ColorLabs Contest: Here come the winners

The contest has just ended. After receiving 104 wonderful WordPress theme concepts and selecting the best 12 for the finalists, we finally are about to announce you the winners. Again, we deeply thank all of you that have participated in the contest and we look forward to seeing you again in our next theme design contest.

Before we annouce you the winners, we would like to say our special thanks to the judges: Jason Schuller, Jean-Baptise Jung from, Alexander Frison from, Jeff Chandler, Michael Castilla from, and Michael Dobler from Smashing Magazine. It’s been so wonderful working together with you guys and your comments about the designs are deeply appreciated.

Here comes what you’ve been waiting for. The grand champion entitled for US$ 1500 is Firman Firdaus with his concept TypeMagz! He is the winner of the Category C (Newspaper/Magazine) and his design is the best among the 12 finalists.


TypeMagz by Firman Firdaus

And here comes the winner of Category A (General Blog/Lifestream). We present you Elio Rivero with his concept the stunning colorful JoyColor. He is entitled for US$ 1000 as the winner of Category A. Congratulations Elio!!


JoyColor by Elio Rivero

Completing the list of winners, hereby is the winner of Category B (Business Blog/Portfolio) who is entitled for US$ 1000. We present you Septi Yulia with her design Narcilicious! Congratulations Septi! You are officially the prettiest among the winners and the prettiest among the finalists!


Narcilicious by Septi Yulia

And here we complete the list of the TOP 12:

  1. CreatifStuff by Taufik Ridha (Category B)
  2. The Hives by Nurul Izwan Dahlan (Category A)
  3. GridPrefection by Jan Klosowski (Category C)
  4. Synkrographiks by Hendra (Category C)
  5. Valentine by Wendell Fernandes (Category B)
  6. Humble by Ronggur Hutasuhut (Category C)
  7. DarkMagz by Ronggur Hutasuhut (Category B)
  8. EasyBlog by Taufik Ridha (Category A)
  9. KeithSpot by Keith Donaldson (Category A)

Once again we congratulate all the winners. Your designs are wonderful and we’ve been very glad to host a contest with winners like you. For the rest of the finalists, there might be a big opportunity that we’re planning to also purchase your design, just check your email inbox and we’ve sent you the details.

Everyone, you’re about to see wonderful new WordPress premium themes available here!

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  • Keith

    Aw man!

    Congrats to all the winners :) I don’t think my designs were anywhere near the quality of those ones, so I’m fine with it.

    Thanks for the great contest :D

  • Daus

    It’s unbelievable guys. Tears in my eyes now :) Thanks!

  • Andi Prianto

    Nice job, dude! Unbelievable! You are the best, boz!

  • Thanks Michael! I’m so happy! Congrats to Daus and special congrats to my friend Julia :D

  • Congrats for all the winners, Daus is an amazing designer and frankly i’d be disappointed if he didn’t win. Congrats to Mr. Daus! :D

  • Deny Sri Supriyono

    congratulation to all the winners — especially to daus!
    another great achievement, mate!

    makan-makan™! :d

    to colorlabs: please host another contest will ya :d

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  • shape_tea

    Wooow! Unbelievable! I’m truly blessed. Thanks Michael & ColorlabsProject!
    Thank you to all my friends and my family for supporting me from the very beginning :D
    Congrats to mas Daus, we proud of you! :) & to Elliot “Congrats my friend!
    El verdadero amor siempre gana, JoyColor es verdadero amor, es un ganador JoyColor …Wonderful job Elliot ^o^”
    Congrats to all finalists too, you guys rocks! :)

    • Halo Septi!! selamat ya, you’re really digging onto spanish!
      Congrats again dear, wish you the best, we’ll be seeing around anytime.

  • Irene

    You are a winner Sep…
    Congratulation Sep!
    So proud of you!

  • Yogi

    Wow, Daus got really great talent! Congrats to all the winners.

  • Wow.. congratz to the winner.. and to all the finalists and to colorlabsproject.

    Daus & Septi shows indonesian webdesigners talents :D you rocks! whehehe

  • Roy

    Septi lu keren banget Oi

  • Hendra Hoedojo

    Congrats to the winner, awesome !

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  • Daus

    Thank you my friend for all your kind words. I really appreciate it.

    • Mantap abis bro!

    • Selamat ya!
      It is a great design. Keep up the good work :)

  • taufiq

    Congartz guys!!
    Thanks for colorlabs it’s a great contest, :D

  • Pitra

    Wow. Congrats for all the winners!!

    Daus, Septi, makan-makan!!!!

  • Congratulations :-)))

  • Tom

    Very proud of you, Man, never been this proud….Keep up the good work for you, my best friend, Mr. Firman Firdaus….

    • Daus

      Thanks Tom.

  • Congrats to all the winners.

  • Tekno

    very nice, bravo

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  • wow, great designs…..congratulations

  • Aduh! selamat buat orang indonesia semuanya yang menang…salah satu langkah membawa nama Indonesia menjadi lebih harum dimata Internasional… Hidup INDONESIA!!! spesial buat Septi… Blognya Cewe bangeeeet… aku suka !!! kalau kunjug ke septi blognya dimana? he..he…he… orang baru nih soalnya.

  • heroturko

    woow great bro…

  • Perfect designs and clever decision of jury! :)

  • lombok island

    selamat selamat Orang indonesia yang menang

  • Congrats for all the winners!!. This blog are beautiful.

  • sean

    Great theme

  • Don

    wooow! Fantastic design!!!


    how can i see screenshoot all complete the list of the TOP 12
    (from 4 to 12) ?

    • Hi Zam,

      Unfortunately, we are unable to publish those screenshots due to some copyright issue. But I can guarantee they all look good. :)

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  • Eve

    This is truly AWESOME. The kind of direction am taking on with projects these days. Thanks for sharing.

  • Xoro

    I didn’t knew wordpress themes could look that awesome, until now. Outstanding work, congratulations to all contest winners.

  • Wow! Typemagz are great looking, but i like Joycolors too.

  • what a creative design,.. congrats :D

  • Office

    it’s amazing! Congratulations!

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  • Furaj1

    Good theme

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