Are the High-Volume Slots Symbols Always Relevant to The Game Theme?
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If you are a fan of slots, you probably know that slots have many symbols, and not all of them are equal in value. Some are low value, other high value, and some just have special functions. You have probably also noticed that some general symbols appear in the highest RTP slots (low-value symbols). In contrast, some specially designed symbols relate to the game theme (high-value symbols).

However, are the high-value symbols always related to the game theme? To answer this question, this article will be looking at slot symbols in general and their features.

The Wild

Let’s start with the wild, as it is one of the most common but also most helpful symbols in modern slot games. The wild is a symbol that can help form winning combinations by replacing any regular symbol in a winning symbol combination. This excludes the scatter or any other bonus symbol in the game. More often than not, the wild is linked to the game theme. Take, for example, the slot titled Cleopatra, where Cleopatra herself represents the wild.

The Scatter

Scatters are one of the most important symbols in a slot. Scatters (sometimes called bonus symbols) can have two functions. In addition to regular payouts, they can also trigger bonus features such as free spins or other bonus games. Like wilds, scatters are always related to the slot game theme. If, for example, you are playing a treasure-themed slot, then the scatter might be a treasure chest.

Scatters differ from other symbols because they do not have to be on paylines to trigger features or payout prizes. Hence the name scatters. They are also the only symbols that cannot be replaced by a wild in a winning combination.

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Low-Value Symbols

All slots have low-value symbols. They are the symbols that pay out the least in terms of prizes. They tend to be card symbols (Aces, King, Queen, Joker, 10, and 9).

High-Value Symbols

High-value symbols are those symbols that payout the most in a particular slot game. These symbols are usually directly related to the theme of the slot. Take, for example, an Egyptian-themed slot. The highest-paying symbols normally include a scarab, ankh, a god or two, and pyramids. However, if you play an Egyptian-themed slot that focuses on only one god, then that slot’s highest paying symbols would be related to that god. Take, for example, the slot The Eye of Horus. Its symbols include the Eye of Horus (of course), a falcon that represents Horus, and some general Egyptian symbols like a scarab, with the theme-specific symbols being the most valuable.

Are High-Volume Slot Symbols Always Relevant to The Slot Theme?

Judging by the explanations of symbols above, it is safe to say that all high-volume slot symbols are directly related to the slot’s theme. Note that in this case, high-volume slot symbols include both symbols with high payout values and symbols with special functions and features.

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