Lensa – A Free Photo Gallery WordPress Theme

The line separating professional and amateur photography has become thinner than ever as DSLR cameras really took off among bloggers, young adults and even teens and kids all around the world. Camera phones has advanced significantly in terms of quality over the past years that they can now produce images in very high resolution. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and all social networks alike, online photo galleries are popping pretty much everywhere all over the Internet. A certain group of people, however, prefer to keep photos in their own space, publish them the way the want, and let them be accessed beyond the boundaries of social networks. To those special people, we present our brand new FREE WordPress theme that we call Lensa.

Having full-screen slideshow as one of its main features, Lensa is designed for those addicted to high-resolution photography. With a bit of JavaScript magic, your home page essentially becomes an online photo gallery that showcases your best shots in every detail possible. Photo captions and descriptions are also displayed overlaying the photographs to let you explain the story behind each of them.

Chances are that you’re already an avid user of social photo networks and have uploaded hundreds images of you (and your food) somewhere on the Internet. As we don’t want to let those uploads be left in vain, we add gallery templates onto Lensa that display photographs from various social networks such as Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Pinterest and Facebook. What you need to do is connect the theme to the networks and it will automatically do the rest of the job.

Go check the demo site to experience everything yourself. Play around a little bit and you’ll realize that Lensa is not just another free WordPress theme. Don’t forget to check out our collection of photography themes, here.

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  • Igor

    hello, I’m using your Lensa theme, it is really great theme. But i can’t somehove manage how to change language of “more” button in blog section. Please could you help me?

    • Hi Igor,

      You can change it manually by editing template-blog.php file in line 47. Thanks!

      • Edu Sithx

        I have to change? not change the button

        p class=”more” a href=” ?php the_permalink() ?” ?php
        _e(“more”,”colabsthemes”); ?>

        • Edu Sithx

          For more tests I do not change the button

  • Hi Yavor,

    Have you read the documentation to set up the gallery on the theme? You can find the documentation here https://colorlabsproject.com/documentation/lensa/ . And we don’t have Lensa with unlimited function. Thanks!

    • Andrew McDonald

      Your documentation doesn’t explain in any detail how to create a page with the gallery template, and then use the gallery source = post to create page that only displays a selection of images from the WordPress media library. Stop pointing people to the documentation when it doesn’t answer the question at all.

      • Mauro

        I had a really difficult time understanding the documentation as well. Using trial and error as my guide, I discovered that you need to create “photographs” with your images and add them in individually in the featured image section(not the content block), located in the bottom right of the page. Then choose “Gallery” in the page attributes section for your page template and the “Photograph” option for the source gallery within the page.

        Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it’s the only way I could have my images appear in the gallery view they show in their demo.

        I’m still trying to figure out how to make my background images rotate. It only seems to work when I minimize the top section header. I have the option unchecked in the dashboard settings, and have multiple selected as featured. And it seems to work, just only when I minimize the bar? :/ Otherwise it just sticks on a single image. If anyone has any insight for this, would love to hear from you!

  • andrzejmielcarek

    I’v successfully instaled WP with lensa on testing host, but when a moving page on new,right address I see blank page. There is problem only when I’m using Lensa theme. With another themes it works at new host correct.

  • I have just recently installed the Lensa theme and for some reason (nothing changed on my computer or otherwise) it will not allow me to edit pages. I can edit posts but when I try to edit a page it shows a blank text box with no right-side menu. Furthermore, when I’m on that page the “Screen Options” and “Help” dropdown boxes do not function.

    I activated the standard Twenty Twelve theme and everything works fine. I would love to continue to use and explore the Lensa theme.

    • Anang

      Hi Clayton,

      Which version do you use? because we already test the pack of Lensa, and there is work fine.

  • Chris Snow

    I see that the ‘photographs’ section has categories, but how do you select a specific category for the portfolio?

    • Calavera

      I was wondering this too. Say I have three different galleries and I want each one to show a different category of photos, can I do this?

      • Hi Calavera,

        No, you can’t. You only can show a different gallery source each gallery page. We are planning to implement the gallery by category. Hope it will be published soon.

        • sdm

          Yes, gallery by category please or something that allows for different images to be displayed in different galleries. All my images loaded as ‘photographs’ appear in every category.

        • Marine

          Hello, Great theme but for sure, we miss this feature. When is it planned? (If I replace Photograph by Post Category, I have the good pictures but it’s not possible to enlarge the thumbnails, by clicking on them, right? I have an error message).
          Other question, in the footer, it’s good to bve able to add easily our social networks link but can we remove the rss icon?)
          Thanks your help;

    • Anang

      Hi Calavera and Chris,

      Galleries on Lensa is page template, so you can add
      new page, choice gallery as page template and select the source of
      gallery as you like. it can be from your post, or photograph post type
      or social network. So you can make galleries page with different source. You can read the documentation in this link colorlabsproject.com/documentation/lensa/

      • Andrew McDonald

        This doesn’t work. The Gallery Page template will only show all of my photographs, and doesn’t support the source type = post at all. In fact, when I select images from the WordPress media library, the gallery page template will show the wrong images. How did it manage that? It’s built-in WP function that you managed to break.

