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Do you identify as a stoner or just simply love getting high with your friends on marijuana. You are in luck as more and online drugstore zithromax more states legalize marijuana weed enthusiasts benefiting from new tours and experiences for travelers and new 420-friendly destinations. Now it’s possible to see the sights and brand experiences in the new cannabis culture. Now that the COVID vaccine is available, it’s time to start planning your next 420 friendly excursions. We list some of the best Cities for Stoners to Visit around the world.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the greatest Cities for Stoners to Visit:


Arizona allowed recreational marijuana starting January 22, 2021; even though they are relatively new to legalized cannabis, you can find many 420 tours and fun events. In Phoenix, 420 Ultimate Tours offers fun events for its members; if you’re just visiting Arizona and want some guidance while visiting several dispensaries, join their 420 Ultimate Tours. You’ll visit 3-5 dispensaries, tour local grow facilities, cafeterias in which edibles are cooked, and much more. They also have regular fun events to socialize with other stones: their 420 Friendly Ladies Night is back; join them on a stationary bus. The 420 Ultimate Bus is turned into a cool Lounge for the cannabis community to enjoy. The bus offers a 420 friendly space to smoke with friends; you can even talk with local vendors displaying their newest concoctions. They even have a Wellness Kitchen set up to serve delicious Cannabis-infused foods. So if you are local in Phoenix or just on vacation, check them out and let me know what you think. 

marijuana mansion denver
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Denver was one of the first states to legalize marijuana and, as such, has many tourist-friendly places and events to discover. On one of my recent trips to Denver, I did some research and order uk clomid found some of these incredible destinations you should try out in the city. 

  • The Original Colorado Cannabis Tour – Join Denver’s longest-running and best-reviewed Cannabis Tour! The 3-hour tour on a luxury 420 friendly party bus will take you to a state-of-the-art double-decker indoor growing facility, live glass blowing two dispensary stops, as well as Denver’s famous Illuzion’s glass gallery.
  • Puff, Pass, & Paint – Puff, and Paint aren’t just about making art it’s about relaxing and enjoying life with a relaxed, comfortable, open-mind, allowing yourself to create your own original masterpiece freely. Many puff painters of various levels of expertise attend Puff and Paint to experience a sense of community in an intimate, inspired setting.
  • Loopr – Take an exclusively cultivated night tour of downtown Denver. Enjoy a 420 filled experience aboard our luxurious Loopr Mobile Cannabis Lounge.
  • Marijuana Mansion – The Marijuana Mansion offers three floors of ecentri space of 4,200 square feet. It has been restored to be used as an intimate private event space that can accommodate up to 100 all in a Marijuana theme. This is a great place to visit and experience. 
  • Tetra Private Lounge & Garden – Along Denver’s Walnut Street, the Tetra Lounge & Garden offers stoners the best option for a pot bar and lounge. This smoking lounge features a chill atrium-lit interior filled with couches and flat screens, while an art-filled outdoor patio brings fresh air.


In many ways, Northern California has long been the buy zovirax usa world capital of weed. Though many other destinations have enjoyed legal marijuana for much longer, the Bay Area and buy proscar online surrounding countryside have been the nexus of cannabis culture and innovation for decades. Following in these footsteps, Napa provides an entirely new marijuana tourism experience with weed and wine tours.

As it turns out, the same terroir that grows excellent grape wines also breeds healthy, trichome-covered cannabis. Visitors to the region can now enjoy tours of indoor and outdoor weed grow operations, replete with samples, and trips to famous vineyards and wine cellars. It is the ultimate in luxury weed travel while learning to appreciate your Cannabis.


Perhaps surprisingly, Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana nationwide way back in 2013. Today, as long as you are over 18 and have registered with the Uruguayan government, you can buy high-quality kush from any pharmacy or local market in Montevideo. Even better, you can smoke your weed pretty much anywhere you could smoke tobacco, including beaches, outdoor restaurants, parks, your smoke-friendly hotel room, and more.


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While marijuana isn’t technically legal in Jamaica, it isn’t expressly prohibited anymore, either. After the drug’s recent decriminalization, it is easier than ever to get your hands on some fresh flower during your trip to the island nation. As long as you can keep your smoking somewhat discreet, you shouldn’t get into any trouble during your trip.

San Juan

Another country where cannabis isn’t exactly legal for recreational use, Costa Rica nevertheless seems unphased by the rampant cultivation and consumption of weed by locals and tourists alike. You shouldn’t feel concerned about buying bud and nolvadex smoking on the beach or in other public spaces during your trip.

Cities for Stoners to Visit – Phnom Penh

Like Costa Rica, Cambodia has an “ask no questions” policy regarding enforcing its marijuana laws. Not only can you find and smoke weed in Phnom Penh and other Cambodian cities with relative ease, but you will likely encounter restaurant meals marked “Happy” on menus, which means they are infused with THC and CBD.

Once you are properly vaccinated against COVID-19, you should feel free to travel the world searching for weed. By no means are these the only places where you can find flower, but they do offer some of the best bud experiences around.