Sneak Peek: A Feature Rich Coupon Management Theme

We’re really glad to announce that we will release our latest theme which is a WordPress coupon management theme in the following week. We understand that it is more important to produce a high quality theme and we have been preparing this many weeks of development to release this handful of nifty new WordPress coupon management theme.

Sneak Peek - Coupon

This theme is our first coupon management theme we have ever made, that is an opportunity and also a challenge for us to built a more feature-rich theme, more clean, fully functional coupon management theme and of course to help you to monetize your site.Coupons is a great way to encourage shoppers to your store, or to run advertising promotions. This theme will have the ability to create flexible coupons to fit your needs. Drop your comments below and let us know what do you think. Don’t forget to stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular news and updates from us!

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  • Antonio Tallarico

    Interesting news! Can you give us more infos? :)

    • Hi Antonio,

      Sure, please let us know what you would like us to share regarding our latest theme? Thanks!

  • Hi when this theme will be live, where can I buy it

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