7 Unique Ideas for an Engagement Announcement Card
Image by coryclayful from Pixabay

There is no better way to make your engagement announcement perfect than showing off your style. Mixbook can help you achieve this through personalized engagement announcements photo cards. As you share your exciting news with your family, friends, and finally, the entire world, you want to do so in the best way possible. Showcasing with a card that features your love in a gorgeous design and satisfactory quality. The following seven ideas are unique for different styles you might want to go about:

1.     A Close Up Shot

This is one of the sweetest and simple ways to announce your engagement. It involves taking a classic pose together with your new fiancé but putting the focus on the ring. If you have the portrait mode on your iPhone, it becomes easier to take a close-up photo of your engagement ring. You can also ensure that a romantic silhouette of you and your fiancé is well captured.

2.     For the Coffee Lovers

Couples will always have something they share in common. If you are a coffee fiend, there is no better way to announce your engagement than through a photo with coffee cups. Let the cups bear your message, which can be anything, provided it indicates you are engaged. You can include your future titles and pose for a photo to use in your announcement card.

Engagement coffee cup
Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

3.     The Beach

This is yet another unique and beautiful way to announce your engagement. If you were lucky to have the proposal and the promised event at the beach, using this scene to send the message to others is also a great idea. You can write down your message on the beach in the sand and take a photo with the ring. The beach is a romantic background that will make your card beautiful.

4.     Selfie Time

There are creative ways you can take a selfie and send an engagement announcement to the world. You can brand a mug with an indicated engagement message, then hold it with your hand showing off the ring and take a selfie. You have never had it look so awesome! You can also include some rhetorical questions to alert your recipients on the meaning of the ring.

5.     Actions Speak More Than Words

You don’t have to write many words to get your message across, you may only need to show it in action, then your message will be delivered home. You can tie an actual knot and pose for a photo as you and your fiancée hold each end while you also showcase the ring. The image will not only be self-explanatory but also give you creativity points; your friends will also enjoy the funny reference.

6.     Signal Goodbye to Singlehood

You can also include a message on your card indicating that you are putting your single life down for you have found the one. There are several ways to say goodbye to singlehood, and you only need to be creative enough to stand out from the crowd.

7.     Scramble the Announcement

This is creativity all way. You can look back on one of your childhood games and scramble your announcements. You can arrange some lettered boards to display you said yes and take a close-up shot. Be sure that this will not only deliver your message but also add a bit of sparkle.

You can stand out from the crowd by announcing your engagement uniquely. Achieve this by using the unique ideas listed above for your card details, and choosing the best engagement announcement card providers such as Mixbook.

Featured Image by coryclayful from Pixabay