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It happens to everyone! Your friends went on a weeklong vacation to Europe and once they are back you are forced to watch hours of shaky, boring footage of their holiday. If it didn’t happen with your friends, it surely happened with your parents or anyone else in your family!  Thankfully, those dark moments of bad family documentary are behind us and it is all thanks to better vacation video editing techniques.

With the creation of high-quality phone cameras, GoPro’s and digital video cameras, even amateurs can shoot excellent holiday footage. SO, if this is what you want, to excel in vacation video editing, keep on reading this article to discover amazing tips.

8 Tips for making a great vacation video editing

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Right now, you will find a handful of practical tips for shooting awesome vacation videos. In this article, I will share with you a few simple tricks that have helped millions of people out there. Just read, learn and get ready for some intense shooting!

  1.    Never stop shooting: This is the most important tip to bear in mind. Once you get to the dream destination, you need to shoot everything. This will come in handy afterwards when picking the material and during the vacation video editing.
  2.    Film Horizontally: This is a must. In case you’re using a smartphone to capture the highlights of your travel video, you must film horizontally to totally change up the look and feel of your video. By just tilting the phone around and start filming horizontally, you will feel and see the difference.
  3.    Tell a story: A story makes your video has a meaning! Yes, you don’t want to only include a bunch of shots of your trip. It is better to create a buildup which leads to the main pictures and videos! That is why you must take pictures of everything! From the moment you leave to house up until you come back! Don’t miss anything.
  4.    Get shots of yourself in there: Make sure you are seen in the video! Even though the scenery might be breathtaking by itself, remember that you are visiting. If you only wanted to capture the moment, Google might have done the trick. So, you want to see yourself in Paris, or Brazil or China, not the pictures of the places. You need to be part of your story. In case you are travelling alone, there ways to take pictures of yourself, for example a selfie-stick! Or if you are using a camera, put it down on the ground and film yourself walking in front of it. Get yourself shot in mirrors and reflective windows. Be creative!
  5.    Don’t shake the phone or camera: By all means should you avoid shooting with shaky hands. Even though people don’t usually travel with a tripod, there’s a quick fix to remove shakiness from hand held shots. If you keep your hands really close your body, with the elbows tucked in, the shoot will be much more stable. Also, always use both hands when holding your phone or camera. If you want to capture still videos, put the device down on bench, a car or anything else that would work. In other words, build your own tripod.
  6.    Capture the scenery: Yes, take in your surroundings, this is important as well. Capture the views, moments, etc. Generally, you should take a few shots of where you’re staying and don’t forget to film the people around you. It would be nice to get a wave from a local, or a shot of a cute kid. This helps to get the audience of your video in the mood.
  7.    Film every video for at least 5 seconds: Once you selected a place, time and perspective to fil a video, make sure that you lock it and keep it steady for at least 5 seconds. This is very helpful especially during the vacation video editing since anything shorter than that doesn’t really give you much wiggle room if you need to cut the shot. The 5 seconds is just a recommendation, you can film for longer but don’t go any shorter or you’ll likely have to forget that clip.
  8.    Choose a good song(s) for the video: Generally, people don’t have a very good mic on their camera or a professional voice-over studio at home, so they use a song to cover the audio. You can pick something that works well with the destination, so if you can get your hands-on music from a local musician the better.

Well, this is it! These 8 tips will help you record the best vacation video editing ever! Always remember these keys to a great holiday video: take interesting shots, keep it short and make sure you have a great track.

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He is the content developer and traveller. He wrote a lot of article on his carrier. Last one year he is working with Viddedit as a content developer and a writer. He has an expert in writing articles on online tutorial. To develop the skill, he wants to promote them.

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