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Are Your Wedding Favours Memorable or Boring?

Weddings are big life events and you want the memories to remain around as long as there is air to breath. One of the ways to make this possible is to have indispensable wedding favours for your guests; you know the kind that will make one feel guilty deciding to throw out? With the cost of weddings skyrocketing in Australia, this doesn’t have to be an expensive venture but with a little thought and creativity, you can put beauty and value on common items around the house and turn them into wedding favours for your guests. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Engraving adds the personal touch

We all love to see our names and dates on items. It gives a personal and special feel to the items bearing the names. You can have your names and dates engraved on pens, votive or little picture frames. Engraving carries with it a sense of permanence. A guest receiving an item with names and dates engraved on them will realize how special you think the occasion is but also that you want them to remember this for long.

Practicality is never a bad thing

Wedding favours are much more likely to be remembered if they are practical and useful. Giving friends and relatives something they can use will ensure that the keepsake remains around for years to come. Think of scented soaps for instance. They may be a bit boring, but everyone needs soap!


Personalize wedding favours
Don’t go uniform on everybody, if you are using colours and shapes, try to think about the recipient, and try to use variety of colours including your guest’s favourite colour. For instance; if you choose to go with sunglasses for keepsakes, go for their colour and style. Find out about their favourite scent and have scented candles custom made just for your guests. Guests will definitely know that you put thought, time and money into preparing the keepsakes and they will treasure and value your gesture and the items. 

Quirky is Good

Don’t be afraid to try something a little quirky. All too often people have boring but safe wedding favours, when it can be fun to think out of the box and get something a bit different, like a photo printed wedding stubby holder. Neoprene lasts forever and imagine getting a reminder of your special day every time you’re at a friend’s house for drinks on a weekend! Don’t go too quirky though, one couple gave live fish as their wedding favour and it was not at all well received, it even made the news!


When considering what to give as wedding favours, remember you will have both men and women on your guest list. Avoid having something that will only be useful or appealing to one gender alone. Consider people that will also come as a couple and factor that in before settling on what to give your guests.

This is especially when it comes to items that are usable, scents, fragrances and colours.

Consider the budget

Whatever you do, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get pleasant wedding favours. You need to consider the budget you have for the wedding and other important things that you will spend your money on. With DIY ideas, you can practically cut down the costs.

The thing with saving money on wedding favours is that the more information you have the more options you have and the better decisions you are able to make on what to purchase or work with. Compare prices between several outlets before buying if you have to buy. Check for discounts and shipping charges if you are buying from an online store.

Going green

When thinking about wedding favours, think green, Go with something that will have little or no impact on the environment. Avoid plastics because other than being a bad option for the environment, they will also cheapen your favour idea. Glass, wood, paper and other biodegradable or recyclable materials and substances are a much better option to work with. You will also be conserving the environment.

Final word

It may seem hard to think of unique and memorable wedding favours that your guests will find practical and useful but it actually isn’t. You don’t have to wander far or break the bank to find perfect favours. Just think of everyday items that you love and use, think about what you would love to receive too.

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