  • Ted

    Great theme you guys. Only problem I have so far is the gallery template. I’ve set up a Page “Test Gallery” and I’d like to show only a limited selection of the 20 photos that are in my media library. The short code generated is [gallery ids="50,69,46,67,53,44"], yet the page always shows all 20 photos…?!? In fact, even if no code is inserted (i.e. blank page) all 20 photos are inserted… as long as I use the “Gallery” template nothing else changes… Any suggestions? Thanks !

    • Anang

      Hi Ted,

      Gallery on Lensa its not using default shortcode gallery, there is using source gallery. When you select gallery page template as the template, on the top right will be appear new option. And you can select the source as you like to show on gallery page.

  • Nice theme. I love it, i have a problem only with the facebook gallery, when i create the page the result is a fatal error. You can see it even in the demo page in the facebook gallery of Lensa Demo site.

    • Anang

      Hi Gabriele,

      Thanks for your info. Error on our demo site it’s because expired session of facebook account. We already reset the account with go to FB Album settings on dashboard, and get connect again, and it’s work now. You can do the same thing, we hope thats work too.

  • krs

    Great theme, easy to customize too! However, what is the optimal image size for fullscreen? When I upload my photos in 1024×768 (4:3 ratio) they turn out very blurry/dotted, compared to the original image. How can I prevent that the image is cropped and turn out with a high resolution and clean?

    • It dependds on your screen resolution. Uploading a 1500px wide would suffice although it will still look blurry on a 24″ monitor.

    • i used 800 x 533 working great try it

    • YvieMYR

      how did you get the fullscreen slider to work? everything i have tried is failing and the only thing that shows up is an HTML code at the top of the screen

  • abman

    hi!Great theme. But I can`t add a new Source of Gallery. For example I want to have two galleries from “Photograph source” with different photos. How can I do it? Thanks !

    • Hi, you can’t add two galleries with different photos if you use the same Gallery source. Also, if you choose the ‘Photograph’ for the Gallery source, the Gallery page will showing all photos in Photograph posts.

      • Seahawksean

        Wellfrid, your explanation here makes the Lensa theme obsolete. I can assure you that most people are going to want to created a number of different galleries that use different categories as the source.

        I really think this is something you should look into and change. You should allow users of the Lensa to create different galleries from the images within a Photograph category and not just a Post category. The way it’s set up now make the whole Photograph post type useless other than adding images to the frontpage slider.

        • Hi, thank you for the feedback.

          Actually, we are still implementing the feature (Gallery by category from Photograph) and fixing some bugs in Lensa theme. So, we hope these can be finished by the end of this week.

          • Seahawksean

            That is fantastic news! Thank you for that. This is a great looking theme. Making that change will make this an amazing theme!

          • KJ

            Do you know; did this issue ever get fixed? It’s annoying as heck.

          • KJ

            Any news on how this is going?

  • beautiful website may i know how u created the photo galleries di u used external plugin or same theme templates

  • wpFan

    Hi great theme but a few questions: 1. I followed the instructions for creating a sticky post, but the front page slider seems to pull from “Photographs” section and not the “Posts” section. How do I fix this? 2. How do you determine which photograph shows up as the background on all the inner pages? I’d like to change this, if possible, to different background images on each page. 3. Regarding my last question, I installed a background image slider plugin so that I can add different background sliders to each page but am unable to get it to work. Can a plugin like this work with this theme? 4. The loading bar that appears on the homepage at the bottom– is it possible to remove this? Thanks!

    • YvieMYR

      hey wpfan… can u tell me how you got your images to even show up on the frontpage slider?? everything i have tried is null and all i get is an html code that shows up on the top of my page

  • Toni

    Great theme. The blog template doesn’t work on the blog page. Are there some special instructions for getting the same layout as the demo?

  • YvieMYR

    OK… so I just cannot figure how to set up the slider on this theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, have you read the theme documentation? You can find the documentation here: https://colorlabsproject.com/documentation/lensa .

      • YvieMYR

        Hello, yes I have read the documentation. I tried adding pictures in the photograph sidebar (in the WP dashboard) and then making them a feature by clicking the radio button (or the star) and all that did was show the html for the picture with the slider code. I also tried making my latest posts sticky posts and that didn’t do anything. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

        • Hi, have you upload the thumbnail to Photograph post and set the thumbnail as featured image?

          • YvieMYR

            Hi, yes. When i go under the photograph section. I add the thumbnail on the set feature image sidebar. I also clicked the radio box that activates the star. Even if I add the picture to the actual post (where content is usually written) I still only get an html code line on the site. My site is MakeupYourRunway.com I will leave that coded line there so you can see what I mean. I’m sorry to keep pestering you about this but I do appreciate you assisting me. I really love this theme.

          • Hi, please send us your WP Account details via email to sales[at]colorlabsproject[dot]com. We will try to check the problem from your admin panel. Thanks!

          • YvieMYR

            Thank you so much. The email is sent. I greatly appreciate the assistance.

          • Hi, thanks! We are checking the issues now.

      • KJ

        Sorry, this is unrelated to the comment, but any chance of updating this theme to include photo galleries from categories? I really want to divide up my portfolio by sections (such as ‘nature’, ‘portraits’, ‘events’ etc), but not by arbitrary “Flickr” or “Facebook” sites (as that would mean a serious overlap in material).

    • ngawang

      -click on the photographs menu
      -add new photograph
      -set a feature image
      -click the start button which in the below the description(left side of the feature image section)

  • Hi, we are still investigating the problem now. Hope it can be solved as soon as possible.

