The wedding is exciting. It is usually the part of the union ritual where most brides spend the most amount of time planning. The flowers, music, venue, food, drink, dress and the list can be nearly endless to make the big day the happiest day of their life.

It sometimes feels like there’s never enough time to plan the perfect wedding, even days before the big day many brides are still thinking about what they’re missing as if every little detail is fundamental to make the most out of their wedding.

It can be nerve-racking, frustrating and on many occasions a rage-ridden event, no wonder the couple needs a well-deserved vacation after the big day. A vacation that is socially known as the honeymoon.

Budgets tend to be mostly spent on the wedding party, but what many couples around the globe tend to forget is that the wedding itself only lasts a few hours. People can spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a party that will only last a very short period of time, neglecting the best part of getting married–no that’s not just finding the man or woman of your dreams– but the honeymoon.

Just think about it. Traveling is one of those experiences that can really teach you significant lessons about life, culture, society and the world, as well as having an awesome time, and what a better companion than your grand new husband or wife.

Traveling in a decent manner can be expensive, which is why most people need to save for some time before splurging on an amazing trip. However, you can destine part of your wedding budget to take your dream honeymoon to your desired destination or destinations.

How can you make your honeymoon a trip to remember?

  1. Set a decent budget aside


Remember not to spend all of your budget on the wedding party. It might be tempting to want to spend up to the last penny on orchids instead of roses. But let’s be honest, no one is really going to notice if you spent five thousand or 10 thousand on the flowers. Only you. And those are an extra five thousand that you can put towards your honeymoon.

Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. When it comes to spending money on your wedding, you’re not just spending the money on yourself, your spending money to feed and get many other people drunk. Does it really matter?

Setting a good budget aside is a smarter decision since that trip will be enjoyed by your spouse and yourself. If your budget is tight, you can keep the wedding small, but the honeymoon big.

  1. Prepare well ahead

Check for the weather! By this, I don’t mean that you should check if it’s going to be sunny on X day, but to check what the weather is like in your chosen destination. An example could be, avoid the Mayan Riviera during hurricane season, which tends to run from September throughout November. In such a case you’ll be better off choosing a different destination.

Just as you prepare details for your wedding, you need to prepare details for your honeymoon. The difference is, that your honeymoon will last longer than your wedding day, which is why is more important to dedicate time and effort to plan it.

  1. Prepare for bodily functions

You know your friend who visits you every month? He is very much welcome when you don’t want to be pregnant, but it can be a nuisance when it shows up in an inconvenient time, such as your honeymoon.

Few couples get sexy action on their wedding night, most are extremely exhausted and/or drunk. They leave the sexy time for the honeymoon, and trying to feel sexy or be sexy when you have your period can be quite a hassle. Thanks to wonderful scientists in the world there’s a way to delay your period. If your honeymoon falls on the days when you are set to get your period remember to buy period delay tablets here.

  1. Plan for the unexpected

You’re probably going to have a set plan for every day and hour of your honeymoon, but keep in mind that there are many factors that you can’t control. Food poisoning, the weather, your mood and many other factors that may need a change of plans. The best way to plan a honeymoon is not by setting a fixed schedule of what to do every hour of every day, but to keep bullet points of activities and sites that you which to do. Each day according to your disposition between you and your couple can choose what to do on a certain day.

This way you’re keeping the trip a bit more relaxed and opened to change of heart or to adapt to new circumstances. Maybe one day if you have a bit of an upset stomach, and maybe that day is better spent at the resort instead of sightseeing.

  1. Pack wisely

Pack wisely

With weight restrictions packing can be a real nightmare. However, carrying low weight in your luggage can be beneficial if you’re planning several destinations on your honeymoon. It makes packing and unpacking a lot easier.

Also keep in might that if you’re going to want to go shopping, those new purchases are going to need a place in your bags, so leave room and weight.

When it comes to packing, don’t focus solely on rocking a completely different outfit for every day of your honeymoon. Dresses are wonderful, but they can also be very repetitive, instead of choosing to pack several dresses, focus on tops, skirts, and pants, since you can swap these and make it look like a different outfit.

Shoes can take a lot of room in your suitcase, keep the amount to three pairs maximum, a pair of heels, sandals and sports shoes. Unless you’re an Instagram influencer you don’t really need to be sporting different shoes every day.

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