Best Plugins for Localizing WordPress Site

This is a guest post by Alex Bulat, a Writer at TemplateMonster.

We are living in a multilingual world. Even though there are just a few most spoken languages in the world, people talk in hundreds of others. To make sure that visitors who don’t speak in your native language, or the language of your website, will be able to read info at your website, you need to localize your site.
There are dozens of effective techniques that will teach you how to do it right; starting from manual translation up to using services of agencies that specialize in translating websites or software.
In this blog post we’d like to give you a chance to translate your website with minimal money and time loss. This can be done only if you have corresponding software or plugins.
Let’s see what we can find for a WordPress site.
Below we’ve gathered number of WordPress localization plugins that will help you add extra languages to your website. So let’s start:

Codestyling Localization

You can manage and edit all get text translation files (*.po/*.mo) directly out of WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor.

  1. Automatic detects ‘gettext’ components;
  2. Automatically creates translation files;
  3. Supports WMPU plugins (from version 1.60);
  4. Supports BuddyPress and bbPress;
  5. Can translate encrypted premium plugins (security risk warning is displayed).
Translate This Blog Translator

This plugin will help you translate your blog into many different languages. Language pack’s button is added to the top of every post. This is a simple and effective way to translate your site or blog into 35 languages.

Translate This Button

Translate This Button is a Javascript/AJAX translation widget. It provides translation to 52 languages as well as a number of customizable options.

  • You can use custom images for the button;
  • You can easily modify UI text;
  • Google Analytics tracking built in;
  • Translate This Button can disable cookie that translates automatically the whole site;
  • Manage languages from the dropdown.
Mealingua Posts and Pages Translations

The main purpose of the plugin: translation of pages and posts on your site by Ajax. Translation plugin doesn’t work with translation services, all the texts are managed manually. Main advantage of this plugin is its simplicity and flexibility.


This plugin adds user-friendly multilingual content management and translation support to any WordPress website or blog.

  • qTranslate can create human translation in a few clicks;
  • single-click switching between languages;
  • Customizing languages doesn’t require modification of .mo files;
  • qTranslate has a number of plugins included into the package.
GTS Translation Plugin

With the help of this plugin you will drive more international traffic to your site by providing high quality translation, and SEO of your translated content.

  • GTS Translation Plugin will increase your traffic by 30% in 2 months;
  • Supports more than 30 languages;
  • Secure and private server is used for translations;
  • Translate via crowdsourcing: create your community or use one provided by plugin devs;
  • Retweet button included.
Easy Translator

Easy Translator is a machine translator for blog posts, also with its help you can make plugin translations.

  • Translation is provided by Google;
  • Email support built in, translators can sent/resend PO files directly from the window of a plugin.
Microsoft AJAX Translation

This is a quick and simple option for you to translate your blog by using the Microsoft Translator API.

  • Translation API supports 38 languages;
  • Automatically detects your source language;
  • Automatically detects your visitor’s language;
  • AJAX-powered translation;
  • Translation ‘on demand’ included.
Transposh WordPress Translation

This plugin adds translation support to WordPress into 67 languages. All translations can be manually corrected with ease.

  • Drag/drop interface;
  • Translates external plugins without modifying .po/.mo files;
  • Automatically translates all content as well as comments;
  • Can translate RSS feeds;
  • Translated hidden elements like: link tags, meta contents and titles.
Loco Translate

With this plugin you can translate WordPress plugins and themes directly in your browser.

  • With Loco translate you can easily translate PO files from your admin;
  • Extracts translatable strings from your code;
  • Easily create or update language files directly in your website.

Well, if you ever localized a WordPress site you’re free to share your insights in the comments below, or just drop some links off.

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  • Henrique Elias

    Hi, thank`s about help.
    I can`t translate some parts because plugins no localizate.
    Do you know where i can found buttons text in good living theme?

  • These comes in handy when you create pages for a company that has a global audience. Even if the best way would be to have the man power to rewrite in each language.

  • Wei Zhang

    Its true that if you dont know about the language then you have to localized your site because of better understanding the language so great post and thanks for the massive health.

  • Its true that if you dont know about the language then you have to
    localized your site because of better understanding the language so
    great post and thanks for the massive health.

  • hubajaro

    Codestyling Localization was the best but is obsolete :(

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