best Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a wedding venue in San Francisco, you have a lot of choices. There are dozens of viable venues to have the perfect wedding, but some of the best locations for a wedding are actually located just outside of San Francisco. If you are willing to travel a short distance, you might be able to find something that far exceeds your expectations.

Although there are many wedding venues that you can choose within the city, you should definitely take a look at what is available throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. These five are definitely some of the best, but there are others available as well; and when it comes to getting your guests to and from the venue safely, a San Francisco wedding bus rental can make your special day that much easier.

Treasure Island Wedding Chapel

Although this venue seems fairly remote, it is actually pretty easy to get to once you cross the bay bridge. The Treasure Island wedding chapel is one of the most beautiful wedding chapels in the bay area and is located on Treasure Island, offering an amazing rustic location and views of San Francisco like you’ve never seen before. There is plenty of parking at this chapel, and when you get inside the church, you’re going to fall in love with the place. If you are looking for a venue that isn’t going to cost too much, but still offers an amazing atmosphere for your wedding, then this is definitely one that you should seriously consider. While this chapel may not have as many amenities as some of the others, there can be no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jefferson Street Mansion

The Jefferson Street Mansion is a venue that has recently been updated to make it one of the favorite wedding venues in the Bay Area. New carpet some flooring adorned this refinished mansion, the ceremony site has a huge assortment of flowerbeds and there is a chefs garden where you will find lots of different herbs growing that you might use to prepare the perfect wedding meal. If you enjoy the country club atmosphere, then this is definitely one of the venues that you should be considering for your wedding. The nice thing is, for all that this wedding venue offers, the price is pretty reasonable.

You can find the Jefferson Street Mansion just to the east of Mount Diablo with the grounds containing top rated golf course, a glistening Lake and waterfalls that you could sit and stare out for hours. The banquet room is the spot that is used for receptions, built with the wall of windows that give incredible use of the manicured grounds outside. The outdoor ceremony area features and armor, a designer stone in the beautiful running fountain. The guest maximum is 300 and the either charge a flat fee for a wedding ceremony or all-inclusive packages that are charged by the person.

Brownstone Gardens

wedding in beautiful garden

Brownstone Gardens is located just outside the central area of Oakley, and it is an elegant venue that will make your wedding something truly special. This venue is unique in that it offers an outdoor garden setting with rare plants that you will not find anywhere else. Brownstone Gardens always make sure that the outdoor area is vibrant and full of color everywhere you look. The shaded path will take your wedding guests to the Koi Garden where they can enjoy conversation with one another before the ceremony in directly after, as well as the wood swing, gazebo and pond with the waterfall.

If you want the perfect romantic atmosphere, then brownstone Gardens definitely can provide it. The foliage gives you and your guest complete privacy, and there are plenty of spots that are perfect for taking pictures, as well as the whole venue being so gorgeous that your wedding video will be talk of the town. This venue is perfect for a lot of occasions, but it is almost made for weddings. The maximum guest occupancy 350, and the rental fees depend upon how many guests you have. You can also rent the Grand Court for an additional fee and alcohol is provided at the event, plus you can choose from a list of caterers.

Club Los Meganos

Another great place to get married is Club Los Maganos. Breathtaking is the only word to describe the views that you will have of Mount Diablo from this venue. The club is surrounded by massive vineyards, and this is a favorite wedding venue among locals in Brentwood, and it sees people travel for hundreds of miles as well. If you are dreaming of the most stunning wedding venue that you can find in the San Francisco Bay Area, this should definitely be one of the top options on your list. The nearby rolling hills are the perfect backdrop and right behind them Mount Diablo looms, making people stop and stare whenever they pass by.

The Mount Diablo event center is the indoor option at this venue, a huge building with tall glass doors that will remind you of Castle in a fairytale. The elegant ballroom has huge windows where you can see the outside, with massive stone columns that help to pull the effect of. The venue also offers disappearing walls, a large dance floor and a beautiful promenade that will make your reception something truly memorable. The capacity is 206 guests, the rental fee is a flat fee that gives you a full five hours of event time in both catering and alcohol is provided.

The Mountain Terrace

wedding in wood

If you want an out of the way place to take your vows, you might want to consider The Mountain Terrace. The Mountain Terrace is our number one choice for wedding venues outside of San Francisco for a number of reasons. For one thing, this venue is totally secluded and you and your guests will have complete privacy. Besides that, you get exclusive use of the entire property for your event, and you will love the feeling of being surrounded by a beautiful flower laden meadow and giant redwoods reaching to the sky. You get an amazing view of the bay, as well as lots of other accessories outdoors that will impress everyone on your guest list.

Everyone will be even more impressed once you go inside, as this venue offers an antique bar made from solid oak, a huge dining room with a stone crafted fireplace, massive windows that look out on the deck and much more. You can hold your wedding indoors or outdoors in this amazing venue. The indoor capacity is 130 guests while an outdoor wedding can hold as many as 400 guests. The fee is a flat rate for wedding reception and gives you eight hours of event time. Both catering and alcohol are provided.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are some really incredible wedding venues that are located just outside of San Francisco. Although there are many wedding venues that you can choose within the city, you should definitely take a look at what is available throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.