Your wedding car is an important part of your big day, not only because it’s the vehicle you use to travel to your wedding venue (and maybe between there and the reception), but also because it’s a great opportunity to show off your sense of style and to tie in to your theme for the day.

What could be more exciting than turning up to your wedding location to hear a delighted ‘ooh’ from all your guests at your gorgeous vintage or unusual car? Unless you’d prefer something more understated that won’t detract from your fabulous dress – in which case maybe you’d prefer a sleek modern vehicle.

Whatever your theme, your plan for the day and – importantly – your budget, there’ll be a wedding car solution to suit you and your beloved: have a read through the ideas we’ve put together below to help you get started.

#1 The classic car

Wedding Car Ideas

Dresses, shoes, centrepieces…all things vintage are a huge wedding trend, and classic or vintage cars are no different: cars in this category are probably the most popular choice of wedding car right now. Stylish, effortlessly classy and versatile, these cars give the occasion a timeless, traditional feel and complement a whole range of themes: you can dress up a classic car with your choice of flowers and decorations. If you’re wearing a white or otherwise neutral dress, opt for a car in an eye-catching color for a gorgeous, photogenic contrast.  A minor downside of the classic car is size: you might need to make multiple trips or provide alternative transportation for your bridesmaids.

#2 The fancy car

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Your wedding day should be the day you’ve always dreamed of, so if there’s a car you’ve always dreamed of driving – or reclining in while you’re chauffeured around! – it’s the perfect time to try it out.

‘Sounds great’, you might be thinking, ‘if I was a millionaire!’ And yes, hiring a luxury vehicle can take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget – but there are affordable ways to travel in style. Does a relative own a fancy car they’d be willing to loan you as a wedding present? Or could you embrace the vintage/DIY wedding theme by refurbishing an older car? This could be easier, cheaper and much more fun than you expect: sites like sell spare parts for a huge range of cars to help you find what you need.

#3 The camper van

For outdoor weddings, hippy couples or just a cute, quirky touch, a VW Campervan is a great and increasingly popular look for your wedding vehicle: some people love them so much they even theme the whole wedding around them! One advantage to hiring one of these adorable little vans is that they’re great for fitting in multiple bridesmaids, and they’re great for photos: you could even repurpose your van as a photobooth after the ceremony! You can find these in a range of colors, from a coolly elegant champagne to the super-cute kitschy baby blue, and let your imagination run wild as you decorate the van inside and out to suit your theme.

#4 The taxi (or bus)

Want something a bit more unusual? A cab – especially a London-style black hackney cab or a New York-style yellow taxi – is an eye-catching but still practical choice for any cool urban couple: if your wedding is in a city location this mode of transport will complement it perfectly.

And sticking with the practical but stylish theme, what about hiring a bus – especially an iconic London red bus – to get your guests from the ceremony to the reception? So convenient. So striking. Such a fantastic photo opportunity. Your guests will love it.

#5 The famous car

Heading even further down the quirky wedding theme road, TV and film lovers can add their own stamp of personality to their nuptials by opting for a wedding vehicle from their favorite movie or TV show. How about rocking up to your ceremony in the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard; or transporting the groom and groomsmen in the A-Team van? Hiring a wedding vehicle with a famous story behind it will help make your wedding memorable and endlessly photographable – and keep you feeling like a celebrity throughout your big day.

#6 The eco car

eco car for wedding

Increasingly, couples are trying to find ways to cut down on the carbon footprint of their wedding day – it feels great to know that you can celebrate with friends, family and the love of your life while staying true to your values and limiting your impact on the environment. Your choice of car is a big part of that! More and more eco-friendly wedding car rentals are available, with a wide enough range of choice that you won’t have to compromise on the look and feel of your wedding day transportation – take a look online to see what’s out there.

#7 The ‘not actually a car’ car

If none of the choices we’ve listed so far really seem like you, maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Instead of a wedding car, what about a retro flatbed truck – or for a lovely rustic, countryside wedding on a farm, how about a tractor? Or why not really embrace the low-carbon thing – while adding a note of fairy tale romance to proceedings – with a horse-drawn carriage? And don’t forget you can skip the wheels altogether: boats and helicopters are both increasingly popular choices of wedding day transportation.

Whatever your theme, budget and approach to your big day – whether you’re going big or small, vintage or modern, all-out or handmade – we promise there is a beautiful, unique wedding vehicle out there to delight you, your intended, your wedding party and your guests – and create some stunning photos. We hope we’ve given you some valuable inspiration: now fill up your Pinterest board with car pictures and get planning!

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