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In recent years in Ghana news, we have seen a number of celebrities get tired of living secular lives and turning to the gospel. These reports often come as a surprise to many and these artists often lose their standing in their industry as they transition to the gospel industry. The reasons for many celebrities becoming devout Christians is quite simple. The fact is, being a secular artist makes it very hard for you to lead a proper Christian life. Many thus prefer to convert to the gospel industry and practice their art in a way that is in line with their spirituality which often makes them the subjects in Ghana latest news. Latest Ghana news on YEN brings you five such artists who put faith before fame.

  1. Yaw Siki

Isaac Okai, commonly known by his stage name, Yaw Siki, burst in to the limelight in 2011 with the hit song “Wo P3 Dodo”. His music gained him fame and success among millennials for whom he made music. His lyrical prowess was unmatched for a time until he decided to leave his secular music career behind in 2013. He survived a fatal road accident in 2013, this became a turning point in his life and he decided to do more spiritual work with his talents.

2. Ofori Amponsah

Ofori Amponsah is a unique addition to this list. He was once a famous highlife music artist with many songs to his name. His love songs were particularly popular at the time. His decision to switch from making secular music to gospel music came as a surprise to many given that his career was only going to keep getting better. In an even more surprising turn of events, Ofori went back to making secular music in 2016.

3. Timothy Bentum

Actor Timothy Bentum was all over Ghanaian news when he made it public that he had been struggling for a long time with drug abuse. Timothy Bantum, who is popular for the aggressive roles he plays, has since transformed his life to enable him live better and free of drugs. Although he has not abandoned acting altogether, he uses his fame as a platform to reach out to the youth and spread the gospel.

4. Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour

Obour was once a musician before taking on the role of President of MUSIGA. As the head of MUSIGA he is in charge of spearheading the protection of the Ghanaian music industry. Running the business side of music has also allowed him enough time away from the spotlight to preach the gospel. Obour has been a preacher in his church to many congregations leaving his secular music past behind him.

5. Majid Michel

Majid Michel has over the last few years gotten less and less questionable roles in his acting career. This is as a direct result of his decision to become a born-again believer. He has willingly parted with his fame to pursue a Christian living. Majid still acts and will take up a role in a number of productions but he no longer takes any roles that will compromise his new way of life.

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