of reasons. First of all, with all of the stress and hassle that a wedding comes with, it can be really useful to have a countdown right on the front of your phone to let you know how long you have to go until the big day and reminds you that you are going to be able to relax after the wedding and enjoy your vacation honeymoon and life as a married person. But having a countdown also reminds you that you need to get things done, and that can be pretty useful. The wedding countdown tells you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until your big day, but it also counts certain special units like heartbeats or kisses. You can personalize your countdown with songs, photos and more

Family Locator App

Family Locator App

The Family Locator App is a great addition to the apps that you download specifically for your wedding. The family locator app is totally free and is for tracking family members and communicating with them. You’ll be able to keep track of when your loved ones arrive at certain locations like school or work, when they get home and various other places. This is useful during the time leading up to a wedding, because it can help you figure out where everyone is and when you can get everyone together for photos, planning sessions and more. This app gives you automatic alerts, emergency trackers for your children and a whole lot more that is useful for your wedding.

HoneyFund Wedding Registry

The HoneyFund Wedding Registry app makes your wedding registry a breeze. If you want to get the best gifts for your wedding gifts, then you’re going to need to let people know what you need. Sometimes, the items that you really want cannot be found at one retailer. Even if you list your registry at a giant retail site like Amazon, there may be items that you want to register for that simply are not available on that website. But this app allows you to take items from anywhere on the Internet and add them to your registry, as well as specific cash gifts so that people can see what you need for specific purposes. This is an all-in-one registry app that will make sure that everyone knows all the items on your wedding registry and then choose from those items accordingly.

Wedding LookBook

The Wedding LookBook app ensures that you get as much choice as possible when it comes to all of the various elements of your wedding. For example, if you go to a bridal store and look at the wedding dresses that they have on hand, then the selection is pretty limited. But if you go on the Internet and various bridal stores around the city, you get a much better selection. This app allows you to consolidate all of those items into one single lookbook. For example, you can take pictures of wedding dresses that you find in stores around the city, and then tag them accordingly so that you know where to find them, as well as find ideas online. Your friends and family can even contribute if you want. There are a lot of elements that go into creating the perfect wedding, and having a look book that allows you to check out perfect cakes, wedding dresses, arrangements and more makes this app probably the most useful wedding app ever.

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