Berkey Water Tips and Tricks for Weddings
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Berkey Water Tips and Tricks for Weddings

So, you’re the organized one. You couldn’t say no. Now, here you are: you’re The Go-To Person, with everyone looking to you to pull off the perfect wedding event. Here are some tips and tricks for weddings that will help you.

Here are a few tips to hopefully help you shine a light on this very special occasion.

Planning a wedding can be exhilarating, exhausting, or somewhere in-between. It can be hard work, long hours, and maybe some last-minute scrambling. Because weddings are often so full of heightened emotions, things will happen.

But they also have that special kind of magic that can open doors to the discovery that there’ll always be a way to make things work — just maybe not always the way you’ve planned.

Tip 1: Learn to work with Serendipity. It can be your best friend.

As you plan, you may want to keep a wish-list of items for guests who may prefer to give something other than what’s left on the registry list. Your wish-list could include things that someone close to the couple has confirmed they don’t already have, like

  • Big Berkey Water Filters These are a good choice if they want to give something that will last and remind the couple of them when they find themselves counting on good, sweet filtered drinking water during an emergency.
  • If they’re looking for something less practical and a little more romantic, a set of custom-made, hand-tuned Woodstock windchimes can transform many an early evening sitting outside into a truly memorable occasion.
  • If they want something that’s both practical and romantic, they can always give something like Bed Bath & Beyond His & Hers embroidered bathrobes.

Whether for a few friends, or a few hundred, it all depends upon asking the right questions, having the right mindset, and being imaginative.

Tip 2: Asking the right questions

wedding venue
Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Once you have the venue booked and the logistics down — involving how many are coming, when, where, how, and why — you can begin to put a little more focus on the details around who. You can make things personable and welcoming by learning at least one thing about each person who’s coming. Things that are uplifting like favorite colors, much-loved pets, hobbies, and the perfect dream house are good places to start. Not only will these tidbits be useful conversation-starters, but they can also help salvage conversations when they somehow occasionally wander into those awkward pauses.

You can always cast a wide net to increase the chances that there’ll be something for everyone. Here, it’s the little things that count. If you like to walk, you’ve probably noticed little natural heart-shaped stones everywhere. If you’re short on ideas for party favors, these work perfectly, dressed up or left as-is. Put them into a basket and let everyone take one as they leave the wedding.

Tip 3: Having the right midset

Weddings don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Many people have a private ceremony at their chosen location and then meet up with everybody afterward at the reception. This adds to the drama of the gathering because everybody is already starting to relax and settle in. They’ve had time to meet and greet each other and have some refreshments while the private ceremony is happening.

Theme weddings are good because they allow the couple to create a space that communicates to the guests a little taste of their world and of what matters most in that world.

Tip 4: A possible scenario

Wedding musician
Image by Juliana Ju from Pixabay

The afternoon is still early at the dockside, and the tents are up. A simple vocal-guitar duo, old personal friends of the couple, are performing their own compositions and some covers. The playlist is a mix of serious and fun that includes songs like “Mean To Me,” “Don’t Advertise Your Man,” “Ain’t No Sunshine,” reflecting a playful yet thoughtful atmosphere for the arrival of the newly-married couple. Things now feel a bit conspiratorial, like a surprise party, because everybody knows they’re coming: just not when. With the celebration already well underway, what better moment will the couple walk in and join the guests?

Imagine this: beautiful, warm sunshine, a dockside reception that goes to sunset. The newlyweds say their farewells, board their sailboat with its crew of one (Jeremiah, the cat), set their bearings, hoist the sails, wave goodbye once more, and push off into the sunset, into their new lives…with everybody staying as long as they want, celebrating under the stars.

Best of luck to you, and have fun!

Featured Image by dimschu from Pixabay

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