Wedding Venues
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Among the various types of wedding venues that exist, outdoor venues are some of the most praised and preferred ones. With a combination of breathtaking views and magical surroundings, they are among the most beautiful wedding venues one could dream of.

But even within this category, there are many options to choose from. Between gardens, lakesides, mountain resorts, and even forests, finding the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Colorado will be no problem.

Here is a list of the 9 best outdoor wedding venue styles that will surely make your day a memorable one.


Outdoor wedding venues
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If you are one of the lucky folks who have a spacious and beautiful backyard, look no further as you might have found what you’ve been searching for.

Backyards are the perfect spot for intimate and casual weddings. They offer privacy and comfort and are a great way to save on venue costs. Coupled with the right furniture set and lighting, you can easily create a magical space that is unique and sentimental.


Garden wedding venues are some of the most popular outdoor venues.

This is no surprise as they combine both greenery and privacy. With flower arrangements customized to fit your needs and wishes, this venue style is the perfect one for your wedding day. It also works wonders with wedding tents.

On top of that, gardens are often cozy and comfortable spaces where your guests can easily enjoy their surroundings and the natural beauty of the environment.


For a private wedding away from all city noises and distractions, forest wedding venues are your best options. There, you’ll be exchanging your vows under magnificent trees that create a space where magic and nature come together.

Forest weddings are also flexible as they can usually accommodate all your guests, thus making your wedding reception a successful one. All that’s needed is to find the right spot.


Close your eyes for a second and imagine saying, “Yes, I do” as the city lights softly shine through your future spouse’s eyes.

Yes, rooftops can be a perfect outdoor wedding venue. With the right decoration and furniture sets, they are a great venue style that offers beautiful city views and a refreshing look. For outdoor ceremony locations, they are among the best.


Beach wedding venue
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What speaks more of romance than a beach wedding? Not many things indeed.

The main advantage of choosing the beach as your wedding venue is that it is naturally romantic. There is no need to invest in crazy decorations to try to make the spot look more intimate. Additionally, beach weddings offer a certain vibe that no other venue can, maybe it’s the feeling of the sand under your feet or the fresh breeze caressing your cheeks. Either way, you can never go wrong with a beach wedding.

Because there, even the waves seem to be celebrating your union.


Another option for water lovers is lakeside weddings.

Lakeside weddings offer a lot of versatility when it comes to the overall vibe you wish to create. From rustic-elegant to natural and woodsy, or even formal, luxurious, or majestic vibes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit.

For a touch of creativity, you can even create a lake-themed guest book. And to take things a little further, consider having a boat wedding. With this last option, you’ll be as close to the water as one can get.


Between rustic-elegant and shabby-chic, what’s your choice?

There is no need to choose as barns are known to provide a spot where rustic meets elegant and timeless and charming vibe.

Barn weddings are excellent choices for cozy and intimate weddings. On top of that, they offer great cover and protection in case the weather changes. You’ll therefore not have to worry about the wind or the rain.


Another excellent choice for rustic wedding venues in Colorado is ranches.

With their rustic vibes and country feel, they often offer great views as well. Because most ranches are located in areas surrounded by mountains, lakes, and meadows, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Besides all of that, Colorado ranch wedding venues typically offer activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and even fishing. Just imagine how much fun your family and friends will have.

Mountain Resort

Very few things can beat wedding pictures taken in front of a mountain, which makes sense as mountains offer some of the most breathtaking and magical views.

In Colorado, especially, the Rocky Mountain and Grand Lake mountains are praised by all for having gorgeous and stunning views. Whether you are considering a summer wedding at the mountain or looking for winter wedding venues, there are many locations to choose from.

So if you’re searching for the best Colorado mountain wedding venues, then The Winding River Ranch has got you covered. With them, your wedding will be one that people will remember, even years later. 


When it comes to outdoor weddings, the sky truly is the limit. With creativity by your side and a little effort to research the best venues, you are only a few steps away from organizing your dreams’ weddings.

Featured Picture Gde Kertayasa by Pixabay