  • wombi1973

    Hi, also agree that this is a lovely theme, but for some reason I just do not see any images when I try to create a page with the gallery template and use the gallery source “post”. I created the page, selected the template and then added images to the post (and see in the media manager that the images are attached to this page). However when I view the page….nothing. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi, you can see how to set up the gallery page in the theme documentation on Page Template section here: https://colorlabsproject.com/documentation/lensa/#toc2 .

      • wombi1973

        Hi. Yes I did all that. I created a new page with the gallery template and as the gallery source I selected “Post” from the drop-down list. I then added photos the the media library and they are attached to the new page (but I did not insert the gallery shortcode into the page because this is supposed to be not necessary). Then I save it all but when I display the page, none of my pictures appear!

        As a test, I changed the gallery source to “Photograph” (since I had uploaded one picture as the “Photograph” type) and this was then displayed. So it seems to be a problem if you select the “Post” as the gallery source.

        • Andrew McDonald

          I have the same problem. In fact, it gets worse. If you do create a post, insert a gallery from the built-in WP media library, Lensa will display a 404 error when you publish the post and try to view it. I don’t think any of the standard WP media features work, which is INCREDIBLY awful behavior.

  • Cindy

    Hi, great theme but had a few questions:

    1. Like above, I followed the instructions for creating a sticky post, but the front page slider only pulls from “Photographs” section and not the “Posts” section. How do I fix this? When I take off the featured photographs in the photographs section, my frontpage becomes blank.

    2. I want to edit the footer settings but there’s no options. At the moment it says copyright 2012 lensa.

    3. In some pictures in the Lensa documentation, the theme options has more extensive choices e.g. footer options but mine seems to be a truncated version

    4. Whatever I do, the child theme for this theme doesn’t work – it gives the white screen of death.

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Cindy,

      Let me answer your questions here:
      1. Home page slider is showing the thumbnails from featured Photographs, not Posts. You have to set the Photographs as featured, not as sticky.
      2. You can change the footer credits by editing the footer.php from your FTP.
      3. Our free themes are not integrated with footer settings. We will update the theme documentation to fix this issue.
      4. The problem might be caused by the child theme.


      • Cindy

        Hi Wellfrid,

        Thanks for clarifying!

        No 4. seems to be a persistent problem and I’ve tried everything I could. Here’s what I’ve used in style.css for my child theme:

        Theme Name: Lensa Child
        Theme URI: http://mysite.com
        Description: Child Theme for Lensa
        Author: admin
        Author URI: http://mysite.com/about
        Version: 1.0
        Template: lensa

        @import url(‘../lensa/style.css’);

        Any suggestions as to why this is not working?

        • manuk

          I’m having the same issue. any solutions so far?

          • David

            Did anybody figure this out? It seems like you can’t create a child theme for Lensa…

          • MK

            Yes. Does not work with child theme. But you can edit uploads/lensa-custom/custom.css to get same effect

        • Em Dash

          I’m also having this problem, in a brand new child theme with nothing in it but the style.css file. I’ve confirmed it’s formatted correctly.

      • Is there a way to change the slider to pull images from posts and not just photographs?

  • Roxanne

    I also do not have an option for ‘featured image’. What should we do? This is how it looks:

    • roxanne

      As you can see I checked the ‘Featured’ box and added a picture to the post itself, but this doesn’t seem to work.

  • Patrick


    When will we be able to create seperate gallerys from the same source?

    I think you mentioned using categories?

  • Hello

    is my favorite plugin of all time! The Flip Image is easy to use and it has
    improved the appearance of my blog by 110%! Thanks Much

    If you would like to see more cool word press plug in then
    have a look here.


  • Pras

    I saw that a lot of you were unable to get the slider images on the front page to get working,like me.What worked for me is,I went through the process to create a a new photograph as per the theme documentation,but once I finished creating it,that is once i hit the publish button,You get a notification on top saying successfully posted or something similar in WordPress right? next to it is an option which says ‘view post’.Click that and it will take you to the photograph you just created,wait a while,it will display the title and content if any you used for the post and the photo itself in the background of the page.

    Once this is done,your slider images should start working.

    • Quin

      For those who can’t get their slider work even if you have followed all steps mentioned in the documentation, Pras’s tip would really solve the problem. The thing is that depends on different server configuration sometimes there might be so technical problem which stop the slide show from working. When you visit the page of that “Photograph” page, if there’s any technical error, it would be shown there (while it would be hidden on homepage)

      For me, my problem is that my server’s php do not have GD package. The error only shows in the single photograph page. Once I got it installed and restart apache, it’s working just fine!

      • Danielle

        This didn’t work for me…my featured images are all set up and WERE working. Then they stopped and it just shows the static background :(

        • Desi Natalia

          Hi, please try to check your Reading Settings. Go to Settings > Reading > FrontPage Displays. Then, make sure that you select ‘Your Latest Post’. If the issue still occur, please send us your inquiries to sales[at]colorlabsproject[dot]com. Thanks!

  • Solde

    Sorry, I’ve a problem with the theme. I want to use the slideshow, but in archives, pages or categories, I don’t want to use an image in the background. Could I use a fix colour in the background for these sections? Thanks

    • As a work-around, you could upload a really small picture of a fixed colour and set that as a background. Should work :)

      • Seahawksean

        I’m not sure why you automatically have background images in your body because when I change my site to this theme I didn’t automatically have a image as the background. But, with that said you should be able to change the body background of individual pages.

        in your custom.css file (Dashboard > Lensa > Custom Files) you can replace the background image w/ a different one or just a color.

