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5 Ways to Market Your Wedding Photography Business

The wedding photography industry is competitive. It’s difficult for professionals to get quality clients who appreciate and admire their craft, which is why it’s so important to continuously market your business and upgrade your strategy. Whether you have a marketing budget or very little to spend, there are simple and easy ways that can help boost awareness of your business and bring in more potential clients. It’s time to put your work in front of more eyes and expand your client base with a few simple methods.

Whether you’ve been a professional wedding photographer for years or are just starting out, here are five ways to market your wedding photography business:

Advertise in Local Publications

One of the easiest but more expensive ways to market your wedding photography business is to advertise in local publications. While it would be a huge credit to your business to be featured in a national wedding magazine, you’re more likely to get clients in your area by focusing on local publications. Buying up ad space in these publications is also much cheaper.

Pick an image that best demonstrates your ability and write the copy that will go along with it. You can hire someone to do this for you, or you can bounce different ideas off of friends and family to see what works best.

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Attend Trade Shows

The best way to get out there and meet other professionals in your niche is to attend trade shows. Meeting other people who work in the same industry as you can help grow your business and you can even create some beneficial partnerships. If you meet a caterer, odds are they’ll be working for a bride and groom that don’t have a wedding photographer yet, or will want options if their wedding photographer cancels.

Remember to bring along your business cards with logo so that people can easily identify you when they need to pass along your card to potential clients. You can also benefit at trade shows from the experience of industry veterans who will share some words of wisdom with you on how to create a successful business.

Utilize Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to market your geographically specific business.  You can advertise based on location, interests, and age group. Social media also allows potential customers to visit your profile and take a look at recent weddings you’ve photographed so that they have an idea of your style before they contact you for a full portfolio. This is also a place where they’ll find your contact information, so make sure all of your information is up to date.

Build Relationships with Vendors

Word of mouth is a necessity in the wedding photography niche. Local vendors can help or hurt your business so it’s important that you provide them with a positive experience. Make a lasting impression of vendors so that they can refer you to the couples they meet on a regular basis.

A simple way to build a great relationship is to prove the benefits for the vendor. When you are speaking with prospective clients, give them a list of your favorite vendors with images of the weddings you’ve photographed in those locations. Let the vendor know you’ll be putting them on the list to recommend to clients and show them the photographs you’ll be using to help market them so that you can begin forming that mutually beneficial relationship. After you have a warmer relationship with the vendor, you can ask them to help market your business in return.

Partner with Bloggers

Wedding blogs are popular among both brides and grooms because they offer cost-effective alternatives to wedding celebrations, reviews on venues, outfit recommendations, and much more. You can build a positive reputation by working with wedding bloggers that will help you showcase your skills to clients. People will be impressed and want to hire you readily if you’ve worked with a blogger that they read regularly.

Bloggers are artists when it comes to words, but odds are they aren’t wedding photographers, so they are always looking for great photography that adds value to their content. Readers want to read about wedding trends and tips but also need to see the visuals of it since that is such an important aspect of a wedding. That’s where your photography skills come in, helping to promote you as an expert in the field.

Put together a list of your favorite wedding bloggers and send them an email letting them know that you’re an avid reader and a professional wedding photographer. Let them know you’d be interested in working together to create one of a kind content and send them a link to your portfolio. It may take some time and tweaks to your cold email, but eventually you’ll get a bite.

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