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6 Secrets of Women With Velvety Skin

When it comes to planning a wedding, a lot of emphasis is put on the details. From the color and font on the place cards at the reception to the intricacies of the cake topper, it’s the little things that count for quite a lot. One not so little detail that doesn’t get the attention it probably should, though, is the body’s largest organ: your skin.

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle, and you’ll likely feature in the vast majority of photographic evidence from the big day. While you’re sure to be dressed to impress, most wedding gowns still showcase a fair amount of skin, and your face certainly isn’t going to be covered. Making sure you’re set to glow in the midst of all this attention should be a beauty priority for any bride. Here’s how to make sure you shine.

Lock Down a Solid Daily Routine

Your skin is a lot more elastic than you probably think, but that doesn’t mean that all flaws can be addressed overnight. Well in advance of the wedding, develop a skincare routine that will set you up for success, carefully selecting an appropriate cleansing and moisturizing routine that will keep your skin healthy. If you’re unsure of what products are best for you, consider consulting a dermatologist to get some solid recommendations.

Protect the Skin You’re In

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Everyone wants the glow that comes with a nice tan in wedding pictures, but the rays that give you that glow can wreak all kinds of havoc on the health of your skin, leading to noticeable fine lines, sun spots, and dryness. Be sure to generously coat yourself with sunscreen every day and try to limit how much exposure you get overall.

Watch Your Diet

There’s a lot you can apply to the outside of your skin, but a good chunk of your skin’s health depends on what you’re putting inside of yourself. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to look its best. Don’t forget to drink enough water! Staying hydrated keeps your skin strong and healthy and helps fight against signs of aging.

Don’t Just Worry About Giving Good Face

It’s pretty normal for brides-to-be to focus on their face ahead of the wedding, but there’s plenty of other skin that will be on display, too. Are you giving it the attention it deserves? Make sure you’re using an appropriate body wash and exfoliation routine, and that you’re consistently applying moisturizer to keep the skin on the rest of your body looking just as lovely as your visage.

Consider Timing

There are a wide variety of professional treatments available to a blushing bride, all promising incredible results. A lot of these treatments, ranging from facials to lasers, can and do hold true to their word. Sometimes, though, you wind up with an adverse reaction. For this reason, it’s advised that you pursue more aggressive skin treatments no less than six weeks in advance of the wedding. That way, if anything goes sideways, you’ll have time to heal before the camera is trained on you.

Give Your Skin a Break

In the week or two leading up to the big day, you might want to give your skin a chance to breathe. Even with a steady, healthy skin care regimen in place, makeup, in particular, can dull skin and clog pores. Just for that brief window of time, try to apply as little unnecessary product to your skin as humanly possible, giving it a chance to breathe. Avoid harsh cleansing products at the same time, as they can strip away healthy natural oils that will keep your skin primed to perform. This will give you a clean slate from which to work on the big day.

Have Your “Hacks” Ready

Even with all the best preparation and habits in the world, stress can sometimes throw a wrench into things ahead of the nuptials. Don’t stress! Just make sure you put together contingency plans in case your skin decides not to cooperate. Did you know Visine can decrease redness around a last-minute pimple? That a combination of serums and moisturizers under a basic sheet mask on the day of can improve contour and brightness without irritating your skin? Little things can add up to help take care of those last-second concerns and send you smiling down the aisle. And speaking of which…


No amount of cleansers, serums, moisturizers, treatments, or beauty hacks can transform your look faster than a smile. As cliche as it may sound, breathing on the day of the wedding and remembering why you’ve put so much work into the day in the first place, is really and truly important. The more you relax and enjoy the day, the happier – and more beautiful – you’ll end up looking.

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