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Advice on Telehealth Services Before Your Wedding

Cannot pay the copay due to wedding costs? Struggling with medical bills that just keep stacking up, which mustn’t be a priority right now while you are feeling the pressure to make everything just the way you and everybody want it on the wedding day? Having trouble finding a way to get to the doctor’s office or difficulty finding the time to access health care resources because of wedding preparations? The good news is that the health services market is improving and expanding, and now includes telehealth services. Telehealth is the utilization of technology to communicate care when in-person care is not possible or extremely difficult for the patient and encompasses mental health as well.

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There are many advantages of telehealth communications. The amount you pay is often less than going to big facilities. There are possibly lower costs for emergency transportation after health is assessed. A greater number of patients can be seen, which causes fewer shortages of providers. Money is saved in the long-term because care is provided more quickly, preventing the mental health condition to exacerbate. All this results in more money for your fairytale wedding and less stress as your condition is closely monitored and treated in a rapid manner. Friends and family can visit you in the privacy of your own home instead of amidst the commotion of a hospital or clinic. The advantages go far beyond personal convenience. It is a source that initiates the cycle of community building because the money spent on health care goes through local businesses. This creates a positive view of the community and adds to its vitality due to the expansion of services. You can feel good about using telehealth services, instead of feeling exploited by the price gauging of a few large health care corporations and providers.

It is important to find a telehealth professional that will help you get through your specific wedding planning difficulties, that will change your wedding “woes” to wedding “goals.” For example, if you are battling relationship obstacles such as verbal altercations and general unhappiness, it is pivotal to seek out a therapist that specializes in psychotherapy and relationship counseling, and through telehealth services, there are more specialized health care alternatives that can get you through this difficult time by improving communication and appreciation of each other. Or perhaps you are unable to prioritize and manage your time wisely, juggling work and wedding preparations; from choosing how you are going to make ends meet if you can’t arrive to work on time or commit absences, to how you are going to fit wedding preparations into your daily schedule, a therapist centers each session around time management skills and making the right decisions with all the information in front of you. Try out a therapist to see if it’s a good fit. If you do not have a rapport with that particular therapist, it is a good idea to find a different one that suits your personality and unique needs.  Everybody is different, and with telehealth services, finding the correct mental health care is more than possible – it is a certainty.

“Did you pick a caterer?” your fiancé asks.

“No, not yet, I have not had the time. Why don’t you do it?” you reply.

“We decided that you were going to be in charge of that.”

There is a lot to unpack in this miscommunication. A tone of malignancy can be interpreted and can be a sign of a strained relationship. Not following through on plans can be a sign of a lack of unbiased accountability. Not agreeing might cause a lack of faith in the relationship and the wedding event itself. Telehealth services foster a sense of accountability and allow you to talk out your problems comfortably with the proper professionals that improve communal relationships and help you achieve your wedding and relationship goals.

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