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Getting married is an important event in your life. You want to plan everything properly so that you can recall back this day with sweet memories when you grow older. It isn’t easy to plan a wedding. There are lots of details that you need to take care to make sure you have a perfect wedding.

Set a Wedding Date

Wedding Date

The first step is to set a wedding date together with your fiancée. The wedding date can be set on a special day like your dating anniversary. It can also be set around the time when you are going for a honeymoon since you need to take leave from your work. Some couples like to get married in a particular favourite season such as spring, summer, fall and winter. Most people get married on Saturday but it is also the most expensive to get married on this day. Getting married on off days like Friday, Sunday or middle weekdays like Wednesday and Thursday will be cheaper.

Choose a Wedding Venue

Next, you must decide where you want to host the wedding. There are lots of spaces where you can host a wedding such as art gallery, warehouse, restaurant, park, and ranches. The venue you choose must match with the theme of the wedding. You will also need to take into account the guest list. The place you rent must be big enough to accommodate all your guests on the list.

If you have a lot of out of town guests, you should choose a venue that is near to the hotels they are staying. When renting a venue, check if it also offers rental for the table and chairs and other items. You can use a calculator and compare the cost to see if it is cheaper if you rent these items yourself.

Hire an Entertainment Service for Your Wedding

You may be interested in hiring an entertainment service for your wedding. For example, you can hire a DJ or a band to perform at the wedding. The music should not be too loud or noisy as it will disturb the atmosphere of the wedding. Entertainment plays an important role in creating an experience that all your guests will remember for a long time. This is why you shouldn’t skimp on these expenses.

Shop for a Wedding Gown

Before shopping, determine a budget to avoid trying on gowns that you cannot afford. The gown is usually not sold along with the shoes, and veil so is sure to also set a budget for these small items. You must give yourself a few months’ time to shop for a gown, especially if you are a choosy person or you want to get a custom gown. If you belong to a religion, make sure that the gown you choose meets with the dress attire guideline. The type of gown you choose can also be affected by the wedding venue. For example, if it is a beach wedding, you should avoid choosing a bulky ball gown as it will be hard for you to walk on the seashore. 

Choose a Wedding Color Palette

The wedding colour palette can be based on the venue, for example, you can choose a blue colour theme if you are having a wedding at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It can also be based on the colour of a flower decoration that you like to see at your wedding. In addition, you can also consider the atmosphere that you want to set when you are choosing the colour palette. It can also be a favourite colour that inspires you. The colour palette you choose must match with every element of the wedding so that nothing will appear out of place.

Sharing Your Wedding Moments in a Slideshow


After the wedding is hosted, you may want to share photos of the wedding with your friends online. You can get someone to help you take photos that are suitable for use in your wedding slideshow. After that, you can compile the photos yourself with a wedding slideshow maker.

In the tool, you can drag and drop your wedding photos into a timeline and arrange their sequence by sliding into different positions with your cursor. The photo can be edited by trimming, rotating and cropping. It also has a colouration enhance tool and filters that allow you to change the appearance of the wedding photos. In the T tab, you can choose from various animated titles to create the intro for the wedding slideshow.

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