Invoices for Wedding Planners

Unique Invoices for Wedding Planners

It’s no doubt that a wedding planner has a very busy and sometimes stressful task of planning weddings and keeping up with dates, events, and meetings.  A wedding planner basically picks up the slack where the bride and groom have little time or experience with planning.

The wedding planner offers ideas and suggestions to the bride and groom for their wedding to help them prepare for one of the best days of their lives. Wedding planners often carry around with them a briefcase or folder to stay organized with all of their client ideas, and plans for their special day. Also a calendar is needed for dates and times for appointments or meetings regarding the ideas that are set in place for the bride and grooms wedding.

invoice paid

While how a wedding planner goes about his/her job in helping the bride and groom create that perfect day is important, keeping track of their payments is also very important for their business. Collecting deposits at the beginning of being hired, at intervals, and at the end of service is very important for their work, as well as for tax purposes. This is when creating invoices for your customers comes in handy.

Invoices are now easy and convenient to create while you are on the go with an invoice maker app. This is really beneficial for wedding planners who are always on the go and don’t always have access to a desktop computer or a laptop. Using an invoice app will allow you to easily keep up with the payments that your clients owe you, and there are also so many different invoice template options to choose from.

It’s amazing how technology is allowing business owners to manage their tasks at their fingertips. This allows for business matters to be taken care of anywhere. There are a number of different invoice apps that you can choose from in your mobile app store for your business. You can read the reviews and choose the one that best suits your needs and that has an appropriate template.

Lots of Templates

There are hundreds of templates to choose from within an invoice generator. The templates allow you to customize your templates to suit the personality of your business. There are different colors and designs that fit various different types of businesses. They are all customizable so you can change the templates to look the way you want them to look to represent your company. They are all very professional and allow you to send your templates in a clear and legible way.  It’s actually quite impressive. The good news is that this invoicing app is available across the globe, so anyone can utilize them for accepting payments from their clients.

Protecting Personal Information

It may come as a concern to some that personal information might get into the hands of those that they don’t want to have it. Keep this in mind when you are reading the reviews for all of the invoice apps that you are taking into consideration of using. The majority of these apps are enhanced in a way that allows for the protection of your personal information. The software is generally made to keep your clients’ information safe because unlike with a desktop or laptop, the information is not being uploaded to a hard drive.

Ease of data storage

A cloud based platform is used for storing the information of your clients’ which is growing more popular because of its secureness. Data from your clients who make regular payments is even stored within the cloud system so that when another invoice is needed to be sent there is no need to enter clients’ information in the system again.


You would actually be doing your part in saving the environment by creating your invoices electronically, because you won’t be using any paper, envelopes, or stamps. This may not be a huge deal for you, but in short you are helping to save some trees.

Printed copies

While you have the choice to go completely electronic, it is still possible for you to print copies of your invoices out when needed. Generally most people stick with sending the electronic copies, but the versatility of being able to print copies out for filing purposes is good for those who need this option.

Multiple options for making payments

While customers may be making payments through your invoice app, they still have the option of how they choose to pay. Customers can pay by cash, check, or even PayPal. While all of these options add versatility to the payment methods options, it’s easiest to pay using PayPal since it’s a very secure way to make payments. The invoice generator even makes things easier for repeat customers to make payments by saving their payment methods so that the next payment is just made with the click of a button.

Invoices serve as proof

Invoices serve as proof

Invoices are good to send and receive because they protect both the buyer and the seller. It is proof that a person paid for a service as well as a way to remind customers of money that is owed to the client. If a wedding planner regularly uses invoices and doesn’t have record of a customer paying, then they will know that the customer has not paid yet since it would be on file on the app as proof.

Always send invoices on time

The best part about this app, especially for those on the go, is that this free invoice generator app allows you to be able to take it wherever you go. As a wedding planner you most likely travel a lot doing business with people from all over your town or even in different states. You don’t have to worry about sending late invoices when you have the app right in your phone. Send the invoice as a reminder of payment to your customers and it will reduce the chances of you receiving a late payment. Also make certain your contract with your clients covers your payment method.

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