        Use an element inspector like Firebug and find the . There you will see that it has a number of classes associated with it depending on what page you’re on. One of the classes will be “page-id-#”. The # is the id of your page.

        Then in the custom.css file you can add:

        .page-id-# {
        background: #000000; (or whatever hexadecimal color code you want)

        You can do this for every individual page id so each has a different background color if you want.

        • Desired

          Hello, Seahawksean. Excellent trick you wrote there 1 year ago, but please, could you help me? I follow your recommendations, but nothing happened with the background. Could you provide a CSS Code more clearly? Thank you.

  • Vishrut

    I have successfully got the front page slider working. It pulls photos from “Photographs” section. How do I determine which photograph shows up as the background on all the inner pages? I’d like to change this, if possible, to different background images on each page.

    • Seahawksean

      You could do this in your css file. Just find the ID of the page you want to display a background image on and add the background property like this:

      .page-id-# {
      background: url(“../path/to/your/image.png”);

      • Tapas

        How do you add images to front page ?. I am unable to do it.

    • Jen


      Did you manage to make this work?
      Please help…

  • Nikki

    Hi there, I have installed the Lensa them, but how do I remove the comments section from the bottom, I have unticked the box in the Setttings, reading panel and yet it is still there

  • Vishrut

    I have successfully got the front page slider working. It pulls photos from “Photographs” section. How do I determine which photograph shows up as the background on all the inner pages? I’d like to change this, if possible, to different background images on each page.

    • milind potdar

      I am not getting front page slider.. Could you please help me ?

      • milind potdar

        Fixed the problem…

        • cizzlingash

          hi milind… how did you do it…can you explain and plz help

          • Seahawksean

            @cizzlingash, all you have to do is create individual photographs by going to Dashboard > New Photograph and add your image via the Add Media button. Then below the text area, in the ColorLabs Photograph Details Setting box you’ll see a checkbox for “Feature”. Check that box. The slider only uses images set as a feature image.

            Alternatively, if you’ve already created photographs via the previous method you can just go to Dashboard > All Photographs and simply click on the grey stars to make them yellow (feature) and they will then be added to the slider on the frontpage.

          • amitshinde

            This is exactly what i have done but it does not show all the images….I have them cliked all the gray stars and they are yellow but for some reason it does not show all the images….secondly when i try and set the image slider number to -1 and save it it just comes back to 8 as default

          • KJ

            Try unfeaturing and featuring again, setting featured images under the photo posts, and make sure there are no line breaks in your photo excerpts.

    • Roger

      Does anyone know how to display the front page slider as background of all the inner pages?

  • Patrick

    Great theme but two things
    1) I asked previously when we can create different galleries from the same source?
    2) How can I change the gallery template so that all photos in a gallery are displayed, or even the ability to set the number of rows? At the moment only two rows are showing. I see where to change he columns though.

  • Chris


    A quick question – I am still exploring this after only a short time. How do I prevent the slide show from running in the background of pages other than the front page? I would really prefer a static background because the slider running in the background of a blog is very distracting. I assume I’ve missed something.

    • ResidentAlien

      Alternatively, just having the slideshow pause whenever a page is overlaid and expanded would be good. When the overlaid page is minimized to the bottom of the screen the slideshow could run again.

  • ResidentAlien

    Of all the tens of thousands of people allegedly using this theme successfully, does anybody know of a site that actually works the way the developers’ demo does? I have yet to find a single one in which the individual pages work as intended alongside a properly functioning slide show.

    I have seen several that use the theme without the slide show, I guess because it’s free, and a few that have a slide show that partially works, and/or pages that might work if there were proper content … but so far, only the developer’s own demo does it all correctly.

    I spent many hours on this one myself and am starting to think I’m not going to get further than anyone else. The slideshow doesn’t work as described even if all the instructions are followed – as others have already pointed out. If you can get it working correctly on the front page, it still doesn’t pause and resume correctly elsewhere.

    On the internet, “free” doesn’t normally mean “second-rate”; many developers do fine and reliable work for free. Somehow that model hasn’t caught on in the world of WP themes, where even so-called “premium” themes generally don’t work as described and support from the writers is non-existent. I’m thinking this is just another example of the same, unfortunately. Sorry.

    • Kyoku

      So, I thought for a week or so that this theme would be the solution to my photography site… it’s in fact so useless I’m going to pay for a completely different solution cause this hassle with WordPress and a theme that just refuses to do what the developers say it does – rubbish. I wish you’d at least be honest about the issues so we don’t waste time on it!

  • Peter B

    When the lensa theme is activated I cannot create or edit or publish pages. The right hand column on the edit page layout disappears and there is not content in the body of the pages. If I deactivate the lensa theme and active any other theme I can edit and add pages. I would really like to use this theme but I just can’t work out how to fix this.

    • walter lutzu

      i’ve the same problem. You solve it?

      • Mack

        Try delete all your pages from another theme and create them again in Lensa

    • Cyrille

      same as well. I have tried to disable all the plugins, reinstall the theme from scratch, downgrade to the previous version of wordpress (I am currently using 3.6) but still does not work :(

      • Petr

        The culprit is Facebook Session. He never renew his session since the beginning he use Lensa. To fix this problem is very simple, you can go to: WordPress Dashboard → Lensa → FB Album Settings.

