9 Sportswear Must-Haves for Every Woman
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Whether you’re a lifelong athlete, go to the gym a couple of times a week or count a walk to the grocery store as exercise, you always need proper sportswear. 

Wearing comfortable, quality and stylish clothes serves a function and adds motivation to move more and often.

Since there are so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming, but we’ve got you!

Here are nine sportswear must-haves for every woman.

Sports bra 

Yoga, running, biking, or basketball – all these activities require proper support by a high-quality sports bra. 

You don’t want to skimp or buy one without trying – the wrong bra can cause more damage than help resulting in injured breast tissue and sagging skin. 

The three main types of sports bras are a compression bra, encapsulation bra, and combination bra. 

The first one works great for smaller breasts and even the most rigorous exercise. The second is better for medium to large breasts and low-impact activities. 

Finally, the combination bra is the best choice for women with larger cup sizes and provides extra support for any sport. 

You can visit BetAmerica website and see how the best female fighters of all time in MMA have to wear a regular sports bra that is comfortable during their matches. If it fits them, it surely works for any sport!

Yoga pants

Yoga pants
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Yoga pants are not only for yoga or Pilates anymore, and most women have at least a few pairs in their closets. 

More often than not, the more expensive options will last longer and provide more elasticity and comfort. Look for breathable and resilient fabrics (mostly synthetics) that will not restrict your movements and allow sweat to evaporate quicker. 

You’ll want tighter yoga pants for more active workouts to keep things in place, and looser material will work great for low-impact exercises.

Running pants or shorts 

Even though you can run in yoga pants, actual running pants are lighter and control perspiration better. And in the summer heat, your best option is running shorts. 

In either case, look for breathable materials, make sure the pants aren’t too loose (you don’t want to keep pulling them up!), and preferably have zipped pockets for your keys and other small items. 

Running shoes and trainers

Running shoes
Image by kinkate from Pixabay

Buying running shoes and gym trainers should take some time as you want them to look good or be comfortable and protect your feet and legs from possible injury and damage.  

Make sure you pick the right shoe for the right purpose – you’ll need different shoes for running at the park and exercising at the gym. You also need to take your workout intensity and frequency into account.

The best way is to try as many options as you can and get professional advice at the store. 

Tops and t-shirts

Yes, technically, you could exercise just in any old t-shirt, but in reality, unless you’re just stretching, it won’t do you much good. 

Look for sportswear t-shirts and tank tops made from sweat-wicking materials that draw moisture away from your body, which is crucial during a high-intensity workout. A high-quality technical top will also keep its shape longer and won’t cause chafing or rashes. 

Finally, for hot summer days, you’ll want a breathable top that preferably has some UV protection too. 

Insulated jacket

Now more than ever, people exercise outdoors, and in colder climates, it means layers. 

The top layer’s best choice is a lightweight, water-resistant (or waterproof) insulated sportswear jacket that will protect you from wind and rain. 

Save a little extra cash and get a quality jacket – it will do a better job and last you for years! 

Compression socks

Just as with t-shirts, you could technically exercise in any socks. 

However, if you run or do high-impact training, compression socks will be a life-changer. They’ll keep you fresh longer and will provide extra endurance. How? 

According to Webmd.com, the pressure these socks put on your legs helps your blood vessels work better. The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles can relax, so blood flows freely. The veins get a boost pushing blood back to your heart. Science! 


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Not sportswear per se, sunglasses are essential when exercising outside. The protection from the sun they provide keeps you from squinting, eye damage, and even headaches. 

Sunglasses will also shield your eyes from various particles such as dust or pollen, so you won’t need to rub and shed tears constantly. 

The key features of proper exercise glasses are that they’re comfortable, don’t slip off your nose, and don’t fog from all the heavy breathing. 

Gym bag 

Often forgotten, the gym bag is the unsung hero of a sports enthusiast! 

You’ll use it all the time, so make sure you buy one that’s odor-resistant. 

It should also be suitable for your specific needs – if you have a lot of gear, choose a duffle, and if you carry just a water bottle and a change of shirts, a smaller backpack will do. 

Don’t forget the smaller zip pockets for your phone. If you’re into sports, you’ll want to check on sports scores, and it’s a tricky thing to do without a phone! 

Featured Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay