wine taisting

Have you ever been wine tasting? If you answered yes, then you already know how that experience goes. If you answered no, I would love to tell you how to Appreciate Your Cannabis. So, if you have ever gone wine tasting, then you must know about the four most important steps of appreciating your wine, yes?

Steps to Appreciate Your Cannabis

Let’s go over the four steps of wine tasting first so that we are all familiar with the steps before adopting them for cannabis tastings. 

The Look: Give the glass of wine a visual inspection. Notice the buy cheapest zithromax au colors and viagra opacity.

The Smell: Identify the underlying aromas through your nose.

The Taste: Sip the wine and let it cover your entire palette. Notice the sour, bitter, and or sweet notes of the wine. 

Time To Think: Give the wine a status; don’t like it, like it, love it, gotta buy it. 

Now, how do you properly appreciate your weed? Anyone can enjoy cannabis; all you need is some flower and your favorite piece to smoke from. There are six steps to cannabis tasting: 

Cannabis taisting

  1. The Look: A visual interpretation of order cheap lasix usa your bud under sunlight. Observe your bud (your weed, not your friend … unless they are okay with that) up close. 
  2. The Smell: Get past the ‘weed’ smell. Try and find those underlying aromas (citrus, earthy, sweet, etc.).
  3. The Burn: Good quality flower will burn slowly and evenly. Pay attention!
  4. The Flavor: This step is a little tricky, especially if you have not thought about it before. But keep your taste buds open and be mindful of all the hidden flavors.
  5. The Feel: This may sound weird at first, but the more you touch your weed, the more you begin to understand its properties and what it has to offer. (I have run into some REALLY crunchy weed… you want some give back when you are done pressing on it, not one that just falls apart).
  6. Time To Think: Sit back and generic diflucan online think about the entire experience you just had and be sure to pay attention to the get a prescription for viagra type of high you are having or have had as well. Knowing what you want and knowing how to get there depends on your weed and the properties within the cannabis.

Appreciate Your Cannabis Through Your Experiences

I want to take you through my most recent experience of appreciating cannabis.

I recently purchased a pre-roll. The strain was Do-Si-Do (You know, like the girl scout cookies). Although I did not get the flower and grind it myself, there were still many ways for me to appreciate everything about it fully. I appreciated the densely packed roll, but I also enjoyed the fact that even though it was densely packed, it burned smoother than most joints that I have ever had. 

I want to give you a quick little information guide to who Do-Si-Do is. 

Do-Si-Do is a combination of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies (Now you see how it probably got its name). This blend makes it a hybrid strain; however, it is Indica dominant. The indicia piece is not so strong, though, allowing for a happy, relaxed, and sedated state of mind. I don’t think you will end up on the priligy couch with this one because, remember; there are still Sativa properties present. 

I decided to give this pre-roll a try on a night where all I wanted to do was relax and have a good time. I decided to try it out before dinner, and let me tell you, it might have been better as a dessert! I tasted oranges! I should have read up on it because I wasn’t the only one tasting those citrusy notes when I finally did. It was so present in the flower, and it added to that calm and relaxing evening I was looking for. The flower itself, before lighting it, had its floral notes, so when I tasted citrus, I was truly taken back. 

As for the burn, the pre-roll burned evenly and smoothly. I was not left with half a joint that never lit. If you are thinking about giving Do-Si-Do a try, I highly recommend it. And if you are not sure whether or not your local dispensary carries it, be sure to do a quick check on the weed maps app