        Reset your connection and everything will be normal again. Don’t be worry with the expired Facebook session, you can reconnect again.

  • Chris

    I’m having trouble removing the comment section on my pages. I only want it on my blog but the other pages that are static and have information on them would look better without the comment section. Is there a way to remove it? I have tried ticking off the comments thing but it doesn’t help.

    • grant

      PAges>Quick Edit> Uncheck the “Allow Comments” box

  • Gabriel Oliveira Simões

    Hi, when i add a new Photograph (when it’s the first) works normally , but when I add the second, third, etc, the home image slider don’t works, stay white. Why?

    Sorry for my english, i’m from Brazil.

    • Gabriel Oliveira Simões

      The problem was in excerpt. When I make a paragraph with enter and not with “” tag. Thanks

      • Deji


  • Gerard Drent

    It’s a great
    theme but two things

    How can
    I create different galleries from the same source?

    After installing
    the theme everything is going very slow. Are there more users who have this

    • Seahawksean

      If your site is slow to update, be sure to use images in png format to reduce their size. Large image files will bog down your site because of the amount of time it takes to load such photos. There are plenty of free image format converters online or within your computer (most likely) to do this.

  • MrAnon

    Your theme is a pile of wank

  • dude

    I don’t have an option for “featured” or “featured image” as show in the documentation

    how to fix this so also the home page slider will work


  • dude

    I don’t have an option for “featured” or “featured image” as show in the documentation

    how to fix this so also the home page slider will work


    • Jim

      I am having this issue too, does anyone have a fix?

      • Go to to ‘Photograph’ in your menu, select ‘all photographs’ (if not already selected) . You need to add at least one photograph ‘page’ for this to work. If you have 1 or more you should see a few colums. The 4th says ‘Featured’ and you should see a grey star. Click on it for it to become golden. That way it will be enabled. To select which image will be used, click on the photograph title and look to the right. There should be a section called ‘Featured Image’. Select your image there. That should do it,good luck!

  • Pedro

    Does any one knows how I can pull photos from “photograph”, but in diferent categories…I’ve tried to do that but I can´t figure how!!!

  • Siddharth

    Great theme. Great effort Awesome job.
    I have a quick question though. Is it possible to get rid of the minimize page option from the theme?

    • Seahawksean

      You could always add this to your custom.css file:
      ‘.block-inner.page-heading {
      display: none;
      (or) visibility: hidden;

      This of course would eliminate the entire title and minimize button, but you can always add a tag in the text editor of that page to display the page title.

    • Seahawksean

      Did you figure out how to remove the minimize page action?

  • Viv

    Hello A few questions

    1.Can I add another row to the Photograph template? Currently there are two rows and Id like to make it 3.

    2. I am currently am using 2 photograph gallery templates to categorize my photos. How can I within the settings direct photos to only be displayed in one of the Photography template vs. mirroring both templates (eg all photos can be seen off both Photography Template)

    • sdm

      I’ve had the same issue. All the photos show up in all the galleries when I actually set up separate galleries for the purpose of separating by category, etc.
      Hopefully someone can answer this.

  • Piotr

    Ok, its great, but.. i would like to have this nice slideshow (photograph) only on the home page.. on other pages. like blog galery. Grey or black background would be much much better than photo (photograph) background. Photo background distracts people badly..

    Any ideas?

    • disqus_xieoHrZfHH

      You can disable slideshow for other pages by checking ‘Enable Background Slider only on homepage’ option in Lensa Theme Dashboard, under General Settings->Slideshow.

      For other pages you can select Background when you are creating the page.

  • steve watson

    I have had major problems with this theme. I cant get any images to show up. Very fustrated and giving up.

  • Bill

    Problems with this theme in Internet Explorer. I’m getting an “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘undefined'” fault the first time that I visit the page. If I refresh then it loads but the navigation and photograph title are in the middle of the photo instead of the lower left. It appears that this problem stems from the plugins.js file and is related to the code for the jquery easing.

  • Christopher Moran

    The theme looks awesome, but I’ve tried to install on a new clean WP install through the dashboard and through FTP. No matter what I do, my dashboard and site go blank when I activate the theme. Any ideas? (wp-content is writable)

    • Toni Törrönen

      I have the exact same problem… what is wrong here?

  • Melissa

    I can’t seem to change the credits. I opened every footer.php there is, but nowhere I can find the ‘Lensa All rights reserved’, I want to change it to something else.

    • Roberto Salemi


      You must open the file includes -> theme-functions.php and search ‘function colabs_credit’.

      • Tony

        but in that line, it is mentioned themename … can’t change that!

        • umer

          hey hi tony can u tell me how to change the credit line in footer to my website name plz waiting

          thsi th ocde showing in footer.php

    • umer

      hi melissa can u tell me where and how to change the credit i try but i cant find it here in footer.php and function.php waiting thanks

  • syn

    I really like this theme!
    I wonder if there is a chance to disable the “Single Photograph” Site.
    My Home Site is working fine but i dont want to come to a different Site when i click the title of the Photograph which are in the background.
    I only need do disable the link from the photograph title but i cannot figure out how to do that.
    Hope you will understand what i mean :)

  • gracey1103

    HI there. Can someone tell me how to add captions to my photos? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Thank you!

  • BartoszChojnacki

    error while trying to install OmniGallery

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getLatLng() (previously declared in themes/lensa/includes/theme-instagram.php:14) in plugins/omnigallery/includes/scinstagram.class.php on line 47

  • David

    I noticed the social link icons in the footer (facebook, twitter, etc.) and also the icons under the post title (author, category, comment) do not appear in IE and are blank. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Leo Torres


    I love this theme and did some changes on the top-nav menu. I did put it at the bottom of the screen just above the footer but does anyone know how can I make sub-menus drop-up instead of down?

    Greetings from Brazil!

  • X-men

    I tried to install this theme but with WP 3.5 and 3.6 after the activation the dashbord don’t work. I have only a white screen

  • X-men

    I tried to install the theme with WP 3.5 and 3.6 but after ativation dashbord don’t work. I have only a white screen. solutions? thanks

  • Matt White

    Hi I think this theme is fantastic, very easy to use and set up (easier than some premium paid for themes) looks great.

    One thing, what is the reason for the minimize on the titles and how can this be disabled, I guess its jQuery somewhere but can’t find it?

  • Gem

    Can anyone access the ‘Lensa’ dashboard in this theme? For me it just tries to load the page but them times out. I want to add an Instagram gallery etc but can’t access that panel.

  • Hayes

    Has anyone else experienced “Loading…” appearing on all pages? A nice looking theme but it’s giving me a serious headache!

  • Alan

    Any ideas how to sort out the dodgy logo implementation in IE and chrome? FF works fine, but IE and Chrome both display broken link image boxes instead of title.

  • Karen

    Ok, So I figured out how to make the gallery thing happen, and how to make the slideshow happen, but OMG what a pain in the butt!!!

    Since alot of people on here seem to be having problems, but no solutions are here, I thought I would try and help some peoples.

    For those wondering

    1 – Stop the comments appearing on your pages… Firstly disable in the discussion in the settings, then edit the page you are working on, up the top is something called screen options and you can select discussion and comments there, then scroll down and there is a box to allow comments (this is a standard wordpress thing)

    2 – Slideshow – To add photos to the slideshow, had the photographs in the photograph section. You need to add them one pic per item (I tried putting multiple in the one photograph item and it didn’t work) then the featured ones end up in the slideshow. Just remember to click the star to make it yellow in the list screen

    3 – The Damn galleries…… – For every photo you want to display, you need to make a seperate post. Make sure the category for the posts are the same. This is a pain in the butt when you setting up a site espcially if you have a heap of images to put up. Once you have got this done then you can go to the page you want to be the gallery, change the template to gallery and then up the top, change it to post and select the category to use.

    As I said, this is a pain in the butt, but it seems to be not so bad once you get over this hurdle.

    • Seahawksean

      #3 is what makes no sense about this theme. What’s the point of having the Photograph post type other than adding images to the frontpage slider?! One should easily be able to create different galleries which sources their images from individual categories. I’m assuming most people would want to be able to do this when creating a photo portfolio site. It’s kind of the point of a photo site. I’m starting to realize why this theme is free.

  • Melissa

    How do i change text like ‘leave a comment’ to my language (dutch)? I know HTML but not php. Someone mentioned the template or theme php? Can I just type over things like ‘leave a comment’ ‘submit’ ‘type your comment here’, etc.?

  • OliverAllen

    I love this theme and want to continue using it, but am really frustrated with one non-existent option. Your documentation states that I can create a Page using the Photograph Gallery template, and should be able to choose a Photograph Type (or Category). However, I don’t see this option when creating a Page. Can someone please help? Thanks!

    • Seahawksean

      I am having the same issue. I thought it would be obvious that most people would want to create a number of different galleries that use different categories as a source. However, I have still not figured out how to do this. Did you find a solution to this yet?

      • KJ

        Seriously. That would make this theme go from “powerful, but not really the most useful” to “fulfills all my needs”.

  • Melissa

    Hi does anyone know how to change the amount of thumbnails on a regular gallery page? The one that is build up from the photograph entries? I can find it for Flickr and Instagram etc., but not for the ‘regular’ one. Many thanks in advance!

  • Kenny

    Anyone know why I keep getting a

    404 – ERROR!
    Oops! The page that you were looking for doesn’t exist.

    For my contact page? I’m dragging the “contact” form in menu and put in my email address but keep getting this error?

  • neatpete

    I think this is a great template and have managed to get most the features to work as I want them except for the slide link on the front page I would like to go to a specific page instead of the default page it currently goes to. I have deleted the link in the javascript for now.
    My site looks great on a desktop and mobile but looks terrible on a tablet as the footer floats in mid-air anyone know a fix for this?

    • Seahawksean

      You need to create @media queries in your custom.css file to alter the property values for tablet sizes. Tablets are 980px wide in general so below all of your default css code you would add:

      @media screen and (max-width: 980px) {
      footer {
      position: fixed;
      bottom: 0;

      or something like that.

