Master the Art of Visual Web Design with These 6 Tips


If you are still creating boring and random static web pages, you are pretty much still stuck in the past. You are not in the 90s, bro, but it’s been more than a decade, and many folks think that it is okay to do things the old way. It’s not OK at all, damn it! The evolution of website creation is apparent. Developers must forget about the old and embrace the new because modern day design is superior to traditional layouts.

Of course, the way developers create web applications is different now, and new site development technologies and tools have pretty much changed the way we build websites. For example, responsive design which comes under Visual Design Trends 2016. Although the idea of responsive websites is nothing new at all, we must make websites adjustable depending on screen width, much more for the sake of the mobile phone audience.  If you are ready to master the art of website design, here are six tips that might help for sure.

A List of Must-Read Pros and Cons of Flat Design


Flat design is a form of graphic design that seeks minimalist approach to design. Unlike skeuomorphic designs, flat design does not make use of gradients, shadows and textures to create 2D or 3D effects. On the contrary, it uses minimum graphic elements to create a design that looks simple and clean. This type of design is particularly popular for its minimalist aesthetics and functionality.

This type of design is considered more compatible to use for different browsers and screen sizes. It is also more versatile in terms of usability.

According to a survey conducted by Usabilla, flat design is an emerging design trend in the online industry. The website surveyed 100 professionals from online industry and got their opinions about flat design based on home pages of four different websites.

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DIY Fix for Common WordPress Errors


Before you came to this post, you might have been prepared to upload a new blog post to your WordPress site. However, no matter how many times you’ve been refreshing your site, it simply doesn’t load at all.

Either you see a white screen, or errors such as “Internal Server Error” or “Error establishing database connection”.

WordPress is used by 15,886,000 websites in the Internet. WordPress is free, beginner-friendly, responsive, and has a huge support community that will help you with your problems. Although it is widely used by websites around the globe, it’s still susceptible to flaws and problems.

In this article, we will help you resolve some of the common WordPress Errors experienced by webmasters. A word of advice: if you’re not familiar with configuring WordPress through its backend, or if you don’t have any idea about editing codes, please contact your web developer instead. We don’t want to erase your site in a blink of an eye, right?

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10 Web Designing Tips That All Small Business Owners Must Consider

Web Designing Tips

Small business owners in this rapidly changing economy feel obscure when they are heading on to buy something new. Well, this happens with all of us, definitely under different circumstances. Every small business must be compliant with the present and future economy conventions in order to win the laurels. Thus, one must switch to using the latest web designing techniques or you are left behind.

Web designing is definitely not a cheesecake walk, you need to be an expert to fully utilize its functionalities. Moreover, if you are not a designer then chances are high that you might end up getting solutions really not up to your requisites or some unprofessional designs in the worst cases. So being the owner of a small business, you must know some key elements that are needed for a successful web design in order to create an effective and growth-specific business for your brand.

So if you are heading on to have a website built with an objective of leveraging your business, then you must look at these 10 web designing tips and take necessary actions.

Auto Themes Update Feature Issue and Solution


While being more secure is always important and improving the best performance of our storefront, we migrating our storefront to SSL/HTTPS on few months ago. Since this migration that also effect for auto update feature, on old versions of our framework is appear some issue that can’t verify the member account, so for all of our member that still using the old version can’t updating the themes.

Who is Affected

Any member using our Colorlabs Framework less than 1.9.4, and this happen with some member using our premium WordPress plugins.

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