5 Tips for Planning A Wedding in A Remote Location
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

The great outdoors has always had an appeal, but now more than ever, people are heading out to enjoy the splendors of nature. Outdoor indulgences such as camping, hiking, and rock climbing have exploded with popularity, and people are heading to the hills. I took a break from a fun planning session to enjoy some delicious CBD edibles and found myself getting really excited.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and wedding planner, and my favorite thing is when these two worlds meet. People usually don’t think, “ I want to go on a hardcore hike to a remote location to get married,” but sometimes they do, and when they do, they come to me! 

I am an expert at planning weddings in extremely remote locations. I’ve helped people get hitched on mountain tops, in the middle of the desert, far out in international waters, and countless other exotic locations. Needless to say, I know what I’m doing. 

More people are finding that they prefer to get married in a beautiful and remote location, and if you’re one of these adventurous souls, you’re going to love our five tips for planning the perfect remote wedding!

#1. The Perfect Location

Outdoor wedding
Image by Siamlian Ngaihte from Pixabay

When you’re planning a remote wedding, location is everything! That’s the whole point, isn’t it? You are too lively to be found in the city having a boring, way-too-normal wedding inside a building. You know you want to get married amongst the glory of nature, so it’s time to go for it!

Pick your perfect location. If people are strong enough to make it great, if not, they’ll either decline your invitation or be eaten by wolves when they get separated from the wedding party. Either way, they won’t be getting in between you and your big day!

This is an important point: be selfish, it’s your day, not theirs, and they will either work out a way to get there through the rough terrain and difficult weather, or they don’t love you enough to try. A remote wedding is a great way to excommunicate family members because they can’t make the cut. By the end of your wedding, your clan may have thinned, but you’ll know that you’re left with the best. Sorry, grandma!

#2. Who’s Coming?

This is your special day, and it’s best shared with special people. Who you invite to your remote wedding should be considered carefully. If they aren’t physically capable of making the long hike in, they may get left behind and find themselves in a serious situation.

If you really want your parents to come, you should invite them whether they seem physically able or not. There are plenty of stories about moms lifting crashed helicopters off of their children. If your parents love you enough, they will find the superhuman strength to get there. If they don’t make it, you know they didn’t love you after all and aren’t worthy of a search party (Unless, of course, they are paying for the wedding in installments, in which case you need to get that little pony back on the wagon train to keep making them greenbacks)

#3. Planning Logistics

Planning is the most important part of a remote wedding. The wedding is a close second, but definitely second. If you don’t plan properly, there won’t even be a wedding, and the longer you’re not married, the closer you are to getting dumped. So, get to planning, or start looking for your own place.

A remote wedding takes a ton of planning. Logistics are difficult, and if you want to spare yourself some time, you’ll skip them. The simplest way to go about things is to choose a location, give everybody the GPS coordinates, and have everybody bring an item like a potluck. Have some guests bring chairs, other food, and make sure someone brings an ordained minister, rabbi, or religious figure of some sort to make it official.

If you keep it simple, then all you have to worry about is showing up and getting married to the person of your dreams.

#4. Dealing with Disasters

Beach wedding
beach chair wedding

Remote weddings can be full of disasters, and food is a big one. Many people prefer to have their food cooked in a helicopter and then airdropped to the wedding. This allows you to eat while the food is still warm. It can be tricky to find a helicopter pilot who’s also a chef, but they are out there, and they are usually really good cooks. They also often lack piloting skills because they tend to spend more time at culinary school than flight school. 

#5. Onto the Honeymoon!

If you and your loved one survive the crazy night of wedding bands, drinks, and tearing it up on the dance floor, it’ll be time to fly off to your honeymoon. This is the best part of the event. Everyone is exhausted, dehydrated, and not sure how to get home, and you get to hop in the dinner helicopter and fly off to paradise!

You and your guests will always remember your beautiful, natural wedding in a remote location.

Featured Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels