The Maldives are among the world’s most beautiful islands spanning across the Indian Ocean. Step off the plane and find white-sand beaches, clear water bursting with marine life and the ultimate level of luxury. Honeymooners can choose between spending their time inside an all-inclusive resort and booking up one of the Luxury homes. Either way, you’re guaranteed a level of luxury found nowhere else on Earth. Still unsure? Check out these seven reasons why you should have a dream honeymoon to the Maldives.

1. The Maldives are a real-world tropical paradise

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The Maldives consists of thousands of islands, atolls and pristine beaches. The warm turquoise waters gently roll over a colourful bed of coral. Palm trees arch out from the white sand forming peculiar shapes against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. And each island is subtly different. Resort islands have their own vibe and atmosphere from friendly and social to a private retreat. Vacation rentals sit on their own private spot with rooftop pools, complimentary snorkelling equipment and direct access to the sea. Just picture yourself there. Imagine sipping that cocktail overlooking this paradise as the orange sun dips beyond the horizon.

2. A romantic dinner under the stars

Forget sitting inside a five-star restaurant for your honeymoon. Instead, dine on the soft sand illuminated by dim candles under the stars in the sky. What can be more romantic than that? Most of the resorts provide an excellent standard of food and drink. And you can arrange to eat on the sand in the evening. But to make it even more romantic, book a private dining experience. This means it’s just you and your partner. Embrace the delicious food, fine wine and some alone time to reflect on your upcoming future together. Honeymooners staying in a private vacation rental can take this to the next level. Private chefs will cook up whatever you want. Then you’re sat out on the sand surrounded by a tropical paradise with nobody else around.

3. Hundreds of options to choose from on your dream trip

Holiday destinations like Mauritius and the Caribbean offer an exceptional honeymoon experience. But you’re usually stuck to one part of the island with limited options on exactly where you can stay and what you can do. The Maldives is different. This Indian Ocean archipelago offers a level of variety to make your trip incredible Honeymooners can choose between staying in five-star resorts, luxurious vacation rentals or on local islands and day tripping to the resorts. Islands and atolls spread for thousands of square kilometres. You don’t have to stay in one place. Instead it’s easy to island hop and see much more of the Maldives than you would in other holiday destinations around the world.

4. Watch the magical ‘Sea of Stars’

The Sea of Stars is a rare natural event where the ocean glows. Tiny bacteria in the water release a light when the conditions are just right. You can see this on Vaadhoo Island. As the waves roll in, they agitate the bacteria causing the neon blue glow. Picture standing on the white sand beach. An inky black sky filled with bright stars covers the background. Then the shallow waters next to the sand starts glowing and swirling under the starlight. There are only a handful of places on Earth that host this ultra-rare event. And you can see it in the Maldives. Just remember that this is nature, and you can’t guarantee that the conditions will be right during your visit.

5. You’ll never feel bored in the Maldives

Apart from sunbathing and soaking up the luxury, visitors have access to a range of other activities. Relax on the hammocks hanging between the palm trees next to the sea. Go snorkelling in the shallow waters surrounded by angel fish, sharks and thousands of other species of marine life. Take a boat out to isolated sand spits in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Or have a more adventurous evening and go night fishing where you later eat what you caught. Throw in the extra activities in the resorts and vacation rentals. Combine everything and you have a guaranteed trip of a lifetime.

6. Speedboats and seaplanes


The Maldives are an archipelago, and you have to take either a speedboat or seaplane to get from one to the next. You’ll spend your days on the boats across the Indian Ocean. Or have the experience of a lifetime flying over tropical paradise in a seaplane. Most people never have the chance to do either of these. Make the most of it.

7. The Maldives won’t be around forever

The low coral islands are at serious risk from rising sea levels. A huge percentage stand no more than a metre or two above the water. If the Indian Ocean rises by more than a few centimetres, the low lying islands might not survive. Visiting the Maldives has a time limit. And if you don’t seize the chance now, you might not get another one.

Having your honeymoon in an Indian Ocean paradise

Hopefully these seven reasons have convinced you to take your honeymoon in the Maldives. Embrace the chance to have your own slice of luxury, dine under the stars and fly in seaplanes. Make the most of snorkelling, island hoping and witnessing rare natural events. But most of all, do it now while you still have the chance. The island paradise might not exist in a few decades from now.

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