5 Tips to Make Your Photos Look Professional
Image by inno kurnia from Pixabay

There are quite a few elements when it comes to professional photography. But let’s take a look at the main ones. It’s impossible to make a great photo without good lighting. That’s probably the main thing you want to know. Obviously, other important elements make your picture look PRO, such as background, angles, and editing. It’s time to take a closer look at all of them. Check out our five tips to make your photos look professional.

#1 Lighting 

Lighting is everything in photography. Sunset lighting, in particular, is what creates stunning photos. It’s also called the golden hour. Why? Because it fills your photo with beautiful golden and pink tones. 

Outdoor Photos 

Especially if you are taking photos outside, do multiple test shots with your model to see which light is the most complimenting. Just ask your model to turn four times and walk with her so that your camera is facing her face. I promise you there will be photos that will look a lot better than others. 

Indoor Photos

If you take photos indoors, there are many things you can do as well that will improve your lighting. You can get creative and get some additional lights, and they could even be different colors. You can light up a candle for some additional warmth. You can get small lights that would be directed to your plants and make a special effect. 

Indoor lighting is an extremely interesting field. But if you don’t really want to get creative and just want professional-looking, simple photos. You can do that indoors too. All you need is a reflector. That’s probably the cheapest thing you could possibly do. 

You can also get a ring light. That way you can take your photos in the middle of the night without any problems. 

#2 Background

Photo background
Image by LivsStil from Pixabay

Too many people don’t pay enough attention to their background. The result of that? Weird lines coming out of the model’s head—a busy background filled with unnecessary things. 

A background with too much stuff or doesn’t create a frame for your model takes too much out of your photo. One simple rule here is less is more—the more neutral, the less filled with stuff, the better. Also, make sure that your model is not too close to the wall. 

By asking him or her to come closer to the camera, you will be able to create blurry background images (if you use a pretty low aperture e.g., f1.8).  Paying attention to the background will make your photos look professional.

#3 Angles 

Nothing makes your photos stand out from the crowd more than the right angles. If you ever took a quick look at how professional photographers take pictures, you will notice that they take many pictures from many different angles. 

Fashion shots look great when you place your camera at a lower angle. Your model will look powerful and strong from this angle. But don’t stop there. Try multiple sides, go higher, get a ladder, and take photos from above. 

#4 Editing

Photo editing
Photo by Caio from Pexels

Photo editing is extremely important right now. It can completely transform even the most boring photos. You can make your photos look professional just by using a few editing tools.  Do you remember how I mentioned the golden tones at the beginning of the article? In the past, they were only possible if you took pictures right before sunset. However, with the help of editing, you can get those tones even though you didn’t take the photo during the golden hour.

Lightroom presets make editing fun. It’s easy, quick, and super simple to use. You won’t need to spend countless hours trying to figure out what looks great on your photos. All you need to do is to apply the preset that you love and enjoy completely transformed images. You can choose from over 80 presets at the premium presets store 123Presets.    

#5 Inspiration

This is one of the most important tips when trying to make your photos look better. When you plan your photoshoot, you will be able to get better results. Find inspiring photos and try to recreate them. You will have a different outfit and location, so it will look different. But by having the idea of what you want to create, you will get better photos. 

Featured Image by inno kurnia from Pixabay