  • Juan

    Child Theme Problem:

    For all those complaining about the child theme problem, I have invested some time to track down the source of the error. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward solution to the problem. In the Lensa theme, and inside many PHP files, the developers at Lensa decided strangely to use get_stylesheet_directory() instead of get_template_directory_uri(), where the former will always return the path to the current child theme, and the latter is smart enough to return path to the parent theme when needed. When you activate the child theme, and WordPress loads the parent functions.php, it fails to include files properly due to the problem highlighted earlier, using get_stylesheet_directory() will tell WordPress to search for Lensa PHP files inside the Lensa-child theme instead of the parent, where they originally reside.

    Note: Under Lensa/functions.php, comment out line 5


    With wp_debug enabled, this will show you the error and explain what’s happening.

    Proposed Solution(s)

    1) Copy all files required from parent theme to child theme (includes directory) – Of course this is not a viable solution to copy so many files to child theme, it defies the purpose

    2) Change all occurrences in Lensa theme of get_stylesheet_directory() to get_template_directory_uri(), then activate your child theme.

    Both solutions mentioned above are on the top of my head, I didn’t have time to test them yet. In all cases, it defies the purpose. The only feasible solution is for the developers at Lensa to modify the code of parent theme to support child themes.

    I apologize for a lengthy comment, I hope it was useful for you.

  • Dennis Stamp

    Wow, great looking theme, but just cannot get it to work. Absolutely no way to link featured content to a post… I’ve tried everything.

    Very frustrated and just decided to quit and find another theme.

    What a disappointment.

  • Seahawksean

    I see from others in this discussion thread that one cannot create a child theme. Is this still an issue? I do get the white screen of death whenever I try to create a child theme and add a style.css file to it. I don’t mind customizing the styling via the customize file page in the dashboard, but I do want to alter some php files and put theme in the child theme so my changes don’t get deleted when the theme updates. Is it possible to have php files in a child theme when using Lensa parent theme?


  • Seahawksean

    Has anyone figured out how to deactivate the “minimize” action from this theme? It’s a function that has no purpose in my website as I’m not using a background slider.

    It seems to be controlled via javascript as it’s not controlled via css. However, I’ve scoured the js files but don’t see which part of the code controls that action.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

    • Seahawksean

      I discovered by inspecting the content that the “page-heading” class is what the js acts on from the scripts.js file. I figured this out by changing it to “page-header” in Firebug. With that knowledge I even changed that class name in all the template files and replaced the default files on the server. However, after loading the custom files and refreshing the pages, it still shows up at “page-heading” in Firebug. Not sure how that is, but that’s what it’s doing. It’s like there are some sort of ghost files that override any custom templates and upload to the server. Just thought I’d share that information to help piece this together.


  • mirela

    In wordpress 3.8, no plugins installed, brand new website, no wp-admin access with this theme.
    Any other theme is working perfect, but lensa will crash the admin pages.
    Please fix the dam’ bug.

    • Desi Natalia

      Hi, It’s usually from the Facebook sessions. Please turn off your theme from the FTP. Change the name of the theme, then activate another theme via WP Admin dashboard. So that the WP won’t be error, after that activate the Lensa theme again. So, this is not the bug from the theme, but from the Facebook session. Thanks!

  • Graeme

    Hi there,

    This is a great theme and I have the home page slide show working but can’t get it to work on the rest of the pages.

    The only option I find that may fix it is unticking “Enable Background Slider only on homepage” but when I go save the page goes blank and hangs.

    This also happens when I try to enter my email address in the contact section…

    Any ideas?


  • Efrain

    How can you get rid of or change the slide-title link on the home page. I would much rather have it link to a relevant page rather than the image post.

  • Bob

    how do I add instagram icon on the footer along with the other social icons?

  • przemas_k

    Due to the fact that I can not post comments under the theme Photogram – I write here. After installing the theme Photogram – admin panel is empty – white page only. How to fix it?

    • Desi Natalia

      Hi, please send your inquiry to sales[at]colorlabsproject[dot]com, because we will help you to fix it and we need your account details. Thanks!

    • Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Please send us your inquiries to sales[at]colorlabsproject[dot]com. We’ll help you to solve the issue. Thanks!

  • Rodrigo

    I really like this template, but here is one thing I cant figure out on how to do it and I have been seeing a lot of people with the same problem.
    How to create different galleries and associate a group of photos, without using picasa, flickr.
    Is there anyone who manage to do it? I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Rodrigo, you can do it by using gallery by category. You can find it from the photograph gallery page at the right side of the page you’ll find ‘Select Source Gallery”. Select the source gallery from your ‘Post”, then you can choose the category of image that you want to put. Thanks!

      • Kristjan

        The only option under “Post” is “All”.But I have multiple categories.
        Im I missing something?

      • KJ

        That’s great, except it takes photos straight from what I’ve published to my blog section, whereas I would prefer to use this exact function just for photograph categories (as opposed to post categories). Is that possible???

  • dimitrisservis


    how can I add tags to photograph pages?


    • Hi, We are sorry that for now the feature is not integrated yet. But, it’s possible for you to do it and it will require customization. Thanks!

  • greg brooks

    Can smbd help me to activate a mobile version? Set the theme, but when loading it on iphone it loads full version, not mobile…:(

  • Hi Tjorben, Thanks for contacting us. We are sorry that we can’t help you because we have this Support Policy here: https://colorlabsproject.com/support-policy/ . Please be our Premium Pack and our Technical Support will help you for lifetime membership and without any additional cost. Thank you!

  • Yo Yo Young


    I like this theme, but i have two question.

