ypes of Anxiety Dreams
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If you’ve been having weird, vivid dreams since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Numerous research teams worldwide are studying these bizarre pandemic dreams, also known as “quaran-dreams.” Scientists believe that these dreams are a result of stress, isolation, and changes in sleep patterns. Discover types of Anxiety Dreams and what they may be telling you.

In addition to what causes anxiety dreams, you may be curious about why particular themes reoccur in your dreams. Depending on the type of anxiety dream you’re having, there may be different explanations.

In this article, we explore ten different types of anxiety dreams and what they may reveal about you.

1. Going Back to School

Dreams about going to school are often associated with job stress. Dreaming about being unprepared for a test can signal that you are experiencing stress related to something at work that might test you, like a big presentation or important meeting. Not being able to find your locker or classroom in a dream can represent that you feel lost in your personal or professional life.

2. Falling

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If you frequently have dreams about falling, you may be feeling a loss of control in some area of your life. Examining your career, school work, or personal relationships can help you pinpoint the source of your anxiety dreams.

Dreams about car problems are another type of anxiety dream that represents a loss of control.

3. Being Naked in Public

Dreams about being naked in public could be related to feelings of inferiority, embarrassment, or anxiety over how others perceive you. Being naked makes you feel vulnerable and exposed — everyone around you can easily see your flaws, and you have no protection. However, if no one in your dream notices your nudity, this may suggest that you may be putting too much energy into how others perceive you.

4. Having Your Teeth Fall Out

Anxiety dreams about teeth falling out can represent a variety of things, including psychological stress, personal loss, and even religion. Personal loss can come from the death of a loved one or the loss of a job, home, or other important assets. The loss of your teeth in a dream parallels the personal loss you’re experiencing while awake.

5. Being Chased

Being Chased
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Professional dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says that frequent dreams of being chased can be associated with Social anxiety disorder (SAD). She mentions that “this constant avoidance [of social interactions] will be expressed in dreams when running away from something or someone.”

Of course, dreams about being chased don’t happen for everyone with SAD, and people without the disorder experience them too. Anyone avoiding something in their personal life may have that stress manifest as a dream about being chased.

6. Drowning

Another type of anxiety dream related to disorders is drowning dreams, which can be tied to panic disorders. This is because the sensations felt while drowning is similar to symptoms of panic attacks, which people with panic disorders frequently experience. During both, you may feel pressure on your chest or have difficulty breathing.

7. Running Late

The time pressure you experience while running late in a dream typically relates to feelings of time pressure in your real life. Think about whether there are areas of your life where you feel rushed or short on time. These dreams may also indicate that you feel you are falling behind or missing out on opportunities because you fail to act quickly.

8. Forgetting Something Important

Forgetting something important in your dreams could be tied to an important, high-pressure event in your life, like planning a wedding. While forgetting about something important may seem like a bad omen for whatever you’re worried about, don’t despair — it’s simply a representation of how you’re worried you might drop the ball. Try to set some boundaries around the event, so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

9. Getting Caught in Natural Disasters

Anxiety dreams about natural disasters may feature earthquakes, tidal waves/flooding, or tornadoes, all representing different things. Earthquakes can represent instability or uncertainty. According to Loewenberg, tidal waves/flooding “indicate a sense of feeling utterly overwhelmed by an increasingly worsening situation.” Meanwhile, dreams about tornadoes can be tied to General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and may signal that you are worried about something in your personal life.

10. Experiencing House Fires

Experiencing House Fires
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Loewenberg calls dreams about house fires, “the ultimate stress dream,” because they usually occur when we are stressed to our limits. It’s important to pinpoint what is causing you such extreme amounts of stress before it consumes you. Actively look for ways to relax and reduce your stress to healthier levels.


While anxiety dreams are normal, they can be unnerving to experience and often indicate that there are sources of stress in your life that are bleeding into your subconscious. If you find yourself bothered by recurring anxiety dreams, you should make an effort to pinpoint what makes you stressed so you can put a stop to it and achieve a happier, healthier, more well-rested you.

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Author Bio: Sierra Skelly is a creative writer and content marketer from San Diego, Ca. She enjoys writing about common sleep habits and the best ways to catch up on your zzz’s.