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5 Tips to Planning Your Affordable Wedding

Weddings can be overwhelming as they are. But planning an affordable wedding can really put a strain on your relationship. Our advice is to keep things simple and avoid all the needless sparkles. You have no idea how much money you can save if you are just willing to let go of a few things.

Planning Your Affordable Wedding

Here are a few ways you can plan your affordable wedding:

The Ring

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Planning the wedding begins when a ring is presented. And diamond rings can be quite expensive. If you are afraid of taking that step because of budget constraints, you should know that there are now affordable diamond options. Nowadays diamonds are also created in labs, and these are much cheaper than the mined diamonds. And there is very little difference between the two.

DIY Wedding

You don’t need a wedding planner to book your hall, cakes, flower, and all those things. I’m pretty positive you already have someone in your family or friend circle who would love the chance of planning a wedding. Even if you can’t find someone, you can always do it on your own. Everything’s online now. Create a list of everything you need to do at your wedding, and start window shopping online. The online world has made wedding planning so much easier, you’ll wonder why you even needed a wedding planner in the first place.

Also do your own decorations. Check out wedding decoration ideas online. Look for something you can do on your own. Ask friends to help out with the decorations.

Avoid the Wedding Label

Let me tell you a secret. Wedding packages are just a sales gimmick to get customers to throw in more money. My advice is to avoid any package that begins with the wedding label. For instance, ‘wedding cake.’ Why not just order any other cake? There’s no rule saying you have to get the wedding cake. The same goes for booking hotel packages and limo services.

Be creative with your venue choice

Renting a hall for a wedding can add big numbers to your wedding budget. If you have a close friend or family who owns a house with a big backyard, ask them to give it to you for your big day. This could be their wedding gift to you. Another option is community halls. Look at community halls in your area. These cost considerably less than wedding halls. And then there is also the option of public parks. Get in touch with the administration and ask what their rules are for such functions.

Something borrowed

Ready to take something borrowed to a whole new level? When it comes to borrowing, there are so many other items you can borrow. So, before shelling out money for anything, think if you can get it borrowed first.

For instance, you could borrow decorations for your wedding, including the sound system. You probably already have a friend who has a complete sound system and might be willing to loan it out to you.

Hire New Businesses

A new cake maker in town? Check them out. New businesses usually offer discounts on their products and services in the first few months. And even if they don’t, their prices are almost always 20-50% cheaper than the running businesses in town. Give them a trial run or sample their goods. If you like them, hire them out instead of going with the well-recommended one your aunt is pushing you towards. You can do the same with photographers, caterer, makeup artist, etc.

Good luck with all the wedding planning. Just remember, it’s only as perfect as you feel. Just be happy!

Cover Image credits: Photo by SplitShire from Pexels

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