So you are getting married in the upcoming weeks and very confused regarding all preparations. If you think proposing a girl for marriage is the most difficult task, please reconsider your perception. After committing with someone to live together for a lifetime, the next phase is to prepare for the wedding ceremony. It seems amazing to get married in front of your entire loved ones, enjoying dance in vibrant wedding dresses, party & feeling of being special. However, all these preparations come with big responsibilities. Everyone gets married with a goal to live for a lifetime. Therefore, the celebration also must be memorable.

Nowadays, most of the weddings are planned by professionals. There are some expert agencies that arrange & organize everything according to the couple’s wish and budget limit. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they are going to handle everything. There are some personal preferences & wishes that a person wants to fulfill on the occasion of a wedding. For this purpose, you need to prepare a checklist for remembering every single detail whether it is small or big. This article is all about to guide you with the personal checklists that every couple must consider.

List of some important points that can help you in wedding preparations

1) Selection of venue

Before consulting with any wedding planner, first of all, listen to your heart. Coordinate with your partner to decide on a suitable venue for a wedding. The opinion of a couple of matter more than a planner. You can decide both indoor & outdoor venues depending upon the climatic conditions & time of the wedding. For the indoor purpose, a ballroom or banquet hall can be booked. If a resort with good ambiance can handle 100+ guests, consider it as the best place to get married because both indoor dining & outdoor dance can be enjoyed there.

If both of you agree to get married somewhere outside, a sea beach can be a perfect place. Book a resort nearby sea beach that can host weddings. Those who can afford a higher budget can also go with the option of a yacht wedding. Wedding on a yacht is like dream come true in the middle of the sea. However, everyone is not interested in open sea-coast areas. For them, tropical hideaways are perfect. In the middle of thick greenery, you can book a tropical hideaway that can host wedding events.

2) Wedding Theme

After deciding on a wedding venue, the next thing to consider is the wedding theme. Every wedding as a theme that is reflected from embellishment work, attires & food etc. Generally, wedding planners offer you a list of themes that they can organize. However, you also must be aware of the trending themes that are matching your preference. While deciding the theme of your wedding, consider the season in priority.

For instance, if the wedding is going to occur in autumn fall, the theme of copper orange is perfect. This includes flowers arrangement, lighting, crockery & other ambiance. Similarly, the wedding theme of winter season can be based on ice blue color. Floral arrangement and lighting create the magic of wonderland from fairy tales. Search online for the wedding themes according to different seasons. Choose some good options and ask your wedding planner to arrange everything exactly like that. However, budget planning is also essential before finalizing because expenses on some themes may surprise you in the end when no money will be left for your honeymoon.

3) Apparels options for bride & groom

Here comes the most important part of planning. The wedding dresses of both bride & groom need to be attractive as well as distinctive enough to keep them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Even bridal embellishment require more attention than attention than the bridegroom. Here is a list of some suggestions regarding attires selection.

bride & groom

For Bride

1)Floral applique mermaid dress

In the category of long wedding dresses, a mermaid is a perfect option for both outdoor and indoor venues. Previously, you must have tried mermaid in your prom night parties. However, this dress is also available in some formal settings exactly suitable for wedding purpose. Ask your designer to use fabric with floral applique from shoulders to sweep train. It is a sophisticated option for a romantic wedding venue if the V neckline and pack is beautifully designed.

Necklace bridal gown

2) Necklace bridal gown

Lacework on the neckline encircling back with floral work is traditional as well as very beautiful. While ordering this kind of bridal gown, focus on the textured lace because it is not worthy for brides without embellishment work. Rather than sweep train, this dress looks better in court length train.

Sleeveless trumpet gown

3) Sleeveless trumpet gown

You can also go strapless if the weather is open and a wedding venue is an open place. Rather than a long sleeve wedding dress in 2019, try sweetheart neckline in the strapless setting. Ask your designer to set an adequate length of sweep train in round finish. The trumpet skirts are a little bit distinctive than traditional mermaids that almost every bride is preferring nowadays.

stunning dress for bride

For Bridegroom 

Becoming the best looking man in the wedding venue is not that easy because men don’t have too many choices. Still, there is some hope for you in this article. Keep one thing in mind that how your look will never change only a little bit of makeup will be applicable because you are not a bride. While choosing your suit, make sure that it is perfectly matching with the color of the bride’s attire. The suits look much luxurious than a typical tuxedo, so avoid tuxedo as much as you can. Also, ask for the suggestions from your partner. She can surely give you better advise.


4) Catering

Food is the main thing for what every guest visit your wedding venue. They may forget your wedding date but never forget if the fate of the food was bad. Therefore, choose catering carefully. Typically, starter, main course & dessert are the three different courses in which food is distributed. However, the selection of dishes is a bit tricky. It depends on the season and theme of your wedding. Here are some suggestions for all season menus:-

1)Important dishes for fall wedding menu

Important dishes for fall wedding menu

Pimento cheese crisps, tomato bisque shooter, mushroom cap stuffed with sausage, seared pork, garlic herbed mashed potatoes, apple pie & cranberry sauce.

2) Summer wedding menu dishes

Summer wedding menu dishes

Lobster with mashed potato, filet mignon with green beans, fried chicken, Fajita & tacos, shrimp gazpacho, strawberry shortcake, snow cone cart & cocktail paletas.

3) Dishes for winter weddings

Dishes for winter weddings

Pancetta-wrapped asparagus, pear bruschetta, hot toddies, Poinsettia spritz punch, mulled wine, chicken pot pie, hot chocolate bar, donuts, red velvet cake & beef tenderloin.

While planning all these arrangements, make sure that the cost is not going beyond your budget. Wedding event comprises of rituals and decorations. Also, the photographer will charge a huge sum according to the styles that you prefer such as classic, photojournalistic, fine artistic & lifestyle.  After spending your savings, enough money should be left to run a smooth life with your partner. While trying to appease your guests, never forget about your honeymoon.

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