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5 Great Ideas on What to Do With Your Wedding Photos

Now that your big day is over, the only thing you can rely on to reminisce about the events that transpired is your wedding photos. They have the ability to tell the story of the day from the start to the end. For this reason, you must find some creative ways to prepare and present them. Here are the five great ideas on what to do with your wedding photos.

Share them using the various wedding photo apps

Wedding photo apps are the new and innovative trend of flaunting your photos. It’s rare to find people using disposable cameras since most people now use digital cameras, tablets, and tote phones to take pictures. The good thing with computerized gadgets is that they can share photos directly with these apps. It is also easy to upload and share all the pictures in one place using these apps, which include the Wedding Party, Capsule, WedPics, among others.

Turn them into a piece of art

Digital photos are easy to manipulate in terms of shape and size to fit on any canvas. Canvas prints are the easiest way to show off your photos in any home or office. You can, therefore, enlarge your pictures and make big pieces of art that you can hang on your wall. A piece of art is funkier than just a framed photo, as you can utilize your artistic skills to create a cool moment in your room. Some people make their favorite wedding photo to be the largest piece of art in their living room or even over their fireplace. Or for the more traditional among us, you could simply get your favorites printed to canvas and bound on a frame so you can hang them wherever you’d like. A simple yet elegant solution. 

Wedding Photos on Canvas
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Publish them

Another great idea is to post your photos on a public domain. If your wedding went in a more traditional manner, consider asking your photographer to submit your pictures to the various wedding magazines. They could be of great significance to others as they can be inspiring. If not that, publish them on an online platform like your blog or Facebook page and share the link with relatives and friends so that they can relive the day from wherever they are and whenever they want.

Create a wedding album

You can opt to go to the old school way and have a photo album printed for you. In most cases, professional photographers offer this service, but you can print your own. An album can include all the wedding photos, such as the portraits of the bridal party, the bride getting ready, portraits of the couple, their families, and any other relevant picture. An album is also more efficient than passing your phone or tablet around for your friends to see the photos.

Wedding Photos Album
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Use them to design beautiful home accessories

You can use your wedding photos to create a broad array of accessories, including calendars, blankets, coasters, pillows, among others. Since you don’t have to use all your photos to design every item in your home, choose those that best suits you. The items could also make excellent gifts for your loved ones. You can give each of your friends a mug with a picture of all of you or your parents a calendar with a photo of them walking you down the aisle.

Of course, if you want your photos to look great and remind you of your beautiful wedding day, then you should ponder hiring a professional photographer. Together with these simple ideas, the photos will always be part of your life.

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