    1. The Slideshow is great, but the loading bar is annoying, can i disable it?

    2. I see that your demo site use the slideshow too, but you can show photograph title on the slide, how can i turn it on?


    • Hi,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Here are our answers regarding your questions:
      1. The Slideshow is great, but the loading bar is annoying, can i disable it?
      — Yes, you can disable the load bar.
      2.If my page is empty(like homepage), the footer at Mobile site is too high, can i fix it by myself?

      — Yes, you can modify it.

      Thank you!

      • Yo Yo Young

        how can i disable the load bar?
        is it a function in dashboard?or i need to modify the code?

        thanks for your reply!

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the lensa theme.
    Once, the
    thumbnails have not been displayed correctly.
    Then I have re-
    installed the theme completely.
    Now the gallery is fine but now
    the background slider is not working at all. The “Featuere”
    option is enabled of course.

    I hope, someone can help me: The theme looks great
    but I don’t manage to get it running propally.
    If I fix one
    problem. Two new ones popping up.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Stefan, please send your inquiries to sales[at]colorlabsproject[dot]com . Our team will try to solve your issue there. Thank you!

  • Dommy Angka

    how to link the “Photographs” featured images (front-page full-screen slideshow) into a post ? or how to set a Post “featured images” into a front-page full-screen slideshow ? ^_^

    • Hi Dommy,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      To set a Post “featured images” into a front-page full-screen slideshow, you can use gallery by category.
      First you can make the gallery, then on the right top you’ll find “Page gallery Style”. Select your source gallery to post, then select the category.

      Thank you!

  • Roger

    May I know how to display the homepage slider as every inner page background like how your demo site work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Roger

    Does anyone know how to display the front page slider as background of all the inner pages? Like how the demo site work?

    • Hi Roger,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      To set the background of all the inner page, please go to wp-admin > appearance > background. Then, you can upload the image that you want.

      Thank you!

  • Oliver


    Great theme but would anyone know if its possible to add HTML code to the photo captions in the main featured slider? I need to add a list element with items over multiple lines.

    Thxs in advance,


  • theo


    Is it possible to make a background slide show also on the pages and not only on the front page?


    • Hi Theo,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      We’re sorry that it’s not possible, you can only have a static background on the other pages.

      Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Thank you!

      • KJ

        Hi! Any chance we could have galleries based on categories? It’s the only drawback of this theme.

  • GirlDrinkDrunk

    HI! Hope someone is out there running this theme now. I just went live and everything works perfectly EXCEPT, none of my blog posts will show the image. It appears when you open each post, but not on the main blog page. Please advise!

  • Nick

    Hello, how can I remove cropped effect of images in front page slide show? I mean I want to see clean photographs without these micro black pixels..

    • Al

      Were you able to solve this? I’m also looking for non-pixalated slideshows

  • Albert

    Hi to all, this is and amazing theme!
    I have one questions:
    How ca I disable the link name in the Photographs Slideshow?

    And I have one problem:
    I create a WordPress gallery with uploaded photos in a Post, I can edit all, but don´t show it when I see the page. The Posts don´t have the template gallery like the Pages. Anybody knows what happens?
    Thanks a lot!

  • So is it possible yet to set a number of rows to be shown in a gallery? And to set an order for the pictures?

  • Paul

    Another user who loves this theme but wants to be able to produce different galleries based on category – has anyone worked out how to do it ?
    It is a huge limitation to just have all your photos in one huge gallery !

  • Luis

    How can I create a second menu, and insert it in the header just under the existing main menu?

  • kulturkrieg

    Is it possible to have different sliders (or at least different static background images) for specific pages using Lensa (without resorting to CSS edits)? I’ve tried everything I can come up with, and so far I can only get the “main” image slider for all pages.

  • Jen

    I Love the homepage slides on Lensa. But, i with to have a plain background on the remanência Pages? How can I use a plain White background on the inter Pages instead of the photograph slider.
    I’ve tried adding:

    But this in not working for me. The slider is still there.

    Is there a way to unable the slider on inner Pages? Do i have to create a new page template?
    Has anyone been successfull in this? Woul you mind showing an example?

    Please help!

    Love this theme.

    Thanks in advance

  • Davy Kosmik Allard

    Hello, I try to get the slider front page working but still no result… I see the loading icon but no picturen. I made 2 photographs with a picture that i’ve set as “featured”. What do I need more to do ?

  • Bill

    How do I get different logo’s to appear on different pages on my site?
    enjoying everything about the theme, just not sure how to use multiple logos

  • Hi,

    Thanks for visiting our site.

    About your question regarding the widget items, those are the default widget items that will be displayed if you don’t have any widget yet placed at your sidebar.

    To remove them, you can simply go to: WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and add any widget item into the available sidebar.

    About the contact form question, this theme doesn’t have an ability like that. But, you can install a plugin to make it work, for example Contact Form 7: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

  • Sajaad

    Hi.In lensa how to fix the slider options issue.when I change slider transissions and time etc it wont apply to the slider.

  • Sajaad

    Please help.When I change slider options in Lensa it isn’t applying .I changed slider transition and nothing changed.

  • Alex Savu

    Hello people!
    I have a question, maybe one of you experienced this issue before.
    My blog page is not showing any of the widgets I assigned on the right side when the theme template is set to Blog. If I set it to default the widgets are displayed…

    Anyone know what could be the issue?

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