Equilibria walk-through, understanding all its features

Hey there! We’re so excited that we launched Equilibria last week. We hope this post will explain how easy it is to use the theme. Equilibria is our first multi-purpose WordPress theme, mainly targeting business users who also put their blogs at the frontline of their businesses. Equilibria comes with 3 (three) landing pages and several page templates including a gallery page that functions like the popular iPhone app, Pulse News. The theme comes with 5 (five) preset stylesheets and is ready for customized CSS, giving you the infinite potential of customization.

Three Landing Pages

Business themes are among the most sought-after premium themes in the WordPress business. It’s a fact that’s very understandable; people try to bring their businesses online and consider a premium WordPress theme as one of the investments they should make. However, as an online business grows, a community which is dependent on the business will grow too and business owners will start to think that blog and social networks are key tools to maintain the community. That’s where the problem lies.

Imagine that you’ve started with a WordPress theme that’s only tailored to showcase your products, say a portfolio WordPress theme. What would happen if some time in the near future you needed a blog? Do you think you really have the time to redesign?

That’s what Equilibria is for. It comes with three landing pages (business, blog and portfolio) to cater your current and future uses. No matter how you start your business with (a blog, a business site or a portfolio site), you will always have the ease to expand and explore.

The Blog Page

Equilibria‘s blog page is structured similarly to a common blog. There is a sidebar on the right-hand side that contains widgets which can be added/removed easily in the WordPress Dashboard. In the middle is a column that contains trimmed blog post content with contrast click-to-action buttons. On the left-hand side are social network buttons (covering Twitter, Facebook and Google +1) which give your users the ease of promoting your blog content.

Blog pagination system works just like in any other blog. This makes Equilibria‘s blog page easy to explore as most users are familiar with this kind of structure already. A tabbed carousel is located below the list of blog posts, giving exposure to your current and previous blog posts. Check out the demo here.

The Portfolio Page

This page is perfect to showcase your products. It’s a slideshow of photos with each having its own description. In the WordPress Dashboard, all these are basically static pages with associated images. Isn’t it amazing how simple WordPress is and how cool everything can turn out to be? In the theme options panel, there is a menu for selecting which static pages get to be shown on this portfolio page. You can add as many slideshow elements as you want too. Just below the photo, there are toggle buttons for easy-switching. Check out the demo here.

The Business Page

Well, we’ve arrived at the business page. This page is designed to be the forefront of your business site. Usually business owners would like to boast their one-line jargon, put it where everyone’s eyes are and have a short explanation just below the jargon to convince visitors why they are the best. There are two distinct click-to-action buttons below the description, leading visitors to learn more about the business or to contact the business owners directly.

Below that main top element are 4 (four) columns with each containing a picture and a chuck of text. Most people would use these columns to explain the main features of their products or services. All these elements are again static pages in a WordPress environment. In the theme options panel, you can easily select which static pages get to be shown on this page. Check out the demo here.

A Pack of Page Templates

One cool feature that you must know about Equilibria is its gallery page. It contains a stack of category carousels which show featured images of blog posts. Each carousel has its own left/right toggle buttons, providing visitors easy access to explore your library of blog posts. Take a look at the demo here.

At the moment Equilibria comes with 3 (three) page templates: a contact form, a gallery page, a full-width page. We’re adding more page templates soon (e.g. a left-sidebar page and more) and really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Customized widgets, editable footer credit line and huge footer bar for links

Equilibria comes with several customized widgets, some of them being:

  • a 2-column category widget,
  • a 2-column archive widget,
  • a 2-column links widget,
  • a 3-column tag cloud widget,
  • a Google Maps widget, and
  • a Latest Tweet widget.

You can freely move widgets as you like, delete theme, add them some time later or install plugins so you can add more widgets.

The footer bar contains 6 (six) columns of widgetized content. Within a WordPress environment, these are called sidebars although we put them at the bottom of the page. At the very bottom of the page is the footer credit, which can easily be modified in the theme options panel.

Questions? How to purchase?

If you’re interested to purchase this theme, simply go to this page and click Buy Now. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to post a comment on this blog post, or click the green ‘Contact Us’ button on the left-hand side if you prefer to discuss in private.

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